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SurfaceSaver® Rings

SurfaceSaver® Rings
Item Number: IG198
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IG19801 - 5 Inch Terracotta Color $5.95
IG19803 - 5 Inch Black $5.95
IG19811 - 8 Inch Terracotta Color $6.95
IG19813 - 8 Inch Black $6.95
IG19821 - 10 Inch Terracotta Color $8.15
IG19823 - 10 Inch Black $7.95
IG19831 - 14 Inch Teracotta Color $10.95
IG19833 - 14 Inch Black $10.95

Detailed Description

SurfaceSaver® Rings are an inexpensive solution for protecting decks, patios, wood floors and carpets from water and condensation damage. They're also effective in providing air circulation for healthier plant growth.

Rings are made from recycled plastic and can support up to 450 lbs. Use with indoor or outdoor potted plants. Proudly made in the USA and both rings and packaging are 100% recyclable. Available in either terracotta color or black in four sizes: 5", 8", 10" and 14" diameters. The 5" size is packaged as a set of 2 while all other sizes are packaged individually.

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Neat product 12/1/2020
Good solution to prevent patio stains. A bit pricey, though.
- David Stanley, PA
Order not received 5/25/2020
I did not receive the surface saver rings as ordered ! Please advise when I may expect them! Thank you! Klaus Wolfenberger
- Klaus Wolfenberger, AR
Spring has sprung! 5/5/2020
These rings are great. They are helping to keep my plants off the deck, and keeping them low enough the wind does not knock them over.
- Marguerite Corbin, NC
A Bit Wobbly for Square Pots 8/18/2019
I used the small space saver rings to elevate five heavy square 6 pots and I found them to not be very stable.
- Donna DeDiemar, CA
Convenient way to keep pots off deck or painted surfaces 7/29/2019
A number of years ago I bought some of these as several local stores. They are a great way to keep moisture from building up under plant saucers that sit on my deck or the painted railings on my porch. I couldn't find these for the last couple of years and was glad to see that I could buy some new ones at Kinsman.I find these more convenient than trying to adjust individual pot feet.
- BDBaer, MI
5 6/21/2019
Best product available for protecting your deck from staining. The 5 rings generally are not carried in the large home box stores and these are probably the most universal size for pot plants.I've used only this brand for the past 10years or more; no reason to look elsewhere. Great product!!!
- Steve J., MA
Great product 4/19/2019
This works well under a large pot to protect my deck, it is sturdy and level. Highly recommend
- MZBjc, MD
Fabulous product 3/16/2019
I have a large pool deck and love to have pots of flowers in certain areas. I also have three different size wooden logs that I have Pelicans sitting on. The surfacesaver rings will prevent all the mess I get from the pots and the poles. I am having the deck repainted this year. I didn't want to put anything on it. Now I can. Great product Kinsman. Thank you.
- Maureen Clifton, FL
Surface Saver Rings 11/1/2018
Exactly what I was looking for to keep pots off concrete!
- Mary Shortt, GA
Great product 7/8/2018
Low profile. Keeps the potted flowers from damaging my teak table. Virtually invisible.
- JP, NY
GREAT ITEM 4/17/2018
Lightweight but sturdy, perfect for pots on decks, better than any I have previously found
- Pamela Brown, PA
The perfect pot riser. 4/12/2018
Love, love, love. It's not flimsy & cheap looking. It raises the pot to allow draining and reduce stains on your patio. Please sell these forever.
- Melinda, MI
Love Surface Savers !!! 6/3/2017
Love this product ! Have at least 40 of them in assorted sizes.
- AnnaMaria, NJ
Love it! 6/3/2017
This is the second order for this item. Originally I just ordered a couple to see what they were like. After receiving the original order I loved them so much I ordered various sizes to go under all my pots on the pation.
- Maryanna Paruk, MI
Surface Saver Ring 5/1/2017
Great little gizmo. Makes is easy to rinse drainage from flowerpots off porch.
- Cheryl Steffan, MO
cat lady 12/16/2016
these are perfect for my container plants that are on the ground, low yet off the ground so they can drain and sturdy as my containers are heavy
- linda gregory, TN