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Super Suction Hanger

Super Suction Hanger
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Bring your hummingbird feeders right up to your window glass and enjoy a super close-up view, with this high quality suction hanger. UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic won't fail or discolor. Hang them hook-up or hook-down. Holds feeders or small plants up to 3 lbs. 11" high overall. Extends 6-1/2" out from window.
Hummingbird Feeder sold separately

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Hummingbirds at the window 4/1/2021
What a great product you offered for the hummingbird feeders to be closer to the house so the kids and us adults can watch them up close and personal. The suction cups are very, very strong and the length of the attachment helps keep strong the weight of the liquid sugar in place. I bought two and may have to buy more. It's not often you see hummingbirds in the North, but now we can watch them sitting inside while they enjoy feeding right at the window. Great product, great price.
- Sheila Schrank, MA
A bit disappointed 9/26/2020
I have older hangers, from here. These new ones not as nice. But they are holding. That's the important thing.rnnnn,
- Virginia Agnew, CA
Cannot recommend this product 5/6/2020
I had great hopes for this feeder hanger. I have an immense bay window that I wanted to stick the hangers to so I could watch the hummingbirds feed. I scrubbed the window clean first and then I used a gritty hand cleanser to wash the suction cups because I know that a residue is left on the suction cups to make it easier for them to slip out of their molds. That residue needs to be removed to ensure good suction. I also let the hangers cure for several hours after I stuck them to the window before I hung the feeders from them. But I awoke the next morning to find one of the feeders on the ground (thankfully, it didn't break!) and the other one hanging precariously by just one of the two suction cups. I have tried for days to get them to stick and stay but no luck-- as soon as I hang the feeders, they start pulling away from the window. And let me note that I bought the smallest, lightest feeders possible and didn't even fill up the bottles. I only put enough nectar into the feeding tray to fill it and leave just a little bit remaining in the bottle. So weight does not really seem to be the issue. Super Suction is NOT an accurate description of this product.
- Chris Baker, VA
Love this! 12/27/2013
this suction cup hanger holds the humming bird feeder with no problems. I bought this one for a gift, but I have had mine for about 5 years and it still works and holds strong
- Kathleen, PA