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Standard Orchard Bee Nest Kit

Standard Orchard  Bee Nest Kit
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STANDARD MASON KIT: 52 nest tubes, 3" diameter x 6 1/2" long

Take the Sting Out of Bee Keeping with this 52 tube recyclable bee nest kit (bees not included).

Native Orchard Mason Bees are widespread throughout North America. They are superb early season pollinators of fruit trees, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries-and better than honeybees, because the Masons' active in colder temperatures and their hairy bodies carry more of the pollen that fertilizes your blossoms. Each female Orchard Bee makes her own nest in a series of tubes, sealed with mud. They are useful, small and docile-and they hardly ever sting unless severely provoked.

In nature, female mason bees lay their eggs in hollow plant stems, insect holes, dead trees, even under house shingles. Finding such places is hard work! By putting up our nest kits, you are providing an easy, ideal, "ready-made" home for the bees until they "hatch out" the following spring. They will repay your kindness by pollinating your early spring fruits and berries. And, they like company. Once the nest kits have been discovered, they'll tell all of their friends!

Late April 2010

Female Mason Bees working at their Nest Tubes

You can attract them to your garden with our nesting kits that provide exactly the right size holes the Orchard Bees are seeking in early Spring, in which to lay their eggs. Place the nest kit in a sheltered, sunny spot facing East or South to catch the morning sun. Under the eaves of a shed or garage is an ideal location and be sure to avoid direct exposure to rain. The mud filled tubs can be ruined if they get soaked.

Extensive research by USDA has found that 6" long cardboard tubes about 5/16" in diameter are preferred by the bees over 4" holes drilled in wood blocks. The longer 6" tubes also insure a higher female ratio in the six or seven egg compartments-when compared to 4" long tubes.

The housing is made from 100% recyled and recyclable polypropylene. It is 6 1/2" deep, with a 3" diameter. The 6" cardboard nesting tubes are made from Kraft paper, clear wrapped for moisture resistance. Housing is made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Each Nest Kit comes with an informative leaflet about Orchard Mason Bees.

It's really easy to attach our Mason Bee Houses to a wooden building, - up under the eaves, where it's sheltered and dry.

Buy a roll of Plastic Hanger Tape from the Plumbing Supplies department of a hardware store or home center. It's used to support PVC drain pipes in basements and crawl spaces. It comes with pre-punched nail holes every half inch or so.

Wrap a length around the body of your Bee House until two sets of nail holes overlap. Cut the tape.

Hammer a flat headed nail through the overlapping holes and all the way into the wood until tape is firmly held. Then slide the Bee House about half way into the snug loop.

Always install Bee Houses where they will be protected from direct rain, which would damage the Masons' mud work. Up close under the eaves of a shed, garage or porch is a perfect location.

Our Mason Bee Nest Kits do not include the bees.

If you put the nest kits outside in the very early spring (when the fruit trees are in bloom) the bees will come!

This photo shows our colony of Mason Bees. We started out with one empty nest kit five years ago and now we have a colony of over 4000 bees!

Download our Mason Bee Nest Kits Brochure

Graham & Michele Kinsman

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Bee Kit 4/11/2022
Will be looking forward to see how many of these mason bees are in this area.
- Linda Jenkins, IL
Mason Bee 5/31/2020
I was very happy with the mason bee kit.
- Klaus Wolfenberger, AR
? 4/29/2020
This will be used in conjunction with the main tube holders, so I am happy to have them.
- JoAnne Lightner, PA
Very Sturdy 3/18/2020
Excellent product as unit very sturdy, provides protection from predictors as tubes are not flush with protective covering, and web site provided instruction on how to hang was perfect.
- Cathryn, OR
These things work 6/19/2019
I was dubious that a bunch of cardboard tubes stuck under the garage eaves would attract bees, but ... Darn if the mason bees aren't busy filling up the nesting tubes, the very first year I put these things up! I appreciate both the simplicity and durability of the unit, and the ease of installation. I'll be ordering the refill tubes come fall, to get ready for next spring.
- Monty, WV
Home for Osmia 4/7/2019
I have found Kinsman standard and jumbo nest kits the most appropriate, easy to use, economical, and durable means by which to host Mason bees at the house, in the garden, and at public venues. I've tried other, more expensive, products over the last 3-4 years, and the Kinsman units are my choice by far.
- Barry Thompson, MD
Bee home 3/10/2019
Several years ago I had my mason bee population decimated by voles. They are almost all of the larvae before they could develop into the next season's bee population. That is when I bought my first set of mason bee homes from Kinsman. Since then I have made a succession of purchases made necessary by the successful expansion of the population from year to year.
- Mike, IL
Bee House 8/27/2018
I ordered a second mason bee house after finding one of the tubes sealed up! I suspect it must be Leaf Cutter Bee because of the timing (early August) of the nest. These are so easy to put up and work great, I'm betting I get loads more bees next year : )
- Abigail DeYoung, OR
Perfect for wildlife tax exemption 4/3/2018
Our county now allows tax exemption for mason or carpenter bees on your acreage. These work perfectly for our tax exemption.
- Mary Beth, TX
Great!! 4/1/2018
I purchased this for my daughter, who is a Junior Girl Scout, to complete her animal habitat badge. It is perfect! Thank you!
- Ashley, GA
Mason Bees! 9/19/2017
I ordered the mason bee house filled with tubes and, can't wait until summer so I can put it up. The honey bees were very scarce this spring but the masons were everywhere!
- Abigail, OR
nice 6/15/2017
haven't used it yet. got too late for the mason bees. But will hang it up as soon as I get a chance. Hopefully we will get some mason bees.
- Becky Reiff, CA
Home for the bees 5/5/2017
Fast service on delivery. Great product for the Mason bees.
- Pamela, CA
Very satisfied 4/15/2017
Live bees were ready to be released. Extremely satisfied with service and quality.
- Sarah, TX
Awesome 3/24/2017
These tube look great I will be hanging them soon cant wait for warmer weather I plant an area of wild flowers near my garden, this will be the place to place my bee home !
- Steven, IL
Mason Bees! 11/18/2016
I purchased two Kinsman Garden mason bees nest kits and extra tubes, to help out the mason bees here. The order came quickly, I very much liked the price, and once received liked the product as well. It is a way for me to start to help rather than wait to make something which was not happening. Now I am ready for spring to set the nests out and see how many takers I get. I have local authorities for any specifics I might need once I get the 'show on the road'! Looking forward to helping the mason bees to do their jobs better! :)
- LA Canada, NC
Bee house 7/16/2016
Exactly what I ordered!
- Annette, CA
Works really well! 5/20/2016
Bees showed up and filled all the nest tubes in the very first season. Their numbers have increased for the past three years. Great idea and a real conversation starter in the garden!
- Jim, DE
NOT FOR ME 6/5/2015
- C A, IL
Good product 5/3/2015
Product was shipped in good condition and we are hoping to build s large colony of bees.
- William Grainger, OR
help the bees 6/16/2014
Here's a straightforward way to help the bees, It's attractive and easy to install. We put our first unit up a week ago with many flowers the bees love nearby, but haven't observed any bees there yet.
- Ruth Smith, MI