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Slug-X Slug Pub

Slug-X Slug Pub
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Expected on : 11/15/2023

Detailed Description

Safe and harmless to wildlife and birds.

"We caught 147 slugs on the first night alone."

When the English Telegraph newspaper compared and tested slug traps, the Slug-X won handily. They called it "a perfect place for slugs to rest, shelter and get sozzled." Indeed, the ingenious patented design creates a dark and cozy interior, that concentrates the intoxicating fumes of the beer that you add. Three beer wells within provide lots of room for dozens of slugs to belly up to the bar and drink their doom. Slug-X is a high quality, complex plastic injection molding. Lasts for years. 10-1/4" long x 8" wide x 2-3/8" high.

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Slug-X 3/3/2019
Didn't think I had very many slugs until I had lain the trap! After one day I had more than 20 slugs! Moved the trap to a different location and collected another 20 slugs! Decided that I now need to order more traps. The only downside of this device, giving up a couple of bottles of my husband's favorite beer. Now I am on a search for less expensive beer.
- Wendy Shaw, CA
Slug Catcher 3/29/2018
Well made and easy to use. This device is great for getting rid of these pesky critters.
- Jack Lattin, NC
Slugs galore! 5/22/2017
This really works! It's icky to clean out but those slugs keep coming! Highly recommend!
- Linda, MN
Nan 6/12/2016
Have only had the slug catchers for a week, and the snails may not have like the brand of beer. I have 3 of these, and so far no snails, but a fair number of earwigs, so all is not lost. Just put in some local craft beer, so stay tuned.
- Nancy Reis, CA
Nia 8/24/2014
We have a big snail problem in No. Calif. The snail trap works! I have ordered two more to set out this winter
- Virginia Surber, CA
slugs aplenty 9/12/2012
I purchased 6 slug bait boxes this year because I have thousands of these little buggers. The boxes work very well as promised, but must be washed and refilled every other day or the slugs rot, deteriorate and stink. This makes beer purchasing a frequent activity.
- Carol, MI
SLUG-X SLUG PUB 2/14/2011
Works great!
- Nancy, CA