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Sky Cafe Bird Feeder

Sky Cafe Bird Feeder
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Detailed Description

Made in USA

Squirrel-Proof, Rain-Proof Feeder

Big 1 gallon hopper that's easy to fill.
100% strong re-cycled Plexiglass

The neatest, cleanest way to serve any kind of seed. Mixed seeds are popular with a large variety of birds: cardinals, wrens, finches, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and so on. Squirrels just slide off the 17" diameter dome. Just slide dome up hanging chain to refill seed. Wide overhang keeps seed dry.

Comes complete with hanging chains. Pole mounting socket in base of feeder.

17" overall height, seed tray is 11-1/2" diameter, chain is 21" long.

See the SKY CAFE in use.

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Durable and attractive 3/30/2022
AS soon as I hung this birdfeeder, it brought all of the birds to my yard! Its large enough to fill and not require refill for a week. So happy with this purchase
- Ronna Tankersley, TX
Delightful! 2/11/2022
This feeder has provided us with many hours of splendid bird watching; so many species visit! And best of all: squirrels try and try, then give up. It is large, so I don't have to fill it often. Thinking of getting a second one!
- Rita VanWyk, PA
TERRIFIC bird feeder! 4/11/2021
Of all the squirrel proof or squirrel resistant bird feeders/ baffles I've tried in 25+ years, this one is THE BEST. It really works! The day after we hung it, my husband & I had great fun watching the squirrels try to navigate the thing. They all slid down the witch-hat shaped roof, tried to hang on, and then fell off! This went on for about 2 days until they all gave up & content themselves with the other feeders, especially the corncob & seed feeder we bought just for them. The Sky Cafe feeder is large, made of thick plastic, and easy to clean. After heavy rain, I found the seed in the tray still dry! The steep pitch and very wide baffle shape of the roof protects the birdseed from rain AND squirrels. I highly recommend the Sky Cafe!
- Janet Smith, NC
I FINALLY found a squirrel proof bird feeder. The design is nice and as long as you follow the hanging directions correctly, the squirrels can't get into it. After trying it out for one winter, I purchased a second one this winter. I also purchased a 4-way seed divider for each feeder. I alternate seed and mealworms with the dividers. The birds love it!!
- Linda E, MD
Best Bird Feeder 12/4/2020
I have a old version of this feeder that is at least 25 yrs. old and still usable. This new feeder has a MUCH improved feeder bottom for the seed to come out of. Many birds can eat at the same time compared to only 4 on the old feeder. You will not regret buying this feeder and the birds will love it!!!
- Karen Reynolds, MI
Best squirrel proof feeder...EVER! 7/17/2020
I have been through hundreds of dollars of feeders that don't look like a hanging metal trap and this is the best ever! Feed the birds while still enjoying the squirrels eating off the ground not your feeder!
- Chris Knoblauch, MI
Bird feeder 6/8/2020
I purchased the sky cafe bird feeder and I am very pleased it's just what I wanted! My birds love it too!
- Melanie, FL
Waiting and Hoping 6/2/2020
Satisfied for sure with the Sky Cafe feeder, but need more cardinals. Put out the welcome mat and waiting; new or change means there is a down period. I would like to hear from Diana Johnson to get further info on the placement and use of red tape idea.
- LaNora Auriene, IL
Sky Cafe Feeder 4/30/2020
Absolutely the best feeder I've ever had, and I've tried at least 15 different ones over the last 25 years! Plan to get a second one as soon as I put in a steel pipe post with a pulley from which to hang the feeder, since I don't have another suitable shade tree.
- Robert F, NJ
Bob 4/22/2020
It's the best feeder I've ever owned. The birds love it because the smaller birds have a chance to feed. I would recommend the dove guard as they were emptying my feeder so fast, I couldn't keep up. The cardinals were skeptical at first but now are feeding like the rest of the birds. I would recommend this product to a friend.
- Bob, TN
Best Birdfeeder 2/7/2020
This feeder may be a little pricey but it is well worth the money. The overhang is large enough to protect the feed from rain so it doesn't spoil the seed. This is the second one we bought. The old one has had numerous attacks from coons yet is still performing perfectly. Worth the money.
- Lee Branum, KS
A great bird feeded, but... 9/11/2019
We really like this bird feeder but at first it seems the birds couldn't find it! We had previously had a red feeder so we put strips of red tape on this feeder and they came! Just an idea if you have the same problem.
- Diana Johnson, VA
Mrs 5/12/2019
We are very pleased with our sky cafe bird feeder.The dome protects the seed from the rain. The birds seem to enjoy eating from the tray. We added a baffle below the feeder to the pole the feeder is hanging from and this has helped to keep the squirrels off the feeder.
- Eileen Goldfinger, NJ
Fantastic feeder 2/11/2019
We have bird varieties we've never had before. It's been a big hit with the bluebirds who love meal worms!
- E Hembree, GA
Best bird feeder ever! 12/27/2018
I finally found a bird feeder that the squirrels can not get into. It's important to follow their directions on hanging the feeder, it makes all the difference.
- Linda Hand, MD
Sky Cafe Bird Feeder 7/5/2018
Delightful feeder, great design, easy to install ! Best part, the squirrels cannot get to the sunflower seeds ! THANKS so much
- Patti Kloepping, IL
Feeders 5/20/2017
Ty's bird cafe is absolutely the best squirrel proof feeder I have ever seen. They cannot jump on it in any way. We have such fun watching them try and fall off.
- Jimmy montgomery, AL
Really works 6/8/2016
I have this hanging outside an upstairs window. My old wooden feeder allowed the squirrels to land on it from the roof, but this they slide right off! It holds plenty, and now that I'm not feeding the squirrels, it's lasting a very long time. birds love it, and my indoor cats enjoy the show!
- Kathryn O'Brien, NY
reply to Kathy 3/11/2016
I can't believe those little devils did not cut that fishing line unless it was about 80 to 100 lb steel leader line! I use small chain line!
Squirrel Proof 5/6/2015
My husband hung the birdfeeder from fishing line. We have not had one squirrel able to reach it! We love the feeder and spending time watching all the beautiful birds! I bought the most recent one for my parents.
- Kathy, AL
Our favorite 10/17/2013
We really like this feeder. However, one problem we have is getting the upper part to sit level on the lower.
- Gloria Johnson, FL