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Single Stem Plant Supports

Single Stem Plant Supports
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CGSS24 - 24 Inch Single Stem Supports (12/pack) $39.95
CGSS36 - 36 Inch Single Stem Supports (12/pack) $46.50
CGSS48 - 48 Inch Single Stem Supports (12/pack) $62.95

Detailed Description

These strong steel supports are available in 24", 36" and 48" lengths. Sold in a pack of 12.Most plant stems can be easily slipped into looped 2-1/2" head and are held securely. They support a big variety of single stem plants. Galvanized steel coated with green plastic to blend with foliage and provide years of use.

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Great Stakes 1/22/2022
These stakes are great. They come in a variety of sizes and the openings--with effort--can be adjusted. I just ordered more of them in all three sizes.
- C Jeffrey, NC
Right size, color, and strength 10/8/2021
I've purchased these stakes in all sizes and I'm buying more. They're terrific for glads and dahlias and they stand up to the weather. And they're the right color for the garden, unlike wooden stakes. While it can take some effort, the openings CAN be adjusted to allow larger-stemmed plants into the loop. Tools or a strong friend can help you do it.
- C Jeffrey, NC
Very Useful! 3/24/2021
Right now, I'm using two of these for red yucca blooms that always seem to head straight for the walkway instead of straight up. Can't wait til more things are blooming and I can be sure they go in the right direction. Made in India; very strong and well made.
Good quality and very sturdy! 8/13/2020
I am very pleased because these stem supports are thicker and sturdier than any similar product sold at the three garden centers near my home. I have always been impressed with the quality of the items that I have purchased at Kinsman and they are my go-to supplier!
- Linda, WI
Useful 7/24/2020
These stakes are strong, useful and classy. Onlycomplaint is that they should comewith instructions that you should place the stake in the groud first then gently place its opening around your plants stem. I did it the other way around and lost a few leaves of my lily as placed the stke in the ground. Yet, still, a great product which will last for may years; solid constructions.
- Claudine Retif, NY
Single Plant Supports 5/7/2020
These were so much sturdier than I expected. Everything I have ordered has far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely order other items!!
- Diane Rhodes, PA
Sturdy stakes 11/10/2019
These stakes are thick and very sturdy. I use them for holding fencing in place around shrubs in the winter and they are strong enough to push down into my heavy clay soil.
- Jan, WI
Quality 8/6/2019
The supports are strong and sturdy. I've gotten plant supports before that were a lesser gauge of metal. These are strong, very strong. The price point is perfect. I will buy again when I need them. This company provides quality, service and excellent products.
- Nancy, DE
Perfect supports 6/12/2019
I have these in other sizes and just love them. So easy to use and durable!
- Debi jaynes, FL
disappointed 5/17/2019
I purchased these to support 3' - 4' tall lilies. The hoop is way too small to slide over the buds, and the gap between the hoop and the stake is too small to slip the stem through. So there is no way to take advantage of the hoop to support the plants. They have thus become simply expensive stakes which I had to use twine to secure my plants to. I would not recommend nor buy again - in fact I would return if I hadn't paid so much for shipping.
- Janet, VA
Rich 5/16/2019
Bought for use with Iris, throat was closed or was less than 1/4 inch. Had to cut plastic in order to pry gap to a useable dimensions. It would be better if the opening was at least 3/4 of an inch
- Richard Donovan, NJ
PERFECT 7/21/2018
These were exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
- Linda Edwards, MS
single stem plant supports 7/8/2018
Very high-quality product and excellent delivery time! I would like to see these in an even larger size. May I suggest putting the difficult-to-remove sticky labels near the bottom of the stem so they can simply be stuck in the ground?
- Mary Kosowski, MN
Perfect! 7/21/2016
This last for decades, discreet and handsome!
- Nancy A, VA
plant supports 6/3/2016
I have daylilies and sometimes they droop, these are the best supports for them. I have been using them for years but needed more, since I have lost a few. Could not find them any place but at Kinsman. I recommend them, they are easy to use, do not corrode and do their work.
- mitsi, TX
single bloom plant support 5/15/2016
Very nice, sturdy plant supports. Delivery was quick and items were packed well.
- Susan Yost, VA
5 STARS 12/10/2015
I placed an order even though I thought it was expensive. loved them so much that I placed a second order. they hold up even the heaviest branches. i would pay more to even get a 5' length.
good stuff 10/23/2015
very good quality, never fails
- pauline webster, WI
Single stem plant supports 7/1/2015
Nicely surprised at how very sturdy and well made these supports are. Will order again.
- Jackie Weber, NY
Plant stake 6/26/2015
I love the single stem stakes and really need the 40 height for my delphiniums and some of my lilies. These are well made and give good support
- Amy, MI
consumer 5/3/2015
the height was good the oval at the top needs to be wider
plant supports 8/24/2014
very nice and very good quality
- June Alderman, TX