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Rain-Mat Roll **Sorry, sold out until October 2023**

Rain-Mat Roll **Sorry, sold out until October 2023**
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Expected on : 11/15/2023

Detailed Description

22" WIDE, 16 1/4' LONG
Cut to size for hayracks, planters and larger baskets. Place these mats down in the growing medium at root level as you plant each basket, hayrack or planter. These mats soak up water as rapidly as Rain-Gel but provide a stable reservoir which the roots will actually grow into.

Made in England

They hold moisture in the soil of hanging baskets and containers, so plants do not dry out as quickly, improving displays and growth even in dry conditions. Rain Gel may cut your watering time in half.

Adds Potassium - Not Sodium

Another advantage of Rain-Gel and Rain-Mats is that they slowly release small traces of potassium, unlike other products that release sodium (salt) which can adversely affect some plants.

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Not for plastic or ceramic pots! 5/29/2022
I put a single layer in the bottom of my 8 large pots. (Ceramic and plastic). The material absorbed moisture and completely blocked the drainage. After some heavy rain, the pots are a soupy mess and I have to repot 8 otherwise beautiful pots. Maybe for fiber pots, but not for anything else. That should be in the description.
- Bruce, MD
Great Product 6/13/2020
I've added this to all our planters and window boxes each year. It is especially valuable in the baskets in sunny locations. I can't remember where I purchased this the first time, so I was very glad to see it available at Kinsman online.
- Michael shaffer, ME
Five green fingers 5/18/2020
I have laid down this fabric in n everything I put into the ground this year! I think it's a great idea! I'm sure it will cut down my watering schedule by half! That means I can get to our cabin for a couple of days! Yippee!
- Evelyn Davidson, CO
Rain Mat 7/17/2019
I bought the rain-mat roll years ago. I cut pieces and put them into my hanging baskets. I let my daughter try it in her pots and she loved it. This year we didn't have any left so we thought we'd try a different cheaper method. We heard disposable diapers would work. There are also water crystals available that hold water. We tried different options and the hanging baskets kept drying out quickly. I really missed not having the rain mat, so I decided to order a roll again. The old roll lasted many years . Between the two of us, we have 12 hanging baskets. The pieces can be cut into any size needed. I don't throw away any scraps, because they can be used too, when you don't have big piece left or need to fill in for an odd shape. My only complaint would be that this new roll is really hard to tell which side should be up.
- Lu Schmidt, WI
Long-time Customer 3/31/2019
I've used Kinsman Garden for many years and have never been disappointed by the quality of their products or the benefits from using them! The rain mat and rain granules are annual purchases for me since I do a lot of container gardening. Along with moisture control potting soil they make summer watering a less burdensome task!
- Bev Sapienza, OH
Rain Mat 4/27/2018
I have used this product for a few years. It really helps retain water. I do water less and my container plants do very well.
- Brenda, NY
Rainmat 1/3/2018
Works very well
- Robert, IN
Rain mats 7/9/2017
This is a wonderful product, reducing the frequency of watering by two thirds! Thank you for carrying this product.
- Tani Strain, IL
Moisture roll 5/27/2017
I purchased this to line my haystack racks and liners for my ferns. It really holds the moisture in the containers. They used to dry out really fast requiring watering every day. I am going to order more!
- Carolyn, KY
Great watering aid 5/11/2017
I have used these mats in the past and was unable to find them from my previous source. I ordered the roll and have shared them with friends. They work very well. I have several shallow clay pots which I have sealed and using the mats for a continuous water source. They are working great. Had some hot days (80's) so far and the plants never suffered from water deprivation.
- L Martin, VA
First Timer 5/22/2016
This is a great idea so I have high expectations. I love the choices and new products that Kinsman offers. I hope this is a winner, I have a lot of it!
- Barbara, VT
Time Saver! 3/20/2015
I bought this product last spring to use for my many containers and hanging wall baskets. It saved me hours and hours of hand watering. I couldn't believe how well it worked! Even in the heat of our southern summer, I had to water less than ever before. Looking forward to using it again this year.
- Bev Walker, NC