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Rain Gel Granules 250 Gram *SOLD OUT FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2023*

Rain Gel Granules 250 Gram *SOLD OUT FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2023*
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Expected on : 11/15/2023

Detailed Description

Water Absorbing Granules and Mats for Planters
Granules, Prepacked Mats and Rolls from England
They hold moisture in the soil of hanging baskets and containers, so plants do not dry out as quickly, improving displays and growth even in dry conditions.
Adds Potassium - Not Sodium
Another advantage of Rain-Gel and Rain-Mats is that they slowly release small traces of potassium, unlike other products that release sodium (salt) which can adversely affect some plants.

"Rain-Gel" water retaining granules give much better performance than products that are sodium based. "Rain-Gel" and "Rain-Mat" products are potassium based and take up water in a few seconds, forming a fine textured jelly. This rapid uptake ensures much better performance within the soil and provides an immediate reservoir to plant roots. Quite simply, the "Rain-Gel" granules "grab" the water immediately, before it can drain through the potting mix (unlike other slow acting granules). Saturation can be achieved with one watering, instead of having to rewater several times. The roots are then able to draw water from the reservoir as and when needed.

Four (4) teaspoons of Rain-Gel mixed into the potting soil at root level is enough for a 12" hanging basket. Use additional teaspoons for larger baskets.

250 gram container

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A Necessity 2/26/2021
In the Texas heat, if you don't use Rain Gel, you will water much more often, and your plants won't thrive like they do with it!
- calf, TX
Flower Life Savior! 5/28/2020
My hay rack window planters are lined with fiber mats that water runs right through, plus the overhanging roofline prevents rain from getting to the flowers. I mixed these granules into the soil before planting, trying to concentrate it at the bottom. It doesn't take much, and it works! Saved both my plants from drying out and hours of water time for me. Win-win!
- Marjorie, MI
Excellent Product! 3/6/2019
I have window boxes at every window of my house & shed. I've used other product, but this brand is far superior! I get full, hot sun in the front of my house & after finding this product, my plants all hung in there all summer long! I already have '2' large canisters ready for my planting, in May! Excellent Quality!
- Eileen Kennard, NJ
Rain Gel 7/3/2017
Use them in my hanging baskets. Really cuts down on wilting in hot windy days
- Jackie Clase, IN