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Pruner Sharpener

Pruner Sharpener
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Detailed Description

Tool Sharpeners
For Pruners, Shears & Scissors

Sharpen your favorite pruners and garden shears-scissors, too-at home, whenever they need it! Easy and convenient to use, sharp tools make gardening chores much easier. Clean cuts are also much healthier for shrubs, since they heal more quickly and resist diseases.

Sharpens accurately, regrinds the correct angle on all types of pruners, loppers and pruning knives. Silicon carbide sharpener.

Check out how easy it is to use the Pruner Sharpener:

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Pruner Sharpener 3/18/2021
Works ok, but slightly awkward.
- Sheila Jessen, VA
Pruner sharpener 4/30/2020
Have been looking for something like this for a long time. My husband promptly sharpened all my pruners and loppers - 4 to be exact. Now they all cut efficiently!
- Jan Hogeboom, FL
Mrs. 5/24/2019
Will use it this week-end. One for me and one for my gardener son for Father's Day!
- Julene K, GA
Acute sharpener! 4/29/2018
I thought the pruner sharpener looked kind of feeble when I set it up, but let me tell you It works incredibly well, and I Even sharpened my wire cutters, which is generally impossible. Very Happy.
- Deirdre Brown, NY
Effective 2/26/2018
Easy & effective. Razor sharp clippers now. Works best on short, curved blades. Downside: sharpening pad wears down quickly. Would buy again unless I find one that would last longer.
- Cindy Lassiter, NC
Garden hack 5/20/2017
My felco prunners are probably almost 30 years old and they are now almost as good as new.
- Nita Hill, OR
A gardener's must have 8/3/2016
Easy to use. Didn't realize how dull my shears were. Will not be without.
- Karen, NY
Felco sharpeners 6/6/2016
I had these before and they didn't survive our move. Simple to use and happy to have it again.
- Sally Kofke, NY
Great Sharpening Tool 4/10/2016
I sharpened my own tools and didn't have to ask for help. Love the simplicity. !
- Karen Zalenski, UT
Good for small tool sharpening 4/10/2015
This is a simple to use sharpener which did an excellent job for me. It has been some time since I sharpened my tools so I rather quickly used up all the stone provided. I wish I had know that as I would have purchased 2-3 units rather than 1.
- Debora M, IL
Sharpens them all 4/16/2014
This pruner sharpener worked really well on all of my garden tools that need sharpening.
- Claire Brown, VA
Great little tool 4/14/2014
really loved this product. I can now sharpen all of my garden tools without waiting for my husband.
- marlene matthews, DE