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Pot Lifter

Pot Lifter
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Strong, durable materials have a 200 lb lifting capacity. Because you spread the load evenly, it's safe and convenient for two people to use together.

Lifting straps adjust to any object-up to a 7 ft. maximum circumference, such as a barrel planter. Use it on objects from 12 to 27 inches in diameter. Great for large pots, landscaping stones, heavy bags of cement, logs, tree root balls and bales of peat. PotLifter is strong and light, only 1lb. 8 oz.

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Indispensable Garden tool 9/22/2021
I bought one of these years ago and it's still holding up. So many times it has helped with moving large plant containers, along with root balled trees. Highly recommend. Truly a back saver.
- Jill Miglin, NY
Proper way to Lift 3/17/2021
This is a back saver and makes it easy and safe to lift heavy objects. Make this a part of your necessary tool arsenal and you will never regret it. Don't lend it to your neighbor or you'll never get it back!
- Gary Beemer, MO
pot lifter 2/18/2021
We have lots of huge pots on our patio and in the back yard. We struggle when moving them from the green house to the yard or vice versa. Hoping this purchase will ease out efforts in the spring.
- Regina B, NC
Pot lifter 12/7/2020
- Anita Johnson, OH
Works great! 11/8/2020
We have many large potted plants that must be moved several times a year. We live in northern Florida and occasionally, we have frost warnings and the plants must come in and be protected. Also have to get them in for a hurricane. This had become a very difficult job with their size and weight. This potlifter works perfectly. So easy and makes is safe for my husband and I to do this without hurting ourselves.
- Lynn Young, FL
PERFECT! 7/8/2019
this thing works great, better than a hand cart for the odd shaped pots, gets a good grip, it's the only way my husband and i move the planters around on the deck, saves your back and the rest of your body from being hurt!
- roberta allen, AL
Favorite New Tool! 5/10/2019
I love the Pot Lifter!! We recently planted over 90 flower pots for a client and then a blizzard moved in. We were able to move pots that are over twenty years old, bulky and heavy within an hour with very little effort! I was amazed that I could lift that weight so easily. I would give it 5 stars, but at one point, one of the attachments for the plastic band detached from the webbing. I hope it will last for years to come. I will always double check the weight and that the sling is holding securely. I love the carrying case that comes with it as well.
- D. Dean, NM
A Game Changer 3/16/2019
We bought this pot lifter years ago and still love it! It is fabulous for moving our large pots out of storage in the spring and back under cover before winter snow flies. We've also used it to move other heavy object around the house. It puts me on a much more equal footing with my husband when we are moving heavy pots. I highly recommend this pot lifter.
- Lauren, IA
WorWorks Ok For Flower Pot Not Large Rock 7/8/2018
We tested the Pot Lifter to see whether it works for anything heavy.The result is ok for about 15 diameter flower pot without much dirt or garden soil inside the pot. But we just could not lift the large rock due to we are not quite tall or strong person to do that. Therefore, I will give this item 3 stars. It might work well depend on the size of person.
- Victor, WA
Pot Lifter 5/28/2018
My gardeners loved the pot lifter it made easy work moving large planters to more secure locations for the summer.
- Bill &, FL
good buy 6/15/2017
It does what you said it would. Have only used it one time so far, but can see how useful it will be
- gail, MO
Big Help in moving Large Pots 9/6/2016
My wife and I have used this product 4 or 5 times since the purchase. Really helps in moving large products. Sure we will use more this Fall.
- George Godfrey, TX
This is a great invention. I have poor soil and so have many, many quite4 large pots. This product makes it so easy to lift them to move them for new soil or new location. Recommend product highly. I had one for years and it has had lots of use and looks and works like new.
Pot lifter 12/16/2015
I LOVE my potlifter. It has helped us move heavy items many times. I just bought two more as Christmas gifts for my gardening daughters.
- Victoria Goodfellow, OH
Haven't used yet 3/16/2015
We have some large planters to get outside this year, and I'm sure it will help!
- DEatinger, KS
Mrs. 3/5/2015
What a wonderful piece of equipment, something so simple works so well!
- Jean Burnett, VA
These things are GREAT! 11/11/2014
We bought these for the express purpose of removing some pineapple palms. We've since used them for moving pots. They are great. Make lifting / moving much easier and they're quite simple to use. A great purchase!
- Sheila, AZ
Pot Lifter 9/19/2012
I never would have believed how much easier it is to lift awkward or heavy items. We've used it to move 50 lb bags of dog food, cement and sand, small boulders, large potted plants, and B&B trees & shrubs.Well worth the price. I'm giving them to my gardening friends with back problems this Christmas.
- Kathy, IL
Green Goddess 12/16/2010
My husband and I just used our new Pot Lifter to move a tall Ficus tree in our front bay window to make room for a Christmas Tree. Since I'd pulled a back muscle moving that SAME ficus this fall, I decided to order a Pot Lifter - it may seem a bit pricey, but this product has been well worth the investment! It was surprisingly easy for two people to move a heavy pot, and I can tell we'll use it a lot this spring to move pots on our patio.
- Karen Barr, OR
Pot Lifeter 12/11/2010
We bought one two years ago - we have big concrete pots in our garden - couldn't possibly move them without this - to us it's a most valuable item...we've passed its wonders on to our daughter and son-in-law.
- Leanna Graham, PA