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While we have discontinued the Down Under Pot Photo Contest, please feel free to submit photos of your Down Under Pot or any of our other products. If we use one of your pictures, we'll say "Thank You" by sending you a $100 Kinsman Gift Certificate. Please email photos to: photo@kinsmangarden.com

2018 Down Under Pot Photo Contest Prize Winners!

1st Place Prize
$250 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is

Lois Cornell
Liberty Twp, OH

"I plant the impatiens in my Down Under Pot in April. I leave it in my garage until the first of May, then I hang it outside."

2nd Place Prize
$150 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is

Heather Allen
Seguin, TX

"One of my favorite plants is the bougainvillea and I love how it looks in my Down Under Pot, this plant has been growing for two years. Since this plant has done so well I've purchased three more pots and have planted bougainvillea's, each with a different coloring flower in each pot."

3rd Place Prizes
$75 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate are

Gail Altomare
Cranford, NJ

"I love my Down Under Pots and planted a shocking pink coleus in my medium-sized sapphire pot. The coleus lends itself to these pots because it turns up easily and grows quickly."

Alison Nore
Anchorage, AK

"This is a bright red orange begonia in my Down Under Pot I hang from one of my birch trees in the backyard."

Patty Szczecinski
Alsip, IL

"The brick color has tuberous begonia and lobelia. I just love the look in my garden!"

Honorable Mention
$25 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is

Joe Batza
West Coxsackie, NY

"My wife has been searching for a terracotta lamp for a couple of years with no success. She's an avid gardener and was leafing thru your catalog when she saw the "Down Under Pot". The large one was exactly what she was looking for as a lamp. I bought the light fixture kit at our local home improvement center and the pot became a beautiful lamp. Thanks for making my wife happy!"

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