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Paving Weeder

Paving Weeder
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Stainless steel beveled blade is sharply ground on both sides for removing grass and weeds from between slates, bricks and paving cracks.

2 cutting edges. Comfortable plastic handle. 7-1/2" overall length. 3-1/2" long blade.

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sidewalk weeder 12/4/2020
Great tool for getting into all the tight spots, but not only sidewalks & between the bricks in the walk way, but between closely planted flowers where a bigger weeder could uproot what I want to save.
- Linda Keyser, NJ
weeder 4/23/2020
I am disappointed with this weeder. My original weeder had a green handle and never bent when I went to pull a weed out by its roots. I still have my old ones but they need to be sharped.
- JoAnn M, LA
Does the job 5/20/2019
Small but very effective for an attractive price. Good grip and sharp edges get the weeding job done. May be too small for larger hands
- Liz L, OR
Paving Weeder 4/12/2019
This little tool is just what I needed to remove weeds growing in the cracks and edges of my driveway. Thank you for your prompt delivery.
- Sue Ellen, CA
Pavers 3/20/2019
Really happy with product. Works great. Husband likes it because it gets weeds from cracks in driveway without using chemicals harmful to our dog and neighbor dog.
- Liz, SC
Great Design 4/14/2018
It has a nice hunk of stainless steel. It's strong versatile.
- Howard Reicher, PA
small & handy 7/21/2017
fills small niche of weeding between cracks in landscaping bricks; beveled edges aid in cutting/edging
- Alex Dasher, AL
Handy gadget 3/21/2017
This is great product. Does a great job.
- Kate Bell, CA
My patio never looked better! 8/23/2015
At last - a paver weeder that really works. So much better than the utility knife I'd been using, and easy to maneuver too.
- M J, IL
Paving Weeder 8/16/2015
This is my go to tool for breaking up the root ball on pot bound nursery stock. Nothing works better!
- Bonnie Chaffee, MI
Excellent weeder for patios 6/21/2015
Talk about the right tool for the job! We have a slate patio that constantly has weeds growing between the stones. This tool cleaned out the weeds in a short time so we could put more screenings and fill in the cracks again.
- Ken Williams, PA
pavement weeder 4/30/2015
Does the trick and cleans out the weeds with one stroke.
- Liz Meaney, OR
Super weeder 7/27/2014
This is a quality tool. We have paver walks and the ants love to carry seeds down between the pavers. This gets to the root of the weeds and makes short work of a tiresome job. Now, how to get rid of the ants? Polymeric sand does not do the job.
- Jane Craig, OH
happy 7/23/2014
i have always been very satisfied with my purchases from you
- Nancy B, FL
edging tool 6/6/2014
sharp, sturdy, great product
- Valerie, MO
Paving weeder 4/27/2014
Makes easy work of this task
- Barb, VA
Great Little Tool 4/27/2013
This paving weeder is fabulous. Simple and effective. I use it to loosen weeds between pavers as well as an aid in weeding in my garden beds. I rarely garden without it.
- colleen, NJ