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Pamela Crawford's "Instant Container Gardens" Book

Pamela Crawford's
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Detailed Description

Discover the Secrets of Creating Spectacular Container Gardens...Instantly!

Pamela Crawford's "Instant Container Gardens" is a 158 page full color book showing dozens of stunning side planting ideas.
Step-by-step illustrated demonstrations
Over thirty-four foolproof plants that anyone can grow
Planting recipes
Maintenance tips

Easy container ideas to transform your garden!

Pamela Crawford has a BA from Vanderbilt University and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from Florida International University, where she recently received the prestigious "Torch Award" as an outstanding alumnus from the School of Architecture. She has designed 1500 gardens for residences and country clubs. Her container designs have been featured on the cover of "Better Homes and Gardens" publications, as well as in "Southern Living." She has also been featured on the "Fine Living Network" as a container garden expert.

This is Pamela's fifth gardening book.

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Crawford's instant container book 3/28/2021
I love the ideas and instructions in this book. Can't wait it try them this spring.
- cathy m, KY
Lovely publication 12/1/2020
Really enjoyed this book. Lots of colorful illustrations of what is possible with these containers.
- David Stanley, PA
Great Book ! 9/28/2020
This has many ideas and full of colorful pictures. Great buy
- Adele A, CA
Book 6/22/2020
This is a great book. The best I have seen. I like the way the flowers are listed so if you wanted to copy the look it is easy. Great pictures. Information was excellent.
- Yvonne, NE
Very Helpful! 3/16/2019
I am really enjoying this book and so appreciate the step-by-step guidelines. I also really appreciate the list of plants that have worked well and ones that haven't necessarily performed as well. I am going to order a couple of the baskets and posts and am excited to add beauty to my garden this spring. It has inspired me. :) (Plus it's just nice to look through at this time of year when it's so dull outside.)
- Beth, IL
I am so inspired for Spring to arrive in Central Oregon so I can create my new planters with some of Ms. CRAWFORDS ideas!!
- Jan Michaels, OR
Great! 4/16/2018
Very complete and fun to read. Learning a lot of specifics to container planting
- Carol Gumpert, CA
Great Guide 4/5/2018
I bought this book because my containers are mediocre at best. Pamela covers every aspect of container gardening and not just what plants look great together. My only disappointment is that the entire book is dedicated to side planters and it doesnt say that in the description. I dont have any side planters at present but I should still get great ideas for my regular pots.
- Dave, MD
Love it beginning to end 7/8/2017
This is a great book for generating ideas of what to do with containers for the experienced as well as novice gardeners. The pictures are breath taking.
- Renee K, PA
Container Gardening 4/30/2017
I bought this book for ideas. It is my go to book for doing my pots. This past year I was so pleased with my ten pots and the combinations I am buying the other book on container gardening. This book gives such easy to follow instructions even new gardeners can't go wrong. We are in several garden walks and I got the wow factor I was looking for when visitors came around the corner and saw the back patio and then looked into the woods at the gathering place around the fire pit with the six planters as a back drop. I followed the combinations suggested and had great results. Highly recommend this book for its ideas, easy to follow instructions and great pictures.
- Barbara A., NY
instant container gardens 4/22/2017
Being not good at doing these things, I love the book and have many ideas now when it's time to plant my containers
- Dianne Roisum, AL
Bottle Tree 2/19/2016
- Betty Spagnola, CA
Now my baskets are beautiful 5/12/2015
Last year I used my own ideas for planting the Pamela Crawford baskets. The results were pathetic. This year I decided I needed help so ordered this book. I copied two of her baskets and now my baskets are stunning. They are so pretty that I keep going to the back door to admire them!
- Jan, MO
Side planter lover! 4/26/2015
I have been doing PC's side planting for several years now and this book is a must have! Great instructions, designs and plant suggestions! Can't tell you how many of these I have given to friends!
- Glenna Maney, GA
Awesome Magazine 3/24/2014
Great Combinations an awesome Containers... easy to read as well...
- Skipper, WI
Container Book 9/8/2013
Wonderful book with great pictures and detailed instructions. I have learned a great deal from this book. HIghly recommend it.
- Lynda Shiffman, TN
Love it, easy to follow and pictures are very helpful. Anxious to start a basket for myself!!
- elna mcaden, CA
Love the book I can't wait for Spring!
- Terri, UT