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Pamela Crawford Basket Column Kit for Small Pots

Pamela Crawford Basket Column Kit for Small Pots
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Detailed Description

Here's a smaller, less expensive version of the Column Kit for Large Pots. The base ring is now 12" in diameter. And the Column (in two sections) is 39" x 1" diameter instead of 48" x 2". We recommend using these new Kits with smaller flat bottomed pots, from 12" in diameter - and with the 14" Pamela Crawford side planting basket (included).

- 12" diameter threaded base ring
- Bolt and lock washer
- Spacer washer
- 39" column x 1" diameter with 3" diameter disk welded to top post to support basket. -Bolt and washer for fastening Pamela Crawford 14" basket (included) onto top of column

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Pamela Crawford basket column for small pots. 3/28/2022
Upon unpacking it looks easy to assemble and very sturdy. I have yet to plant in it due to weather conditions are too cold for outside plants as of yet. Looking forward to using the column on my front porch this summer.
- Susan, OH
I can't wait for Spring 1/23/2022
I bought a set of these for a friend and one for myself. I am looking forward to planting them in the Spring.
- J.J. Loughran, CO
Nice display piece! 5/28/2020
This products definitely makes a statement, there is a bit of a learning curve to put it together, as the online video was a great help. Watering the top pot is a bit tricky, you must pour the water in very slow, so it does not spill off on the sides, plus you need to let the water penetrate the side plantings. I do like the overall completed look!
- Lisa McKeown, PA
Great Experience So Far 5/26/2020
I ordered the the basket columns and to my surprise I received them within the same week (even with pandemic) everything was packed securely. Everything is extremely well made and I am very pleased. the assembly was very straight forward and all parts were included. There were only two slight hiccups that could have been clarified a bit more but with some research I was able to figure it out. In both cases it was which direction should the items be attached - they are the base under the pot and the ring that goes in the pot and that the bolt attached to and that the pole(s) attach to. I put the base under the pot with the little legs facing downward and the ring inside the pot facing downward as well (to allow the water to drain out of the pot). Both of those items were not addressed in the directions I received but I figured it out and all is good. Overall I am very pleased with the service and product and can't wait to get my flowers planted!
Perfect planter 4/27/2020
Unique and sturdy
Basket Column 5/31/2019
OMG - this is so difficult to put together, I watched the video 4 times, and he easily puts the basket on top of the disc thats attached to the column. I tried for 10 minutes, and I couldn't do it, now my husband is out there trying to attach the basket. There are no written instructions. Grrrrrrr
- kathleen barker, MI
Cute 5/14/2019
Very cute idea. I feel like mine might have been missing a part however. The pole is not very sturdy.
- Laura Hall, KY
Basket Column for small pots 3/22/2019
Difficult to assemble so that column is straight.
- Phyllis Spence, MD
Ohio 10/2/2018
We purchase these for next year and already we love them. and we can't wait to get plants and them next year
- James, OH
Awesome! 5/21/2018
These bring your gardening to a new level!
- Amy, IN
Very unique 4/4/2018
I think this item will be gorgeous when I can put it together.We are still having snow showers here,so it will be a few more weeks.Thanks for having such unique things.
- Marie Deel, MD
small pot 3/27/2018
Had trouble with the long bolts on both small pot. Used the extra bolts from the 2 large pots . they worked
- Constance Foster, MA
Do it! 7/21/2017
I have been so pleased with my planter container and its beautiful plants that I'm now giving them as gifts!
- Pat Vaughn, OK
chrissiechatham 5/3/2017
Disappointed that you can not get column replacement parts for this product when the columns and disks rust out. Disappointed about that because I don't need a full kit
- chris torrey, NY
lady garden 4/1/2016
NOT a good product - spent extra $$ and time getting it to fit together right! Buyer beware!*** We're very sorry you are not pleased with your purchase. Our customers should never have to spend extra money assembling any of our products and recommend they contact Customer Service if they encounter any issues. ***
- diane dolinar, KS
Pamela Crawford planters 6/9/2015
Well made,but the the planter is too tall .The combination doesn't look right.I cut mine down 9 in. Better per portion.I would buy again.
- Val R., IL
Great customer service 5/4/2015
I had a problem and the ordering desk was clueless. Thankfully they referred my request to customer service. What a difference. The Crawford basket looks great thanks to an extra effort by customer service.
- Mary Schmidt, NJ
I finally found what I wanted!! 4/14/2015
Bought 2 and have on my back deck!! They are simply beautiful.
- Lori, TX
I purchased 2 of these basket columns for small pots. They are lovely and do work and look like the representation on the website. The metal is sturdy and seems to be well made. However, my complaint is in the design of the base of this unit. I found that if you tighten the post to the base in a way that will provide any stability at all, you will most likely crack the base of your container. I did this on both of them. I had to rig these with padding material and other things in order to get a reasonably good clamp on the base. Also, the weight of the basket when planted is almost too much for the center post to remain steady in this configuration. I wish now that I had purchased the patio stands instead.
- Anne, TX