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Pre-Order for Early Fall Delivery-Pamela Crawford Basket Column Kit for Large Pots

Pre-Order for Early Fall Delivery-Pamela Crawford Basket Column Kit for Large Pots
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Detailed Description

Please note that only our Pamela Crawford Basic Basket Planters will attach to this column.
TOP PLANTER BASKET IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS KIT. Don't forget to add the Basic Basket Planter .

Convert Your Large Pots into a stunning 2-level display on your patio, poolside, porch or deck.

Basic Basket Column Kit includes:

12" Base Ring

2 different bolts (for you to select according to the thickness of the base of your large pot)

Spacer washer

4 ft tall column, composed of 1 x 3ft column and 1 x 1ft extension (black 2" tubular steel)

9" disk with gripping clips

Here's how it works:

12" Steel Base Ring goes under your Large Pot. Tighten threaded bolt through center to poke up through the pot's center drainage hole. Put pot on Ring. Place spacer washer on bolt. This allows free drainage through center hole. Screw the black steel columns snugly onto bolt and spacer washer, so the base ring, pot and column are locked securely together. Lastly, attach 9" Disk with gripping clips to hold a Pamela Crawford side planting basket (sold separately).
Additional 1 ft and 2 ft extensions available.

How to Video

Click to print Assembly Instructions.

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Beautiful! 4/13/2021
Great concept! Really sturdy
- Donna M, FL
Love the planter 4/10/2021
Everything arrived in great condition and was easy to assemble, no problems. I've had a great time deciding what plants to use. I take a picture every week to watch the progress. Thanks for great service.
- Sue Sackett, OK
Doesn't come with large pot, either 6/6/2020
I would not have purchased this if I had known it was literally just the column part I was purchasing. I knew it didn't come with the top basket, but nothing in this description makes it clear that the bottom pot doesn't come with it, either.
- Robin Powell, NY
Great basket column 5/7/2020
I've had one for many years.. It finally wore out, so I bought a new one. It lets you create a large flower display in a small space.
- Linda Berthot, IA
Why not made in USA? 4/11/2019
Like many of the other comments about this product, the directions were less than helpful. Because a variety of bolts were included, I was successful in putting the column together in double the time I was expecting due to rust on the bolts. The use of steel wool and WD40 did not help the process. How very disappointing to order a simple item from Pennsylvania only to learn that it was manufactured in India.
- Philip Eshleman, NC
Look great so far 4/9/2019
I just assembled two Pamela Crawford Columns for large pots. They were simple to install by following the instructions and you tube video. Very sturdy! It's too early to plant but I bet they will look great in my 20 diameter plants. So far I have not installed the 12 inch column extender; they seem plenty high but I figure I can always add them later if need be. So far so good and I'm already thinking of adding more!
- Mike G, NY
Looks Gtreat 3/12/2019
Can't wait to use it, but we have had the coldest winter in awhile. Looking forward to spring.
- Jan, IL
Happy with the products 6/11/2018
Excellent products!!!! Good Quality!!!!!!
- Lorraine, CT
So far so good! 4/23/2018
The container went together easily. But it has not been warm enough to put plants in it yet. I am looking forward to it being beautiful. I hope I am not disappointed!
- Charlene Vukovich, IA
large pot 3/27/2018
excellent product . packaging impecciable
- Constance Foster, MA
Show Stopper! 5/6/2017
I just got my 16 double basket planter planted today. It looks amazing! The company promptly mailed out the missing base plate that got omitted from the original shipment. Thanks!
- Pat Vaughn, OK
Directions for assembly TERRIBLE. Also it took two of us to get the pole attached to the base. Directions for planting really terrific! Takes a LONG time to plant it but worth it. Turned out beautifully and I will be sending pics later because even in it's early stage, it's beautiful and I am very glad I got this. It's a beautiful addition to my garden.
- Vicki Looney, TX
owner 4/15/2017
products are the best.
- Barbara May, VT
Needs Better Quality Control 4/7/2017
For a planter idea that has the potential of being so beautiful when complete, don't expect it to be easy to assemble; & if you depend on the video or worse, the printed instructions, you're in trouble right out of the box. The culprit: terrible quality control in the fabrication of the steel components.And all parts seem to be guilty of that across the board; tubing sections, fasteners & assembly tolerances. Threads on the tubing assembly stud was corroded to the point of requiring disassembly, wire brushing, lubricant & 2 strong guys doing the twisting. And in the end, the joined tubes never did match with the shorter section being cocked off to an angle.Bought 2 units the same & within the two, different sized fasteners with different bolt head sizes- not the end of the world, but aggravating. As to instructions, a simple exploded assembly drawing would have been better than the double-speak written dribble. All in all, & for dollars spent, I would advise Kinsman to travel to India where this was fabricated & have a serious discussion with the jobber doing the fabrication of parts concerning customer complaints. Thankfully, I have a mechanical minded husband that reworked the shoddy workmanship & got the finished assembly at least workable-he shouldn't have had to.
- Nancy Churchill, GA
Bad hardware 4/2/2017
I bought three of these and managed to get only one completely assembled. The bolt that the instructions say to use to attach the disk (step seven) is not long enough and the bolt cannot be threaded onto it. The bolts on the 12 inch column are not welded on straight and all of the bolts have the threads painted and none of the screw on parts threads properly. I gave up on trying to assemble these.
- Pat Costa, OR
Great 1/29/2017
Quality product and great customer service. Thank you
- Mimi Miller, WA
Review 1/14/2017
Love this concept and the look! Only problem was that although it should have been easy to put together, it would have been helpful to show pictures of the washers and nuts to know which was which.
- Jill, FL
Poor quality control in manufacturing 6/15/2016
While the various parts appear quite attractive and sturdy, the assembled column is not. I bought two of these, and both have the same problems. The long column section leans slightly even after being tightened down. The top column section is also slightly crooked, and more importantly, wouldn't screw all the way down on to the lower column portion--there's a gap of about 1/4 between the two pieces. Lots of WD-40 helped a bit, as did removing the top piece, screwing in then removing one of the spare bolts to break in the opening at the top of the bottom section, and then putting the top pole piece back on, but the gap still exists, which is ugly. The shortest screw (reserved for this purpose as per the instructions) is too short to attach the gripping disk (I ended up using the longest screw, which I hadn't needed at the bottom), and the gripping disk wobbles a little on top of the column. Also, instructions on how to attach the basket would have been helpful (I eventually realized that the top baskets I had ordered simply wouldn't fit under all 4 clips, so I hope that using just 2 clips turns out to be enough). Given the price of these columns + the baskets + coco liners w/o side holes + big pots to go at the bottom, these ended up being quite expensive, and I expect a much better, more stable finished product for that amount of money. If it weren't such a pain to take everything apart, dirt and plants out of the baskets, and package and mail everything back for a refund, I would have done so. I hope everything holds up to summer thunderstorms, but these are a big disappointment.
- Jill Jahn, NJ
home owner 3/11/2016
product is great. got here timely very pleased
- Shirley, TX
All the parts looked sturdy when I received them. When I attached the 3 ft and 1 ft posts together I made sure not to over tighten them. When I attached the top basket to the posts the 1 ft section came completely out of the 3 ft post and the basket hit the deck spilling my plants outs. It appears the threads in the 3 ft post didn't match up well with the bolt in the bottom of the 1 ft section. I called Kinsman and they are shipping out another 1 ft section. Not sure if the issue is with both sections, but we are going to see if the new 1 ft section is a better fit.
- Donald Kundrat, OH