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PC 16 Inch Single Tier Basket Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set

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Detailed Description

Please note these baskets include liners with holes for side planting. We cannot substitute the liners without holes so they would be a separate purchase.

16" diameter x 7" deep -holds twelve side plants, twelve top edging plants and one 6" or gallon size centerpiece plant.

Basic Basket Planters are constructed from heavy gauge steel wire coated in black plastic and are supplied with removable clip-on chains.

The advantages of side planting are many. You get a lush, fully covered container much more quickly and an impressive floral display in weeks instead of months. But side planting used to require time consuming handwork, cutting holes in liners or juggling loose moss. Pamela Crawford's new side planting containers mean you can create spectacular plantings in a small fraction of the time it used to take.

New-design baskets and liners give spectacular instant results. Ingenious holes and slits in the coco-fiber allow mature plants with 3" to 4 " root balls to be inserted.

Side planted hanging baskets look terrific from below as well as from the side. Hang them in groups of three or spaced singly along a porch. Or use our Border or Patio Column Kits designed just for these Basic Basket Planters.

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Love the side planters! 6/21/2022
The pillar planter is such a lovely addition to our cottage garden. It's a thing of beauty. It was easy to do and I may do an additional one next year.
- Penny Broening, VA
Very nice 4/13/2021
I also purchased the Pamela Crawford Plant Pillar. It was very easy to attach this basket to the Pillar. Filled with flowers and looks so pretty.
- Donna M, FL
Deanna 6/8/2020
This is a great design. I have mine planted and waiting on it to flourish. Will be ordering more.
- Deanna Montgomery, TN
Pamela Crawford baskets and stands 4/26/2020
I purchased 2 16 baskets and two free standing posts. They were well packed and came with good instructions for planting. I did use different size plants; next time I will use all the same size. Also, I think it may be easier to attach the ring that holds the basket to the post before planting and then attach to the post rather than affix it after planting.
- Deborah Alvord, VA
worked great 12/15/2019
I bought five sets of disks and 16 baskets and installed them on our own 4x4 treated lumber posts in a sunny location. The instructions say to plant an astronomical 25 plants per pot. I know that 25 plants would fill in and make a nice show very quickly, but aside from being terribly expensive, I knew that the plants would become rootbound and crowded very soon. So I planted only ten plants per pot, a mixture of sun-tolerant begonias (Big and Surefire) and coleus (Main Street varieties), six around the sides (every second hole) and four in the top. It took them several weeks to fill in, but by mid-July they were looking good. By the end of July they were drying out quickly and I was watering twice a day. I was pretty happy with my first attempt at these, but learned a few things. The coleus were very rambunctious and took over the baskets, eventually becoming leggy and unattractive. Some of the branches even broke off. Well-timed pruning would probably have helped, and maybe less fertilizer. But overall, the effect was pretty nice. I am looking forward to next season and will be trying different plants.
- Karen Muse, MI
16 7/9/2018
I love my Kinsman baskets! (Sitting looking out the window at them as I write this review) They are simple sturdy pieces. Both the liner and frame have a nice weight to them and the holes in the liner were easy to use as well! 10/10 recommend!
- Juliet, PA
16 6/21/2017
Very well made.
- Fearon Stiver, PA
16 4/23/2016
Loved planting this pot!! Looks great already!!!
- Karla Lowe, NC
Worth the effort! 4/6/2015
It is a bit difficult to get the plants into the side holes. However, once that is accomplished, it looks gorgeous! And the plants actually survived the trauma!
- Thelma Sutter, TX
PC 16 4/3/2011
I purchased one of these a few years ago and loved it. I bought this one for my Mom with the disk and mounting plate. She has a 4 x 4 and it will love great. She's excited. We need to wait for warmer weather. Thanks for the great products.
- Kay Atcheson, PA