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Nest/Roosting Pouch for Small Birds

Nest/Roosting Pouch for Small Birds
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Detailed Description

Nesting/Roosting Pouch for Small Birds

Place them under eaves or in an open shed or carport to attract house wrens and chickadees.

They are made of a material called "brushwood" which is a natural brown twiggy material which is woven or reinforced with thin brown coated wire wrapped onto a wire frame. This material shelters birds but is not waterproof.

Birds can use them for nesting in spring - or as a roosting shelter in winter.

Approximately 9-1/2" high, 5-1/2" across Entry hole approximately 1-1/4"
Can be hung using twine attached to top of nesting pouch

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Best Value Ever! Strong and Beautifully made! 3/1/2021
How can you not find a place for this natural addition to your landscape? We did!
- Philip Noguere, OR
Nest/Roosting Pouch 2/15/2021
I ordered two of these pouches and was very happy with the quality and construction of them. They are sturdy and look as thought they will last several seasons. I hung them under the eaves of my house, but would have put them in some thick trees if they were made waterproof on the tops of them, so they could be more useful as nesting boxes for the summer. But they are quite useful as they are and I am happy with them.
- JoAnne Lightner, PA
Question, not a review 12/4/2020
Is this only good for one season? How do you clean it out after birds have nested in it?
- Alice Keil, CO
Very nice for the price 4/18/2020
I havent put this up yet, but it looks very nice and makes a great inexpensive gift for bird lovers
- Jo Plenger-Schulz, IL
Roosting Pouch 3/17/2020
Just as described/fair price. I plan on hanging it on the overhang of my garden shed.
- T. Jedlicka, KS
Roosting pockets 3/9/2020
There are lots of birds around my home and I wanted to provide some extra shelter for them. I like that the are made of a natural material and are substantial enough to provide shelter. The pockets are exactly what I was looking for.
- Bethyne Hamelund, MI
Beautiful top-quality roosting pouch 5/4/2019
I love the design of this roosting nest pouch, top quality materials should last for years , I actually think it's underpriced a little bit if you look at what else is available on the Internet, smaller inferior quality types of the same thing or available at higher prices. Nice job kinsman . I will definitely buy them again .Jack miller
- Jack miller, NY