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Nectar Defender Feeder Fresh

Nectar Defender Feeder Fresh
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Detailed Description

Nectar Defender contains no artificial preservatives or dyes, just a mineral micronutrient that is part of a hummingbird's natural diet. Nectar stays fresh in your feeder for up to 2 weeks, even in hot weather.

To maintain a healthy feeder, we recommend cleaning it at least once every 2 weeks.

Bottle contains 4 fl. oz. which protects 256 fl. oz. of nectar!

  • Hummingbirds will enjoy fresh nectar everytime they visit the feeder
  • The micronutrient in Nectar Defender is consumed by hummingbirds in their natural diet of nectar and insects. It is essential for their natural health.
  • The safety of Nectar Defender has been approved by university scientists and avian experts.

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Great time saver 9/7/2020
I've been using this product for a few years but suddenly had trouble finding it. During the time I was without it, I had to change the feeders almost daily because of the heat. The nectar would go bad quickly. Adding Feeder Fresh definitely makes a difference. I easily wait at least 4 days now before having to change the nectar - even longer when weather is cooler.
- Diane Kanetsky, PA
Healthy nectar for the hummingbirds 8/17/2020
I use Feeder Fresh every time I change the homemade nectar I supply for my visiting hummingbirds. I had run out and really noticed how the nectar did not stay fresh nearly as long. Searching online, Kinsman had a great price for the Feeder Fresh so I stocked up and will be sure to use Kinsman again in the future!
- Diane Kanetsky, PA
Mrs 6/25/2020
Awesome product!!!!!
- Debbie Nadh, LA
Beats heat in Texas 8/22/2018
Bought this through local bird store. With the high heat here in Texas feeders have to be cleaned sometimes daily but with this product was able to go days without cleaning. Probably could go longer but just getting used to it and very diligent about keeping feeders clean and healthy for birds. Highly recommend!
- Julie, TX
Wonderful product 6/29/2018
The hummingbirds thank you for offering this stuff- keeps the feeders fresh in the hot weather
- Lisa, IA
Wait until next year! 9/6/2017
This arrived, somewhat belatedly, just in time for the outward migration of the hummingbirds. Will give it a go next year, so stay tuned! Meantime, I will give it 3 stars.