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Medium 20 Inch Living Wreath Form & Jute Liner Set

Medium 20 Inch Living Wreath Form & Jute Liner Set
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Detailed Description

Clip-together design makes it easy and quick to create living wreaths to decorate doors, walls, fences and table tops. Use succulents, ivies, small annuals and herbs to make strikingly unusual floral decorations.

The simple design of these Living Wreath Rings will allow you to plant wreaths for every season. Jute liner is now included.

Other Liner Choices:

Liner material needs to be soft enough for you to make a hole and plant-but thick enough to hold the potting mix in place.

Coco-Fiber Moss-Economical 1 lb bag of Coco-Fiber Moss is enough to line either Small or Medium wreaths. The 1 lb bag can be "stretched" to line a Large wreath.

The replacement jute liner is item MLWL.

Living Wreath Planting Instructions

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Covid therapy 4/16/2020
Loved how easy it was to make a wreath.
- Kristy, WA
Living wreath forms 2/23/2019
Awesome product and very sturdy.
- Barb C., OH
Living Wreath 3/11/2018
Just awesome! Plan on giving them for gifts for my gardening buddies!
- Sharon, PA
Living Wreath 7/31/2017
Seems fairly straightforward but there was some confusion on which side should be top. Am hoping for the best once the plants are rooted in.
- Butch, GA
well done 6/1/2017
Wreath frame was more than I expected. Very nice and and solid construction
- Ruth, PA
Living Wreath 4/13/2017
I made the living wreath with pansies. It is absolutely beautiful. After the pansies are gone, I will make another living wreath out of succulents.
- Kate Kudak, AL
wreath 5/18/2016
The wreath material was harder to work with. Next time I'll use sphagnum moss.
- Debbie Johnson, CA
Living Wreath 10/14/2015
Made of quality metal and nicely coated.
- Amy Tavares, CA
Adds Spring Blooms to Garden 4/25/2014
I wasn't sure how this would work, but so far it's been good. I planted pansies in mine and since I didn't have a secure place to display it, I used a wreath stand in my front garden. Make sure you keep a close eye on it, especially if the temperature warms up quickly or it's windy, as the flowers can dry out fast. I've already picked out what I want to plant in my wreath this Summer! The website instructions are very helpful!
- D. House, PA
GREAT 4/16/2012
I have ordered several of these wreath form and they are wonderful! They are so easy to use. The top clips on to hold your flowers in and they work wonderful on fences. Just remember the bigger you go the heavier they are .
- Deborah Brown, WV