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Maple Leaf Window Alert (4/pack)

Maple Leaf Window Alert (4/pack)
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Made in USA

Help prevent birds from flying into windows, doors and greenhouses which can cause injury or death. Translucent decals reflect ultraviolet light so they appear like frosted glass to humans but show clearly to birds. Reusable self-adhering decals remove easily. Each pack contains four decals approximately 4" across. Maple leaf design.

  • WindowAlert decals may be used only on an EXTERIOR glass surface -- free of any overlay, tinting, film, or coating.
  • Clean glass thoroughly. Make sure glass is free of chemicals and cleaners before applying decals.
  • Decals are best applied when glass is warm (greater than 50 degrees Fahrenheit). If applied during winter months, clean glass with warm water prior to application.
  • Peel decal from paper backing. The same side that was against the paper goes the against the glass.
  • Place decals on the outside of the window. Concentrate decals at center then work out, placing decals at a minimum, on every 2 feet of glass. For maximum protection, scientific studies suggest placing decals 2 inches horizontal, by 4 inches vertical, from one another.
  • UV coating will fade based on exposure and local elevation. For best results, replace decals every 4 months or test with the WindowAlert UV Flashlight.
  • Position out of reach of infants and small children.
  • Restore static cling by rinsing in lukewarm water.

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    Not for Tinted Windows 5/9/2020
    We loved this idea as we have birds hitting our new picture window. Unfortunately, the description on line does not tell you that you cannot use these on tinted windows. When we received them it says in the instructions that these cannot be used on tinted windows. So, now we have to pay for shipping to return them as we purchased 6 packages. Hopefully, the website will be updated with full information about the kinds of windows these can be safely used on.
    - Linda Stewart, PA
    Maple Leaf window alert for birds 4/21/2019
    I have a door on the back that is floor to ceiling glass and was a real problem for birds visiting my feeders if they became alarmed as they would crash it on the glass. I was having 3-4 strikes a day and I considered removing the feeders altogether because I love the birds. Since I installed the maple leaf window alerts I have not had a single strike! I love them and will replace them every year as they do a great job without obstructing my garden view! It's a great product and super easy to install.
    - Mickey, TX
    Protect your birds with these! 3/16/2019
    My home has many windows and this product has made a huge difference in reducing bird strikes--particularly the aggressive strikes that occur during spring mating season. Easy to apply. I've used these for years with great success.
    - Lauren, IA
    Help the birds 12/25/2018
    Have not put up yet but have used before and they definitely help the birds see the window is there
    - Carol, OH
    Great Product 6/20/2017
    These really work! No more bird strikes from robins or mourning doves.
    - Maggie, UT
    These really work 4/24/2017
    We have a lot of trees that are reflected in the about 40 windows we put in our home and these really work, my husband saw a bird coming towards one of the up stairs windows and it saw the decal and flew the other way. We lost a lot of birds last year and don't want to repeat that!
    - mary bowers, SD
    seem to work 12/12/2016
    ever since applying these to windows birds haven't been crashing into our windows
    - Margery, NC
    birds & windows 11/22/2015
    Have these decals on my windows. Hanging bird feeders attract many birds. Wild type flying due to some kind of excitement sends them towards the windows also. These decals alert the birds before they crash fully into the window. If anything the alert stops a full crash and the bird will just get stunned briefly. Also important to have enough alerts on the windows.
    - Carol Coddington, NY
    Window Alert Decals 3/17/2014
    I've been looking for something to help prevent birds from crashing into our picture window. So glad to have found them.
    - Tina Moroni, CT