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Maine Weather Stick

Maine Weather Stick
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Made in USA

This natural barometer has been predicting the highs and lows of New England's weather for years. Mounted outside a window, the sprig will point up indicating fair weather and when foul weather approaches, it points down. Since it is actually cut from Maine's abundant Balsam fir trees, the sizes will vary, but generally the sprig is about a foot long and the base is around 2-1/4" tall x 3/8" wide with a pre-drilled hole for nailing.

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Cool Little Stick 3/31/2022
We love this weather stick, works great and we know when it is going to rain. Very comical but really does work.
- Wanita Mascho, TX
Very fun and the hummingbirds sit on it 11/14/2021
I have always wanted a weather stick. We put it near the hummingbird feeder and just outside the kitchen window. Most of the time the stick is very accurate but once it was just being silly saying it was going to rain on a day that was 80 Degrees and clear skies. Our grandchildren have made a study of the stick and they especially like seeing the hummingbirds land to it. We love it.
- Jo Connor, CA
Weather stick 12/7/2020
Works well as usual, but holes were not predrilled. Cracked the wood , reglued an drilled small pilot hole hole meanwhile the stick broke and it's shorter an still works. The wood looked predrilled but are not.
- Phil Barcomb, NY
Interesting 11/25/2020
I've wanted one of these amazing sticks for so long and finally got one. Thanks Kinsman for making it available.
- Armandine Taylor, NJ
Stick of Wonders. 11/6/2020
Just enjoy watching the weather stick do its thing. It is really amazing. Mother nature at work.
- Brian A., SC
Weather sticks 4/29/2020
I have had these sticks for years. They some times are broken by a flying branch or a careless window cleaner. I usually buy more when one breaks,for my self and for my kids.
- Tom McKenna, DE
Tell Tale Twig 4/18/2020
My husband and I received such a twig as a gift many years ago. We delighted in seeing the twig predict the weather sometimes better than the weatherman. So I purchased some to give as gifts to my sons. I know they will appreciate them as much as I do.
- Bluejean, AR
We love our weather stick! 4/6/2020
We live in North Carolina in the Blue Ridge mountains. The weather is very unpredictable from town to town. It can rain at our house and not rain 3 miles down the road. We mounted our weather stick outside our kitchen window, now we know much more accurately what is going with the weather. I would text my mom pictures of what our stick was predicting and she became fascinated. We ordered her one for a early Mother's Day gift and she loves it. She mounted it outside her kitchen window and checks it throughout the day. We also ordered a couple for Fathers Day. My mother has ordered 4 as her neighbors are farmers and were fascinated with it. It's the best and most useful, fun purchase we have made in years!
- Renee Forrest, NC
It Works Great 3/15/2020
I love our Maine Weather Stick. I have noticed when I wake- up with my joints aching. I can check the stick and it will agree that rain or bad weather is coming. You can never rely on weather reports in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But you can rely on the weather stick!
- Renee Forrest, NC
Love these weather sticks! 12/18/2019
These sticks really work! I've had one for years and decided to give some to my friends for Christmas. Thanks Kinsman for introducing me to the weather sticks!
- Ellen Ross, IA
Shipping and handling 9/25/2019
Shipping is very high and always makes me rethink whether I want the product badly enough . Thank you. Alice Tol
- Alice Tol, NJ
Maine Weather Stick 8/13/2019
This is our second Maine Weather Stick the first on we have for 7 years and it is still working but starting to look sad, so we purchased a new on just in case we need it this winter. It is a joy to watch everyday. Our grandson always checks it when he comes. Thank you for a great object.
- Frank Carotto, PA
Amazing 9/3/2018
This weather stick is amazing. I don't know how it works, but it does. My Grandkids run to check it when they arrive-to see what the weather will be. Thanks for carrying such an interesting product.
- Nancy Vejlstrup, PA
Wood Wins Everytime 6/9/2018
I purchased the Maine weather stick on a whim. Turns out, it is MORE accurate than my local weather forecast or my Weather app. Although it can only predict weather for a 24 hour period, I find it helpful to know for the day as I am outside a lot. It has reliably predicted overcast but no rain for a while now (stick is straight at a 180 degrees ) when everyone and their brother swore rain. I'm a believer!
- Lisa Borodovsky, PA
Super Stick 4/12/2018
First saw these in Maine a bizzlion years ago. Needed a new one.
- Ted, DE
weather sticks 5/17/2017
I have had a weather stick outside my kitchen window for many years and have found it to be more reliable that weather forecasters. Therefore, I bought 4 as gifts for my special friends.
- Harriet Russo, WI
weather stick 7/23/2016
works as good as ever
- Susan, RI
Accurate 7/14/2016
What a novel item! Works exactly as described!
- Carmen S., NY
Balsam Weather Branch/Stick 6/7/2016
I love my Balsam Branch/Stick. Other then it being something I can peek at to check what Mother Nature may be sending our way, it's a great conversation piece. I love to be able to educate others on the history of how people used Mother Nature to predict and live their lives before technology evolved.
- Angie Gromlich, VA
Fun to watch the weather forecast 6/1/2016
This magic stick is a fun way to see what's in store for us weatherwise. If the weather will be good, it goes up. If we are in for bad weather, it goes down.
- Pat Sieloff, IN
Jokes on me! 4/9/2016
I purchased the Maine Weather Stick as a joke for a friend and bought one for myself. I'll be darned it really works! It's actually fun to watch!
- Claudia Boone, OH
Weather stick 8/25/2015
Purchased a replacement weather stick from you to replace one damaged by a friend at our cabin. It works better than any weatherman!
- Jim Metcalfe, PA
Weather wand 6/7/2015
Haven't had a chance to see it in the rain yet as CA is in the middle of a drought.
- Kenice Cozens, CA
- C A, IL
It works in Alaska! 9/10/2014
I've always wanted one of these weather sticks. It's great to know they work well in Alaska too!
- Susan Olson, AK
Weather Stick 4/6/2014
I bought 4 of these and plan to give 2 away as gifts. Hung mine up and am thrilled how well it responds to fair and foul weather. I like this very much
- Kristin Markel, KS
Weather stick 3/30/2014
It definetly works... will recommend this to my friends/family!
- Skipper, WI
Maine weather sticks 5/14/2012
Love these. They really work! Never fail. Ordering more for gifts.
- Granny Di, KY
Very Cool 4/28/2012
I bought one of these some time ago and finally installed it on the side of a tree in my backyard. It is indeed very responsive to the weather, and a charming addition to my yard.
- Peach, VA
I have had weather sticks before. This one is the best, very thin and responsive!
- Elizabeth Star, WA