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Magical Mushrooms - 3 Sizes

Magical Mushrooms - 3 Sizes
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MMSBR - Small Brown Mushroom with Stem $14.50
MMSBL - Small Blue Mushroom with Stem $14.50
MMSGN - Small Green Mushroom with Stem $14.50
MMMBR - Medium Brown Mushroom with Stem $18.50
MMMBL - Medium Blue Mushroom with Stem $18.50
MMMGN - Medium Green Mushroom with Stem $18.50
MMLBR - Large Brown Mushroom with Stem $21.50
MMLBL - Large Blue Mushroom with Stem $21.50
MMLGN - Large Green Mushroom with Stem $21.50

Detailed Description

Enchanting fairy-like forms add charm to shady spots under trees and in ground covers.

Colorful glazed porcelain caps are separate from stems, so they can sway in the breeze. Add a hint of magic to natural settings of woodland plants, shrubbery, rock gardens and water features. Plant them in container pots too! Handmade and hand-decorated.

Sold Individually

Available in: Colors-Brown, Blue and Green

Small - 11-1/2" stem, cap 3-1/4" high x 3" across

Medium - 13-3/4" stem, cap 4" high x 3-1/2" across

Large - 16" stem, cap 5-1/4" high x 4-1/2" across

Delightful in mixed groups of three different sizes.

NOTE: Colors may vary slightly from those shown. Measurements are approximate.

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Enchanting 11/9/2020
Years ago I purchased several of the ceramic mushrooms for my garden in all different colors and sizes. They are enchanting. I purchased a few for friends and neighbors as they admired them too. I need a few replacement stalks and wonder if they're sold separately? I just love them.
- Kristine Kelley, NY
Adorable 7/22/2020
Great addition to my shade garden absolutely adorable
- Sarah Holzem, NC
Magical!! 5/18/2020
Love, love these ceramic garden accents. I loved the first trio so much that I ordered twice more. Great secret surprise under my ancient live oaks!!
- Kay, SC
Tinkling Mushrooms add whimsey to the garden 6/20/2016
My neighbor just loves my mushrooms so I ordered some for her. She was so excited. I get comments constantly on how nice they look.
- Brenda Smith, NY
Beautiful 6/15/2016
I have had others for years and these are a great addition. I get many compliments on the mushrooms. Love them!!!
- cheryl uzdarwin, CT
Magical Mushrooms 6/6/2015
These are beautiful garden decorations- very nice finishes and they really complement the greenery surrounding them. Would highly recommend these. Very happy
- Catherine Scott, NY