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Loose Coco-Fiber Bag 1 lb.

Loose Coco-Fiber Bag 1 lb.
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Detailed Description

For lining Hanging Baskets, Planters and Containers Each 1 lb. bag is enough to line 2 x 14" baskets. Easy to use. Fluff it and form it inside your planter, then add soil. Drains easily, allows roots to breathe. Attractive color and appearance. Useful for patching other worn coco-liners. 100% natural coir coco-nut fiber.

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Coco Fiber 5/5/2020
I like to put this in the bottom of my pots before planting Flowers. It keeps the soil from going out of pot.
- Karen Groff, PA
Basket liner 6/17/2016
Good product.Exactly what i needed.Delivery slow.Shipping cost excessive
- Diane, WA
natural beauty 5/4/2016
I actually bought this to use with my living wreath liner just because I like the looks of it stuffed in there at various places. It isn't needed though. I also used it to re pad my cone planter. It is useful for many projects and when it gets a little nasty looking, the birds use it for their nests. Never gets wasted.
- Karen Westfall, IN
Delivery Timeline 4/14/2015
Very satisfied with products I ordered but time line from order to delivery seemed too long. Glad I ordered early.
- Ann DeFeo, KS