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Long Handled Korean Hand Plow

Long Handled Korean Hand Plow
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Detailed Description

It is a joy to work standing up with this new version. Hoeing, weeding, ridging and hilling can all be done with a straight back, while this tool has all the unique advantages of the short handled original. It has the same heat treated, carbon steel blade that takes a great edge for slicing weeds-and the same versatility to tackle a host of jobs in the garden.

Please note that the head and the handle ship separately.
How to assemble a Long Handled Korean Handplow

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Long handled plow 4/18/2019
Used the short handled for 20 years, at my knees request, moving on to all long handled garden tools.Absolutely love this tool! Wouln't be with out one!
- gloria gene, NY
okay 12/19/2016
I only had time to test this out on a handful of weeds. It lifts up small weeds with shallow roots, well. But for deeper tap roots, it exposes the roots well, but doesn't cut through the root like the blade of a western hoe:(. I usually use the point of a western hoe, so I thought this Korean hoe would be better, but I'm not sure now. I don't plan on doing major hoeing for a couple months, so won't know for sure until then.
- Weeder, OR
Gardener 3/23/2016
Used the Korean Hoe for the first time last night. It is light weight and easy to use.
- Luann Hayfield, OH
Weeding Tool 3/16/2016
Item was well protected in shipping. Would suggest drilling machine hole in handle and using a screw. Nailing into the wood handle was very difficult and the nail wanted to bend. I predrilled a hole and used a wood screw to attached weed head. I would have rated it higher it this was done.
- David R, MO
Korean hand plow 10/12/2015
The point of this tool digs under the root and makes it easy to weed-wish I had this tool years ago.
- Marj, PA
Back saver 7/24/2015
The long handled Korean plow is just the ticket for keeping my borders weeded. It sure saves my back as I can use it without needing to bend so much. A great help as a senior gardner. It is sturdy and well made.
- Jane L, OH
I waited weeks for the arrival of my long handled Korean plow. The plow finally arrived, and much to my dismay, it was twisted at an angle that made it totally ineffective. I wanted to use it to weed and cultivate my garden. It could not cut butter, much less weeds. It did not look this way in the picture. I made a mistake with this purchase!
I give the design and function of the blade a rating of 5. However, the handle I give a 1. It is very poorly finished. It is rough and potentially prone to splinters. I will need to sand it before I will feel safe using it.
- Jean Stiegler, VA