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Living Wreath Liner Medium

Living Wreath Liner Medium
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We've developed liners for our Living Wreaths, made from a soft, strong material that holds the potting mix securely, yet can be cut easily with scissors or a small knife. This allows easy planting of small or larger plants. Material contains green Jute fibers. Liner consists of two pieces-the base and the lid.

Replacement liner for our 20" wreath form, item GLWM

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Living wreath liner 2/19/2020
Reordered my living wreath liners for my wire wreaths. I really like this liner! It holds the potting soil great, and birds don't try to use it to make their nest like they do with the Spanish moss. It does take a little more effort to cut to plant your flowers, but well worth it.
- Barb Cummins, OH
Ms 4/24/2018
I bought the replacement mat for the living wreath form because it was the ONLY one I could find. I would much prefer the coco-type. This was VERY hard to puncture to place plants.
- Lynda Touart, AL
a reorder for me. These liners are awesome! 5/4/2017
This is a reorder for me....the 3rd or 4th year now, making the living wreaths. These liners are great! I just add the Oregon moss on top and around the plants to add design....used on my patio table with the umbrella in the center.
- Julie LaVigne, MI
wreath liner 6/11/2016
I found this wreath liner much more difficult to cut in order to insert the plants. If there is some direction that would have made this easier, it would have been nice to have that included with the liner. I don't recall having the liner, that came when I originally purchased the living wreath frame, being anywhere near as difficult to cut for plant placement. Other than that, I am happy with the liner, Because of that, I am only giving 3 watering cans
- Jill Miglin, NY
Same good quality wreath liner! 5/13/2016
While it's been too dang cold to actually put plants in my living wreath with the wreath liner I ordered, I know it's the same liner as I have used in past years, and can't wait to get going...as soon as warmer temps get here in N. Michigan!!! YIKES! It's cold!!!
- Julie A, MI
wreath liners 5/11/2015
I am not happy with product. Very hard to work with.
- Barbara Ratzlaff, MO
Liners 5/22/2014
I love how the liners fit the frames perfectly. They make it easy to fill and plant.
- Marty Caldwell, IL