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Linking Stakes

Linking Stakes
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LS667-3 - 12 Inch Linking Stakes (12/pack) $12.15
LS672-3 - 18 Inch Linking Stakes (12/pack) $21.95
LS687-3 - 20 Inch Linking Stakes (12/pack) $29.50
LS690-3 - 30 Inch Linking Stakes (12/pack) $40.00
LS693-3 - 40 Inch Linking Stakes (12/pack) $49.50

Detailed Description

How Linking Stakes Work

Each stake has a loop on top of its stem and a hook at the end of its arm, which links into the loop of the next stake. Thus they can be arranged into rings or lines to support every kind of plant in groupings large or small. They are almost invisible in use because of the powder coated dark green color. They can be re-used year after year for decades. Because they can be installed easily at any stage of your plants' growth, they can even rescue specimens which have flopped because of wind or rain. SOLD IN PACKS OF 12

*Support any size plants at any stage of growth

*Unobtrusive green color

*5 different heights

*Re-usable for many years

*Adapt to any size clump

*Safe-all points face down

  12"     -      7"
  18"    -     7"
  20"     -     15"
  30"     -     15"
  40"     -     15"

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Time saver 8/28/2022
Easy to set up and take down. Can create support in configurations to suit the site. Love them.
- Dee, NJ
The best linking stakes available 4/3/2022
I have used these for years and I would buy no others. They are sturdier and do the job very well.
- Paul Huck, PA
nice stakes 3/14/2022
This is the very first time buying these plant support. They look good and easy to set up.
High Quality 2/18/2022
I'm impressed with the quality and more importantly, the size of these stakes. I did a lot of searching and could not find anything close to the height of these, which is precisely what I need.
- Steve Raphel, MA
Linking Stakes 10/3/2020
These are the best stakes I've ever come across - sturdy and attractive!
- Robin Marusin, VA
Stakes arrived just in time 8/16/2020
The stakes in two different sizes arrived just before the change in the weather from extreme drought to extremely hard rain and high winds. Fortunately, I had time to install the stakes where needed, and they did their job admirably. It has been some time since my last order, and I was pleased to receive the same prompt service and dependable products as I had appreciated in the past.
- Elizabeth Sellers, VA
The Best Plant Support Stakes! 8/2/2020
Years ago someone passed on some of these stakes to me. I could never find more anywhere, until one day I was in a local garden store and asked. The staff person looked them up in a supply catalog and found the Kinsman company. This order of these stakes is my second order. These are absolutely the best plant stakes ever. Instead of trying to wrestle a plant into one of those circle things or putting in one of those grow through circles (my plants always manage to grow outside them), you just insert one stake of these interlocking ones, and then keep doing this as you go around the plant. I have lots of gardens so I am always doing this staking after the plant has started flopping, so it is not so hard to hold up one section of plant while you push in each of these stakes rather than trying to hold up all the plants stalks to get them into a circle thing. These are the best. Plus they are very sturdy! They come in several heights which is also very helpful.
- Susan Beecher, MI
Strong support 7/24/2020
Solid construction which will last for years. An investment for my garden!
- Claudine Retif, NY
The best! 8/27/2019
I've purchased these linking stakes from another garden company and have been pleased with their performance. BUT, these blew them out of the water. These stakes are a much thicker upright that won't bend when I insert them into my clay soil. Also the arm is much longer than my other set so it covers more ground.
- Margaret Hartnett, NY
So useful 7/19/2019
After a wet spring, the plants, especially the everblooming shrub roses, were huge and all branches touched the ground. Trimming them back and staking them up was essential. These stakes are easy to set up, easy to remove and easy to store. Remember part of the length will go into the ground, so get the right height.
- Carole Ferguson, MA
Great Product! 4/26/2019
I purchased the linking stakes to support my Michelmas Daisies. They are sturdy and easy to set up. It's too early in the season to know if they will support my flopping daisies, but they look like they will!
- Vera Volodin, VA
Love these stakes 4/19/2019
I have the 12 inch and 18 inch. So convenient. I need more!!!
- Carole Boyer, MO
Linking stakes 4/11/2019
The best solution we've found for supporting peonies. Stronger than other products, very easy to assemble, and flexible with respect to size as plants get larger.
- Scott crawford, VA
garden stakes 4/9/2019
Love these garden stakes! Nice and sturdy and best part, can adjust to fit your needs.
- sandra shedd, TX
Linking stakes 10/6/2018
I have purchased many different plant supports from Kinsman and other companies. But I needed some straight stakes to keep my Lucifer Crocosmia off the flowers in front of them. These are perfect for that application. I am very pleased with these stakes.I have recommended these to a friend of mine. And will do so in the future.
- Maureen, MI
Linking stacks 10/5/2018
I got these to hold my Lucifer Crocosmia up as they were laying over on the flowers in front of them. I have many Kinsman border supports in two sizes, but I needed something that is straight. These are perfect for the job at hand. Very pleased.
- Maureen, MI
Linking Stakes 8/11/2018
This a 2nd order and I will be ordering more. It is the easiest & simplest way to stake our perinnials that tend to fall over. They are simpler than having to stake & tie. Our ground tends to be hard & bamboo stakes tend to break or do not go into the ground far enough, but the linking stake push right through. I will be ordering more for next year's season
- DB, WA
Our search is over... 7/13/2018
we have tried many plant supports over the years and these are the absolute best. They do their job and you don't even know they're there. They blend in beautifully with the foliage.
- Chris, NY
Great look 6/8/2018
The stakes blend in well with the plants. I wish that they were taller.
- Mary, NC
Linking Stakes 4/23/2018
These stakes do exactly what they are intended to do, and they do it well. What more could you ask?
- Lynn Pritchard, VA
linking stakes 3/13/2018
finally the right height. very well made, I will be buying more.
- blase scatola, NY
Linking Stakes 8/25/2017
Wonderful!! I love these and have bought more as they are really useful for not only flowers but my tall grasses too.
- Jackie Weber, NY
Linking Stakes 8/25/2017
These stakes are really useful, made well and this is my third time I have ordered them. I use them for flowers, grasses and really like the fact that I can position them just about any way and they work to contain my plants.
- Jackie Weber, NY
Linking Garden Stakes 7/28/2017
I love these stakes. They give me the flexibility to organize them my garden in what ever way I need to.
- Karen Schweitzer, MA
Great Stakes! 7/21/2017
When looking for a new set of stakes, I looked no further than Kinsman, as I have been using a set of their stakes for about 15 years. They really do last such a long time, and they're so flexible, in that you can link them ad infinitum. Love!
- Karin Koval, NC
The Best 7/12/2017
I have bought several of these linking stakes over the years and they are simply the very best for keeping a variety of plants upright and looking their best. I own a variety of sizes and use every single one. They are tops!
- Pamela, OR
Excellent Product 6/28/2017
My plants expanded, and I had to order more of these this year. These are simply the best - sturdy, easy to link, unobtrusive. Highly recommend them.
- Judy Thompson, MD
Love to garden 6/22/2017
We have a border of tall flowers edging a stone patio. This works well in keeping the flowers upright and is virtually invisible. I also use it to encircle my peonies. Much sturdier than the stakes found in big box stores.
- Kathy, PA
Yes 6/18/2017
Totally like them
- Barbara Kupski, IL
Mrs 6/8/2017
They work real well
- Barbara Kupski, IL
Garden Stakes 4/21/2017
The stakes are very sturdy but the web site picture shows the hook is bent to connect with the next stake and in fact the hook is straight. I was disappointed about that otherwise I like them.
- Ron, CA
Linking Stakes 4/19/2017
These stakes are great! Very handy for use with taller plants. The one thing that I like is that they can be positioned in any direction and they stay put. They also are very sturdy and will last a long time. This is my third order...I really like them.
- Jackie Weber, NY
Plant Stakes 4/17/2017
Heavy duty, which is a blessing for the heavy clay soil in Northern Va. Goes into even the harden areas.
- Gene George, VA
Mr 2/17/2017
Received later than I thought I might. The purchase was for stkes to hold our peony plants up without their usual sagging. They have not been put around the plants yet as they are now dormant.
- Larry Strohl, CO
Dave 12/4/2016
Great service and product!
- Dave, WA
My Favorite Helpers 6/13/2016
These linking stakes of all sizes are a wonderful help for the avid gardener. I have been able to support dahlias 5 feet tall, large hostas, and huge catmints beautifully. The smaller stakes enable daisies and petunias to stand up and be noticed! These stakes are far superior to what you usually find at big garden centers. They are well made and very strong. You want a perky garden? Try these. You will not go wrong.
- rosenov1ce, IN
Perfect solution! 5/23/2016
Spending retirement Summer's at the farm homestead in rural WI. My late mother in law had ancient peony bushes that I just adore but the 40 tall stalks with 6-7 flowers droop when blooming and hubby complains about trying to mow around them. When I saw the 40 height I knew the problem was solved!
- Linda Mattison, WI
Wonderful product 4/26/2016
This is the 2nd order I have placed for these stakes. They are wonderful, solid, well made and very capable of holding up large plants.
- Ellen Olander, GA
linking stakes 4/2/2016
I like to use these on the peonies that are so huge that they fall over when blooming and with the linking stakes, I can hold them up
- linda gregory, TN
Linking Stakes 7/1/2015
I have never used this type of stake before and I am really impressed. Very easy to use, very sturdy.
- Jackie Weber, NY
great 8/28/2014
I used these in a line along the edge of the walkway to hold up coreopsis and echinacea which had lain down to rest on the walkway. Now they are forced to stand up and my walkway is a foot and a half wider as a result.
- jane castner, NJ
Nice! 7/25/2014
These stakes are much thicker and have more weight to them than others I have bought. Highly recommend.
- Marji, DE
Versatile - Excellent! 7/19/2014
I have used many different types of plants stands over the years, these are the best! Very well made, and the versatility of being able to use as many as needed to securely surround a plant is just terrific. Finally my rivers oats are standing upright! I highly recommend, I have the 20 and 30 and will definitely be buying more.
- Francie, FL
Perfect for Ornamental Grasses 5/5/2014
This is my second order of these. I love them for the fact that they are indiscriminate and they keep my ornamental grasses from falling onto the lawn and other plantings within my landscape beds.
- Amy, OH
My second order for these stakes. I have used them to hold back the flowers that spill over a walkway and in the garden to keep other flowers from incroachingon other. Love them
- J.O, NC