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Large Down Under Pot Stand

Large Down Under Pot Stand
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Expected on : 11/29/2023

Detailed Description

The large size stand can be used on a patio or terrace for large and medium Down Under Pots.

Large Down Under Pot Stand
35" tall x 13" diameter at base

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Well Made and Purposeful 4/12/2020
I have had the hanging pot for many years with nowhere to hang it. Now it looks beautiful in my living room. It is strong and stable.
- Lanett Jauss, MO
Can be 12/23/2019
I bought my first large Down Under pot stand many years ago and I had it one year before it tipped itself over and my pot was shattered. I was heartbroken. Then, in 2015/16, my neighbor bought me one as a housewarming gift...Needless to say I was simply ecstatic! This stand is still standing. Though my clumsy new big pup did accidentally chip my pot a tiny bit (before I relocated stand to non-canine area), I replant it every year with fun, bright plants. I find that the stand is not sturdy enough to exist on my front porch, with heavy traffic/ packages being delivered and all...but I found a clever way to bury the base in 6 inches of earth & place flat stones at the base. When there are hurricanes, of course I bring the pot inside! But this set up has prevented a second catastrophe from occurring, despite the 3 dogs, feral cats, kids, etc, etc. Love the Down Under stand & pot...so unusual & fun!
- BackyardFanatic, NC
Unstable 11/15/2019
Somehow this plant stand fell over, breaking my down under pot. My husband had walked past it, but says he didn't touch it or brush up against it. It makes me wonder if the stand itself wasn't strong enough to hold the weight of the pot (a large down under). I'm going to replace my pot next year when there are more available, and pray that the stand will hold up and not fall over again.
- Linda D, GA
LOVE IT 5/19/2019
Two Years ago I ordered the large Down Under Pot, and have used it successfully, but then this year I decided to order the large Down Under Plant STAND. I have not yet been able to use it, as I am allowing the two to three weeks for my plants to adjust. BUT I KNOW it will be beautiful standing on my front patio!!
- Connie Hutton, WY
Down Under 5/1/2018
Just bought the stand for down under pots. Love the portability of this stand. Shephard's hooks just don't work that well in our sandy soil.
- Rita, FL
My down under pots and stands 3/29/2018
I found my first down under pot on a junk pile in Corpus Christi, TX. They obviously did not know how great it could be. Thanks to Kinsman, I did! Have since bought a second one for my back yard and can't wait to plant it. I get such gratifying comments from friends.
- A. J., MO
Down under pot and stand 6/19/2017
High quality product and stand fits perfectly
- Cindy Bosley, MA
Upside down pots and stands 4/24/2017
I really love my two pots and am so happy I got the stands as well. Great quality and appearance and a great addition to our garden.
- Carol, GA
Must Purchase 1/22/2016
This stand is a must especially if you want a house plant in the Upside down planter
- Bonnie Price, WA
Simondog 2/20/2015
Just received my first stand. Very substantial and the pot without any plants yet looks regal and I will enjoy the option of moving it around the deck/yard. Have had many upside-down pots and this will enhance the fun.
- Anne wade, GA
Gail 12/10/2014
I purchased two of these holders to display coir lined pots and they are wonderful. Graceful yet strong with enough space to display large baskets.
- Gail Jordan, TX
What to do with a Down Under potted plant for the winter 10/1/2014
I got the Down Under Plant Stand because I couldn't be without the beautiful begonia I planted in it. The stand is very sturdy and looks good. It does not detract from the showcased Down Under pot. I like the round base as that means the plant won't tip it over!
- Rebecca Monnin, OH
I am very excited about the stand and green, medium-sized pot I ordered. Both appear to be well-made and are very attractive. I want to plant a begonia so I will have to wait until warmer weather to advance to the stage where I am displaying the stand with a plant.
- Linda Baumann, CA