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Kew Gardens Soaps

Kew Gardens Soaps
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Special Pricing
 Buy 3  for $7.35 each
CMSBG - Bergamot & Ginger Soap $8.15
CMSBJ - Bluebell & Jasmine Soap $8.15
CMSJP - Jasmine & Peach Soap $8.15
CMSLR - Lavender & Rosemary Soap $8.15
CMSLL - Lemongrass & Lime Soap $8.15
CMSMP - Magnolia & Pear Soap $8.15
CMSNL - Narcissus Lime Soap $8.15
CMSOR - Osmanthus Rose Soap $8.15
CMSSP - Sandalwood & Pink Pepper Soap $8.15

Detailed Description

We're sorry but are unable to accept returns on soaps. Due to health concerns, all sales are final on these items.

This exclusive range of soap bars is inspired by the fragrance and beauty of the plants at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew in London. The Soaps, manufactured in England, are all-natural, triple-milled and gorgeously packaged as Gifts. The natural perfume ingredients are obtained from the finest English perfumers.

These are Large 8.4.6oz bath size Bars available in nine different scents .....a remarkable value for soap of this luxurious fine quality.

The Kew Royal Botanical Gardens
These Soaps and Hand Creams are made under license from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Whenever you buy an RBG Kew product, all profits that RBG Kew receive go towards supporting their vital work.

How soap works.....

Soap is a very effective hand and body cleanser. However, not only does it cleanse it also sanitizes by destroying bacteria and viruses.
The purpose of washing is to remove the outer layer of oils and fats that harbor germs and rinse them away from the skin. This can only be done if we wash with something that can attach to fat molecules. Water alone cannot do this because it cannot attach itself to a fat molecule as oil and water do not mix.
However, if you take a fat oil and boil it up with an alkali a reaction happens. This is called saponification, which turns the mixture into soap.
What this reaction does is place a water loving tail onto the fatty acid molecule. This is called soap and this molecule can attach to a water molecule and a fat molecule at the same time.
Therefore, when you wash with soap and water the soap molecules grab on to the fat molecules and pulls them off the skin into the rinse water. When your rinse the skin the fat and germs are removed from the skin. Therefore, the main reason why soap cleanses and sanitizes is it literally washes everything off the skin.
Soap works effectively at combating a virus. This is because soap molecules attach to the fatty molecules within a virus and rip it apart.
Upon washing your hands always ensure that you dry them thoroughly so that no rinse water remains on the skin.

Click to print Kew Soap ingredients list.

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Perfumed my closet until I was ready to use 3/5/2023
I have tried two different scents of these soaps, Magnolia & Pear and Bergamot & GInger, and have been thrilled with both. They start out in my closet until needed, then cut in half to use in the bathroom. Lovely scents, not too strong, just right.
- Tena Floeter, OK
Nice Soap 10/14/2022
I have enjoyed this soap for quite a while. Very nice smell and quality soap. My daughter likes it too. Good customer service.
- C Jones, OH
Best Bar Soap Bar of All Time 8/13/2021
Kew Gardens bar soap is absolutely of the highest quality. Long lasting, a pleasant but not overwhelming scent and of course lovely packaging make this a wonderful gift (especially to yourself!).
- Pamela Withrow, OK
What a treat! 12/30/2020
I bought 3 Kew Gardens soaps and am truly pleased. The bars are large and the lather is luxurious; the scents are very strong which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I like how it scents the entire room. Well priced and fast shipping are also pluses for Kinsman Co.
- Lori Henry, CA
A wonderful Soap 12/14/2020
This is by far the best smelling soap I have ever purchased. The aroma fills the entire bathroom. I will definitely purchase more in the future for gifts.
- Beverly Diaz, MD
Fragrant Soap 9/20/2020
The soaps are beautifully wrapped and very fragrant. They hold in the moisture on your skin.
- Elizabeth Hook, NJ
Soaps 9/8/2020
I purchased 4 bars of garden scents soaps for the girls in my family as Xmas gifts. Smelling thru the packages the soaps are heavenly, my only regret is I didn't get any for myself, lol.
- Carolyn, VA
Perfect gift! 9/8/2020
I bought several of each soap and find the scents to be true & strong. Since the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, these will be perfect gifts for my gardening friends. Haven't yet decided which one to keep for myself to actually use, but right now they are making all my drawers & linens smell heavenly.
- Mary Morganti, CA
Order of Soap 9/6/2020
The packaging is gorgeous and the soap scents are wonderful. I will definitely give them as gifts!! I will definitely purchase again. Thank you for a beautiful product.
- Margaret Harrison, NC