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Jumbo Tube Orchard Bee Nest Kit

Jumbo Tube Orchard  Bee Nest Kit
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JUMBO MASON KIT: 92 nest tubes, 4" diameter x 6 1/2" long

Take the Sting Out of Bee Keeping with this 118 recyclable bee nest kit (bees not included).

Native Orchard Mason Bees are widespread throughout North America. They are superb early season pollinators of fruit trees, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries-and better than honeybees, because the Masons' active in colder temperatures and their hairy bodies carry more of the pollen that fertilizes your blossoms. Each female Orchard Bee makes her own nest in a series of tubes, sealed with mud. They are useful, small and docile-and they hardly ever sting unless severely provoked.

In nature, female mason bees lay their eggs in hollow plant stems, insect holes, dead trees, even under house shingles. Finding such places is hard work! By putting up our nest kits, you are providing an easy, ideal, "ready-made" home for the bees until they "hatch out" the following spring. They will repay your kindness by pollinating your early spring fruits and berries. And, they like company. Once the nest kits have been discovered, they'll tell all of their friends!

Late April 2010

Watch Female Mason Bees working at their Nest Tubes

You can attract them to your garden with our nesting kits that provide exactly the right size holes the Orchard Bees are seeking in early Spring, in which to lay their eggs. Place the nest kit in a sheltered, sunny spot facing East or South to catch the morning sun. Under the eaves of a shed or garage is an ideal location and be sure to avoid direct exposure to rain. The mud filled tubs can be ruined if they get soaked.

Extensive research by USDA has found that 6" long cardboard tubes about 5/16" in diameter are preferred by the bees over 4" holes drilled in wood blocks. The longer 6" tubes also insure a higher female ratio in the six or seven egg compartments-when compared to 4" long tubes.

Kinsman Mason Nest Houses have a weatherproof housing molded from all-green materials (Rice hulls and Bamboo). The housing is 6 1/2" deep, with a 4" diameter. The 6" cardboard nesting tubes are made from Kraft paper, clear wrapped for moisture resistance. Both the tubes and housing are made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials. Each Nest Kit comes with an informative leaflet about Orchard Mason Bees.

It's really easy to attach our Mason Bee Houses to a wooden building, - up under the eaves, where it's sheltered and dry.

Buy a roll of Plastic Hanger Tape from the Plumbing Supplies department of a hardware store or home center. It's used to support PVC drain pipes in basements and crawl spaces. It comes with pre-punched nail holes every half inch or so.

Wrap a length around the body of your Bee House until two sets of nail holes overlap. Cut the tape.

Hammer a flat headed nail through the overlapping holes and all the way into the wood until tape is firmly held. Then slide the Bee House about half way into the snug loop.

Always install Bee Houses where they will be protected from direct rain, which would damage the Masons' mud work. Up close under the eaves of a shed, garage or porch is a perfect location.

Our Mason Bee Nest Kits do not include the bees.

If you put the nest kits outside in the very early spring (when the fruit trees are in bloom) the bees will come!

This photo shows our colony of Mason Bees. We started out with one empty nest kit five years ago and now we have a colony of over 4000 bees!

Download our Mason Bee Nest Kits Brochure

Graham & Michele Kinsman

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Great! 4/4/2018
Even though I thought Mason bees and carpenter bees were the same and it isn't the right size for carpenter bees, I love it and am putting it up in hopes a family moves in.
- Cindy wilson, SC
Home for the bees. 5/9/2017
Well made, easy to mount (used plastic pipe strap), and I'm getting some activity.Would, and will, buy again.
- Edmondo Donato, PA
So far looks good! 3/21/2017
I just got it for this year garden polination, hung it and am waiting for the bees to come. Made my own enclosure. It seems like good quality and correct size.
- Jorge Rojas, TN
Great quality! 3/9/2016
The quality of the Mason Bee Nest Kit is very good. The cardboard tubes are smoothly finished and fit snugly inside the housing. We've put our nest kit underneath the eaves of our garden shed, and now we're just waiting for the residents to arrive!
- Tracy, NY
mason bee structure 9/14/2015
nice product
- Ray, MS
Bee Lover 5/5/2015
Item received as soon as it was back in stock.
- Shanna Meeker, NY
Very happy with my order! 5/17/2014
I ordered mason bee nest kits. I received my order in just a few days. I was very pleased with the kits. Within days of putting up the nest, mason bees were using it!
- Hedy, MD
mason bee house is super! 3/4/2012
The mason bees love this house. They are such sweet little creatures, don't sting, and love to pollinate my early bloomers. I just put the house under the eaves of my shed and these native bees moved in the first year.
- susan harrison, PA