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Into the Nest

Into the Nest
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Even experienced birders may never see the intimate lives of the species they observe. Popular birding literature focuses more on helping birders add to their life lists than on showing what makes each species unique: the sometimes endearing, sometimes peculiar, often astonishing details that make up their daily lives.

With Into the Nest, birding experts Laura Erickson and Marie Read present beautiful, close-up photographs and text that capture each dramatic and spectacular stage of the family lives of birds, from courtship through mating, nest construction, egg-laying, parenting on the nest, nestling, feeding time, and finally, the first triumphant flight of the fledgings.

With its careful documentation of life stages of common birds and its never-before-seen shots, Into the Nest offers a unique perspective on a popular American pastime. Now beginning birders and seasoned experts alike can experience the private lives of their favorite species--from the dramatic "sky dances" of courting Bald Eagles to the gentle berry exchanges between Cedar Waxwing parents, from Downy Woodpecker chicks developing inside their tree cavidy to a Warbler feeding a Cowbird chick twice her size.

From grand flight displays to the quiet pipping of an egg, this intimately photographed book offers a rare glimpse into the breeding and nesting cycles of birds, including the fascinating details of courtship, mating, and parenting that are so often hidden from view. With the support of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, authors Laura Erickson and Marie Read bring the diverse personal lives of raptors and hummingbirds, woodpeckers and wrens, into stunning focus.

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Eyes into a secret world 8/29/2020
Into the nest is both exciting and terrifying. It is exciting to watch the eggs hatch, the baby birds grow and fledge, and finally become adults who fly without being pushed. It is terrifying to see the new naked hatchlings. How did the photographer get so close? The book is also well written, offering insight to the behavior of the adult birds...for instance the family life of crows which may include the new adults staying to help with the next group of newly hatched.
- Susan Titus, MI
Just me 8/16/2017
This was a gift to a lady at work who is very into bird watching and volunteers at nature and bird centers. She was very impressed by the photos, the snips of information we never thought to ask and the general layout of the book. Very nice gift.
- Char Bottomley, OH
Interesting 4/12/2017
- Doris Cochran, WY
Getting to know your birds 1/10/2016
This was a gift to my bird loving brother-in-law who loved it. He's trying to entice cardinals into his yard.
- Sandra Morris, TX
Great Book! 5/27/2015
I volunteer for the Wildlife Refuge Center-Songbird Clinic, and this book is a great help in learning the interesting character of these birds. Thank you for offering it!
- Lauren Andrews, CA