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Hummingbird Feeder - 8 Oz

Hummingbird Feeder - 8 Oz
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Made in USA

This is the ideal size, if you just have a few hummingbirds, since it's a good idea to replace the sugar water every few days (especially in hot weather). 8 oz. capacity.
8 1/2" high overall including attached handle. Red Base has a 6 1/2" diameter and 8 feeding holes.

Please remember to clean your feeder and replace the nectar on a regular basis. This is particularly important during the hot weather months and when your feeder is in direct sun.

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The Best 3/17/2022
The Best hummingbird feeder (name of product) is truly the best! I've used it before and it is my favorite!--easy to fill and clean, I've had trouble finding it lately but am glad I finally found a source for it again!
- Lynn Fruend, MO
Hummingbirds coming!! 12/1/2020
This is just perfect for the small space I have, and most of the hummingbirds are going to my Neighbors, but I'll get to enjoy a small flock here!' Just love it, so WELL MADE.
- Stephanie Piazzese, CA
Hummingbird feeder 6/17/2020
This feeder is just the right size. I have ordered a cleaning brush from the company for the small ports.
- Lenore Wemstrom, CA
Small humming bird feeders 5/25/2020
Very easy to clean and they don't leak...love them!!
- diane martin, MA
Sturdy little feeder! 5/6/2020
I bought two of these feeders (along with the Super Suction Cup Hangers) and although the hangers didn't work at all, I can happily report that when one of the suction cups came loose and one of these feeders hit the stone patio below the window, it didn't break! I realize it was partly luck -- the feeder was on its side and the glass bottle didn't break but neither did the plastic feeder. Not a crack! Plus, these feeders are incredibly easy to disassemble and clean. I highly recommend them!
- Chris Baker, VA
8oz. hummingbird feeder 1/4/2020
tried different feeders these are the best dont leak easy to clean and hummingbirds seem to like these feeders the best
- tina, PA
Small (8 oz.) Hummingbird Feeder 4/30/2019
This really is the Best Hummingbird feeder. I have used this style feeder for years and always have hummingbirds flying in to feed. Highly recommend.
- Merry Thompson, LA
Small (8 oz.) Hummingbird Feeder 4/8/2019
The hummers are loving it. It truly is easy to clean and fill. I wish they were made a size larger but not as large as the biggest one available.
- Tina Parsons, UT
Humming bird feeders 12/17/2018
Simply the best
- Rob Lawlis, NM
Citizen 9/16/2018
It's the second feeder I purchased from you and it is by far the best feeder I have ever had. It does not leak and is bee and wasp proof.
- Louis N., IL
Excellent and simple hummer feeder 6/14/2018
Most hummer feeders are ugly, unessarily complicated. this one is simple to use and fill. The hummers love it and its was to clean
- Robert Knight, ME
Humminbird Feeders 5/20/2018
I ordered 2 of these because they are advertised to be non-leaking. All the other feeders I have leak. So far no leaking! They are also easy to take apart and clean.
- Cindy K, IL
Hummingbird feeder 4/13/2018
It doesn't leak
- Mary, OR
Perfect hummer feeder 3/15/2018
In our climate one must change the sugar solution often. We don't need a high capacity feeder. Prectical and sturdy.
- Diane Young, TX
The right size 5/17/2016
I only have 3 hummingbirds and this is the perfect size for them. I am not wasting the water/sugar syrup. I have 3 feeders placed so they can't been seen from each other because they hummers have a habit of dive bombing each other.
- Nancy Masters, CT
Great feeder 4/13/2016
This little feeder is made very well.It is also just the right size for my patio. I am waiting for the birds to show up!
- Beverly Fauth, PA
8 OZ. feeder 4/4/2016
I am so glad to have the smaller feeder. It is of better size for the few hummingbirds that come to visit.
- Mary E, NY
Aurora 7/31/2015
The hummingbirds are flocking to this feeder! They rest on the perch during feeding which is so nice to watch. The feeder itself is sturdy and my only problem is that the birds love it so much I have to refill almost every day! I may have to order an 8oz if it keeps up!
- Aurora Lupetti, OR
The best hummingbird feeder I have 7/3/2015
I've had this little feeder for several years. I love it much more than others I do own as the hummer so sit and eat rather than moving so this feeder has given me hours of enjoyment. Also noteworthy, while the red plastic has faded from the sun a little bit after 4 years, it still functions perfectly and is the easiest to clean. I like that the bottle is glass vs. plastic, as it is sparkly clean after each washing. I prefer the small size as I have several feeders and they need to be cleaned and refreshed after several days so why have a huge one that needs to be dumped out? Give this a try, it's the best. I fill it upside down, then screw on the feeder bottom and never have a problem. I carry it outside and when I get to my pole hanger, then I turn it right side up.
- Carol, VT
Must be me 3/30/2015
Bought this based on the reviews and small size but for some reason the hummers here ignore it. I have good luck with other feeders.
- Di, WA
Perfect 7/24/2014
This is the perfect size for our 3 hummingbirds. It is easy to clean and change sugar water and my hummers love the perch. Thank you.
- Debbie, NJ
Hummingbird Feeder 3/17/2014
The feeder seems to be well made (in the USA), not like some flimsy ones I've seen in stores. Can't wait to use it.
- Tina Moroni, CT
easy to clean! 4/8/2012
this is the easiest hummingbird feeder to keep clean! It also has a nice landing pad which the birds linger on longer.
- Kathleen, PA
Very pleased with this feeder.
- Richard Smith, GA