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Hummingbird Feeder-32 Oz

Hummingbird Feeder-32 Oz
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Made in USA

Please note there has been a change in the bottle design. Instead of being a plain clear bottle, it will now be clear with red graphics.

It's different! Hungry hummingbirds perch to drink the nectar. The 6 1/2" diameter red base has eight holes, to feed a crowd. Heavy glass bottle is stable in the wind. Does not drip like plastic feeders. Base comes apart for ease of cleaning. 32 oz. capacity.11" high overall including attached handle.

Glass bottle does have red decal as shown in picture.

Please remember to clean your feeder and replace the nectar on a regular basis. This is particularly important during the hot weather months and when your feeder is in direct sun.

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Best 1 hummingbird feeder 3/24/2022
The product was what I wanted and seems to be well designed
- Ann Rutherford, CT
Happy Hummers 3/26/2021
I purchased this feeder to replace my old one which was leaking and attracting a large number of bees. It does the job just fine. No bees and plenty of hummingbirds!
- Andrea Wilmer, AZ
Love it 7/1/2020
I love the hummingbird feeder. I had gotten one a few years ago and I ordered another because the red bottom broke. Had I known that I could replace the bottom for $7.50, that's what I would have done. So now I have two good bottles!
- Freda Silvera, CA
hummingbird feeder 6/6/2020
Great quality and made in Texas, not china
- Guy Gillis, TX
Very Pleased with the feeder 5/9/2020
I really like this hummingbird feeder. It is sturdy, holds up to 32 oz. of nectar, and the hummingbirds seem to like it.
- Carlene Jones, AL
Hummers 5/6/2020
Hung my Kinsman hummingbird feeders out and within seconds had hummingbirds at them. Have been feeding birds for years these are the best feeders ever easy to clean and fill. Just need some warmer weather so I can hang flowers with them.
- Evelyn Schultz, DE
Hummingbird Feeder 4/29/2020
This is a beautiful feeder. No Hummers yet, but they will come. Pretty in the garden. Packaged very nice.
- Kay Bertholdt, IL
Immediate hit! 4/24/2020
My hummingbirds fell in love with this feeder the first day I put it up. Couldn't be more pleased
- PJfromFifr, CA
Best Hummingbird Feeder Ever! 5/24/2019
Over the years I've tried numerous hummingbird feeders as there seems to always be a problem with leakage or the hummers simply don't care for them. These feeders are the best I've ever purchased!! Weighty, don't leak & easy to clean & fill. The hummers love them!
- Kat Taylor, CO
This is the best feeder we've ever had... 5/2/2019
All living things need water on a HOT summer day, so I provide it for them (even stinging wasps!) so that they'll leave this feeder alone. I learned many years ago that when I'd water all our hanging baskets, the wasps, hornets, etc. would hover near me as they just wanted a drink. Believe it or not, I've not ever been stung--it's almost as if they know me.
Best There Is 7/13/2015
I have tried many feeders and they all attract everything but hummingbirds. Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, you name it. This feeder, this sucker repels all those nasty buggers! They fly up to it, try to drink, then just give up. This is awesome! I have not had the problem one review said about the cracking base but I change it out every three or four days since I know they like fresh stuff. In hot weather I am afraid it will get that green stuff growing on the glass since mine is not in shade. Spend the money on this one!
- Mimi, CO
The best hummingbird feeder 6/26/2015
I love these feeders. I have 3 of the large size and I have given the small and large size as gifts and every single one of them are used constantly. These are extremely easy to clean and fill and our hummingbirds visit them constantly. The time I have to exercise caution is attaching the plastic section to the glass section, but I have been careful so there have been no problems. We can have very windy conditions but I never have a problem with leaking feeders and the feeders are heavy enough that they don't sway too much. I love these hummingbird feeders and I plan on gettting/giving more of them.
- Angie, WA
Awesome feeder! 5/8/2015
Love this feeder! I was worried at first about it not having any flowers but the hummingbirds don't mind at all. So easy to clean also since the top lifts off the base - so much easier than my old feeders. I am ordering 2 more!
- Deanna Jones, KS
Hummingbirds Are Happier... 2/9/2014
with the feeders from Kinsman Company feeders & supplements. We have a lot more hummingbirds year-round, now, since we bought the large feeder and the supplement that enhances the quality of the sugar water.
- Barbara Snowberger, CA
Lake Lady 8/9/2012
Birds love the feeder. Problem is the plastic base is flimsy and hard to get apart when the sugar has hardened over grooves of bottle. After 2 weeks base is already cracked. Suggest greasing the threads to ease removal for cleaning and refilling.
- Sharon Severson, CA
Best Feeder 5/20/2012
Love these feeders. Extremely easy to clean, just wish the hummers would learn to share. Would be great if you carried the replacement parts!!
- Sharon Tugwell, CA