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Heavy Duty Brown 3 Inch EverEdge

Item Number: EVEDHD3
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Detailed Description

The essential ingredient to a fine Landscaping Project. For Gardens, Parks, Malls, Showplaces and well tended Gardens.

EverEdge is all-in-one. There are no separate stakes or parts to come loose. Each 39" section locks permanently into the next. Sharp angles, tight curves or circles can be pre-formed by bending over a wooden edge. Once you've made a neat edge (for the last time), place a block of wood on top of EverEdge and hammer into the ground to 1/2" below your cut grass level. Link EverEdge by locking onto the previous piece.

Each pack contains 5 - 1 meter (39") sections of 3" high (7.7" overall inc. spikes) - (approximately 2.5 mm thick-which is approximately 1/10") EverEdge. Total length is approximately 16.25 ft

To determine number of packs needed for a specific project:
1 pack = 5 metres or about 16.5 feet
Less overlap of about 6% = 4.7 metres or about 15.42 feet

**To calculate how many packages needed , take your needed feet measurement and divide by 15.42.**
Or take # of feet x .30480 to determine # of meters (450 x .30480 = 137.16. Rounded up this becomes 137.2) Using 450 feet as example: 450 feet = 137.2 metres (137.2 / 4.7 = 29.18) so in this case 30 packs would be required. (1 foot equals .3048 meters).
Customers can be advised that one pack will edge about 15 1/2 feet of lawn, path, etc.