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Hanging Plant Swivel Hook

Hanging Plant Swivel Hook
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Made in USA

Rotate Down Under Pots and hanging baskets each week for even growth and flowers on every side. Heavy duty Swivel Hooks are cast in USA from tough zinc alloy, powder-coated black. Hold 50lbs each. 3 ½" high x 1 ¼" across.

Please note that we do not recommend using these hooks with our very large baskets as those baskets are too heavy when planted and can cause the hook to break.

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??? 4/12/2021
Thank you. My husband says these hooks work well.
- Lynne Starrett, PA
Balanced growth 1/17/2021
Swivels for my hanging plants has been perfect for rotating during watering and uniform growth. No more having to rotate manually.
- Joann House, VA
Sturdy 1/11/2021
Appear well made and will be great to simply turn the pot rather than lifting the pot to reposition hanging plants
- Kate, OR
hooks 12/19/2020
The hooks I bought will work perfectly in the spring when I hang my flowers/plants outside . Thanks
- Mara Dohrmann, GA
Swivel plant hooks 6/13/2020
These hooks are wonderful! They enable you to easily rotate your hanging baskets for sunshine..I highly recommend.
- Deborah Cimock, MI
Little details make a BIG difference! 6/12/2020
I LOVE these swivel hooks! I am a breast cancer survivor who had trouble independently caring for my hanging baskets until I purchased these swivel hooks. I even have them hanging upside down to accommodate the large hanger on my basket, still works perfectly! I no longer have to lift my pots to my porch floor to trim and water, which I previously had to have assistance taking the pots down and rehanging them. Consequently, my plants get more attention and better care. Thank you Kinsman for making me so happy!!! I wish I had found them years ago!!!
- Linda Sopher, MI
Great item 5/17/2020
These swivel hooks are well made and make it super easy to turn the hanging pots on my porch for even sun exposure. I also noted during storms they seem to help prevent the hanging plants from getting beaten about because they swivel so easy an added bonus .
- Sabrina P., GA
Plant Hooks 5/6/2020
I love that they swivel around. They are heavy duty. Anyone who hangs plants would love them.
- Carole, NY
Swivel hooks 4/30/2020
Love the swivel hooks! They work wonderfully
- Brenda Johnston, AR
Strong and attractive 4/12/2020
I am impressed with the quality and beauty of this piece
- Lanett Jauss, MO
Swivel Hooks 12/7/2019
These are the best hooks ever. They are great for vertically challenged people who would normally have to get a ladder out to rotate all of their hanging baskets very. couple of days
strong 10/19/2019
I ordered 4 in the spring and they are very strong and sturdy....no rust.
- Lisa Magee, LA
Mrs. 6/10/2019
Love this things and they are hard to find.
- Martha D'Angona, NC
Hanging plant swivel hooks 6/9/2019
These hooks are wonderful! They allow you to turn plants easily for even distribution of sunlight.
- Deborah Cimock, MI
Good quality 5/30/2019
Needed these for our 4 hanging Caladium baskets as we were continually having to turn them by lifting them down. Very cumbersome. These hooks made it easy to keep the pots turning to promote a well rounded bouquet.
- Melissa Whitehead, FL
swivel hooks 5/27/2019
I also purchased these hooks for large baskets and they did not hold up. Can you recommend a source for heavy duty hooks?
- Sarah Boles, WI
Not for large hanging baskets 5/5/2019
I'm not sure when you added this statement, I don't remember it being there when I bought these hooks or clearly I wouldn't have bought them for my large baskets bought from you!Please note that we do not recommend using these hooks with our very large baskets as those baskets are too heavy when planted and can cause the hook to break.These hooks kind of feel like metal, but not really. They feel hollow and absolutely not strong enough for the large baskets sold on this website. I guess all of these five star reviews have tiny hanging baskets because these clearly are not strong hooks!
- Gina OKC, OK
Great plant pot aid 3/27/2019
This is the second order of swivel hooks I've purchased and they are excellent! Used on my front porch, in my basement, in my carriage house and in my house for all of my hanging plant baskets!! They work perfectly!!
- Pinky Tharp, KS
Love these hooks! 10/26/2018
These little hooks are sturdy and attractive and make it easy to rotate hanging baskets.
- Melodi Reyes, AL
To be able to turn hanging plants, birdfeeders and suet containers so they equally get the right amount of exposure, this product is great!
- kristen, NY
LOVE THEM 7/9/2018
I think that these swivel plant books are the best thing since sliced bread! Your website is the only place that I have been able to find these. I know I could go to Home Depot and get other swivel hooks which I have done, but they are not as nice-looking as your swivel hooks. Every year it seems that I get more and more plants, so as a result, I need more and more hooks!
- Robert Trotta, CT
Awesome!! 7/1/2018
I am using these on 3 very heavy hanging planters on my front porch, and these swivel hooks make it so easy to turn plants for even sun exposure and watering needs. I wish I'd found them years ago!! Very well made and move smoothly! I highly recommend!!
- Kate, WI
plant hooks 6/25/2018
The hooks were great! Just what I wanted. Matched the description and worked out well.
- Sandra L, MD
Hanging Plant Swivel Hook 6/17/2018
These are the best swivel hooks I've come across. They are made of metal and are very sturdy. Definitely up to the job.
- Judy Steininger, WI
swivel hanger 6/17/2018
great if you do not want to move heavy hanging baskets.
- Carole Wise, NC
Great Hook 6/11/2018
Works perfectly for hanging plants to turn plant easily for even growth
- Pat, CA
Love them!!! 6/4/2018
I use these for all my hanging plants and flowers, it makes watering easier and you can turn them around so your plants or flowers get the right amount of light on all sides
- Nancy, MD
Swivel Hook 5/28/2018
Great product! Very easy for me to maintain my hanging basket now that I can get to all sides of the basket. Thanks
- Toni M, MN
Love it! 5/17/2018
Very beautiful! A real statement to front porch . Best hanging basket ever!
- Jen, NY
Swivel Hooks 5/17/2018
I love these heavy duty swivel hooks! I use them for my dups so the sun will it all sides of my plants. You can't find anything better!
- Terri Marheineke, AR
Best Swivel Hooks Ever 5/1/2018
I use thee hooks for hanging my pots and pans from the ceiling in the kitchen. I also use them to hang plants outside in the summer. They are the sturdiest and easiest to rotate hooks I have round yet. Love, Love them.
- Bonnie, NY
Hooks 10/5/2017
Great product! Makes turning plants for even growth so easy. Fast and easy ordering and delivery.
- Connie, SC
Hanging plants rotator hook 9/27/2017
Just what I needed for my hanging planters. Much easier to rotate them.
- Mary Harman, VA
Plant hooks 7/6/2017
Exactly as pictured and of good quality. They arrived before promised dat.
- Peter Wolfe, NY
Swivel Hooks 7/1/2017
These hooks are fantastic!!! They truly make watering so,so much easier. We will neveruse any other type of hook for our hanging plants. Thank you, Kinsman for introducing us to them. Maggie Chapman
- Maggie Chapman, GA
Love the swivel 6/6/2017
Love these attractive swivel hooks. It is so nice to be able to turn your plant for a proper growing space and sun coverage. I am ordering more today.
- Jane, PA
Great Purchase 6/4/2017
These hooks are exactly what I was looking for. Not only are they attractive, they do exactly what they're designed todo. Would purchase again if the need arises.
- Diane VanScoyk, DE
Metal Plant hangers 6/4/2017
Ordered these because of the 360 swivel. I was very surprised of the quality. Well made, heavy iron. Should last forever.
- Karen Kelley, TX
Hope for Short Gardeners 6/3/2017
No longer need a stool to rotate hanging baskets! Love it!
- Donna S, MO
Swivel plant hook 5/23/2017
This is the best plant hook I have ever used, you can turn your plants to get even blooming and growth. I can,t believe none of the major nurseries don't carry them.
- Donna, FL
perfect for turning heavy hanging plants! 5/4/2017
I already have one of these, find it ideal for turning and watering heavy hanging plants, so ordered another one. I also told my local nursery about this.
- Julie LaVigne, MI
Good product 4/6/2017
Well made, easy to rotate plants towards sun for uniform growth.
- WV gardener, WV
Fantastic 3/30/2017
I have 6 of these. I just bought one for my sister. I use them outside then indoors during the winter
- Theresa Beswick, NY
Perfect 1/20/2017
Now I can turn my plants every time I water!
- Ginger, CO
Cool product 12/7/2016
I haven't had a chance to use these hooks yet, but they look sturdy and I hope they will work as advertised.
- Margaret, PA
Renee 10/3/2016
These things are a real blessing. I have huge macrame' plant hangers that I made & these make it so easy to turn the plants every couple weeks without having to climb up, unhook & then re-hook. For those who have white ceilings & hooks they take spray paint well.
- Renee, PA
Second time to place an order for this merchandise 9/10/2016
Several years ago I ordered these rotating hooks for pot plants. So many people wanted them too. Now I need more and would NEVER BUY ANY OTHER hooks.
- liz Graham, AZ
Plant hanger hooks 8/22/2016
Very strong iron and very effective rotating hooks for hanging plants
- Stanley Gold, MN
Plant hooks 8/15/2016
I have been looking for these swivel hooks for a couple of years, so decided to go on line. They are wonderful!!
- Kay Singletary, WA
Rotating Plant Hanging hooks 7/24/2016
My wife is the gardener and was thrilled with these plant hangers which allow rotation of heavy plants. We had to wait for them as they were out of stock but they were well worth waiting for.
- Stanley Gold, MN
Swivel hooks 7/12/2016
Nice finish and sturdy metal. Makes turning plants a breeze!
- Cynthia, NY
best hook 6/10/2016
This is the best hook for plants or anything you want to hang from a canopy or arbor or just about anywhere! Love them!
- Carol Ohrn, IL
Super swivel 6/4/2016
Love that I can give my plants a sunny view with just an easy turn!
- Elaine McConnell, IN
Hanging plant swivel hooks is Awesome! 6/3/2016
These swivel hooks are fantastic, makes taking care of any hanging plants so much easier. I purchased one last year,purchased 3 more for myself this year and bought 4 for my neighbor-she loves them too.
- JT, MA
Hanging Plant Swivel Hook 6/3/2016
I was so happy to find these!!! They are exactly what I needed to hang my Boston ferns!! We get strong gust of wind in the country so I needed something that would swivel. They work perfectly!! Also, I priced around & these were the best price I found. They came within a week and were packaged very well! I will be purchasing more!!!
- Jannan Swearengin, TX
Worthwhile addition for suspended plants 5/31/2016
These swivel hooks are a great idea; sturdy and attractive, a great addition to hanging baskets/plants. Allows the rotation of the basket to keep plant growth even, no need to take down, turn, then rehang a heavy and perhaps wet plant. Have one on every shepherd's hook/plant hanger, love them!
- m, TX
rare find 5/12/2016
I can't find open hook swivels anywhere else. They are so helpful to turn hanging pots and keep them balanced. On my porch they get sun on one side and shade on the other.
- Donna, NY
Mrs. 5/5/2016
These plant swivels are wonderful. I have ordered these several years ago and they are still in service and swivel easily in order to water our baskets.
- Sherry Collins, GA
Qualityoverprice 4/21/2016
Saves me from having to unhook plant and turn it around manually.
- Suzanne, MS
rotating hook 4/10/2016
excellent, could not find locally
- Al J, LA
Great Swivel Hook 4/2/2016
I use these indoors for my hanging plants. A staple in order to be able to rotate and capture the sun. It aids in watering!
- Martha, MD
great product 3/24/2016
I just love these esp. for my hanging planters
- LIn, TN
Swivel hooks 1/30/2016
Good quality and price
- Linda Cowan, PA
Hooked 8/24/2015
This hook is used for hanging plant baskets to be able to be rotated so that all sides get equal light for balanced growing.
- Ray, NY
SWIVEL HOOKS 7/31/2015
Your website is the ONLY place that sells these hooks unless you go to Home Depot and buy something not as nice. The ONLY problem with these hooks is that sometimes the small hook is too small for some of the double hanging plant hangers. If you use the large end to hang on the hook, then the smaller hook is too small for some of the plastic hooks on the hanging plants because they are too fat! They should make the smaller hook a LITTLE larger. Is there any way that you could contact your supplier or pass this info on to them. MAYBE they will change it in the future?
- Robert Trotta, CT
Hooks 7/28/2015
LOVE these swivel hooks. Cannot find any locally, and these are quality, heavy duty, make watering easy for any type of hanging basket. Gave as gifts and bought some more.
- Cynthia Brooking, LA
CW from Idaho 7/28/2015
Great service and and product ordered was exactly as expected!
- Cheryl Wallner, ID
Swivel Plant Hangers 7/18/2015
I had several swivel plant hangers that were purchased in California. Since living in Texas I keep looking at the big box stores and never find them. I looked on line and found the exact hook on Kinsman's page. I personally think they are wonderfully strong hooks and allow me to turn my plants without having to take them down to do it.
- Nancy Polmanter, TX
swivel hook 7/2/2015
I love these. Study, attractive and they work!
- Mary Kate, NJ
Exactly what I was looking for 6/17/2015
These hooks are great for areas with high or constant winds. They give the hanging basket flexibility in the wind so that it will not cause the hook to yank out in a wind storm.
- Deborah Baker, KY
Hanging Plant Swivel Hook 6/12/2015
Perfect. Works just as I'd hoped. No straining to turn pots so that the plants grow evenly on all sides.
- Candace Erickson, MA
Big help 6/1/2015
Love these, every time I think I have enough of them there are new places were they could be used
- Susan Kindler, PA
hook too small 5/9/2015
the hook is too small for either my shepard hook or the hanging basket hook So I don't know what I am going to use them for.
- Lynn Halle, RI
Swivel Plant Hook 4/10/2015
Had a beautiful, large fern plant hanging from a hook at top of patio beam. The fern was too close to the top and was brushing the beam when the wind moved, This hook lowers the plant just enough for the fern to move in the breeze. Perfect solution.
- MC, TX
Looks good to me! 3/26/2015
I have high hopes they will last for several years, and make it easier to tend planters.
- Dale Eatinger, KS
Looks like they will be fine 3/16/2015
Got them for pots hanging from the eaves, think they will stop tacking them down to turn,
- DEatinger, KS
Nice hooks 3/16/2015
I like the hooks, as it makes it so much easier to turn my plants for more even growth. Nice little gadget!
- Liz Gallagher, TX
Perfect! 2/18/2015
I was searching for something else, and came upon these hooks. They are perfect! I am short, and always had to get the ladder, or ask my husband to rotate the plants because I couldn't reach them. Just the addition of this hook makes it easy for me to do on my own! They are great, and very sturdy. Well made!
- Debbie Conner, CA
MIKE S 2/17/2015
Wonderful Hooks 8/19/2014
I love the way the hooks look. My only problem is that the hook the pot goes on is a little small and the hanger on my plastic pot was too wide to fit. I did work on it and was able to use it but it would be nice if the lower hooks were big enough to hold planters with wide hangers.
- Kathy, NJ
Hanging Plant Swivel Hook 6/24/2014
This works perfectly for what I needed it for. I've noticed that it also takes stress off the plants when it windy. Thank you!!!!
- Diane, NH
swivel hook 6/24/2014
they were nicer than I expected
- Mary Rose, OH
What did I ever do without these !! 6/13/2014
These swivel hooks are so handy and make it so easy to turn tall awkward hanging plants. Wish I bought more; will buy some more soon.
- Dale Graham, AL
Swivel hooks 6/6/2014
These hooks are heavy duty and will definitely hold the weight of heavy pots and make turning them very easy.
- Sherry M, WA
best gadget yet 5/27/2014
never have enough of these for plants & bird feeders - extremely durable as well
- Susan Thomas, NJ
Practical & Economical 5/27/2014
I purchased four Hanging Plant Swivel Hooks to use with ferns on our front porch. The low-per-unit cost makes them easy on the wallet. Their efficiency in turning the ferns for even light makes it easy on me. I give the ferns 1/4 turn daily. A good all-round product.
- Cathy, MD
Hanging Plant Swivel Hook 5/19/2014
These are wonderful. Very solidly made in the USA. I use them for my hanging baskets. It is so easy to turn them so plants grow evenly. I've also used them for my bird feeders. This is a must item. Buy more than you think you need and you will still be ordering again. These are great.
- Jerry McGee, TX
Handy Hook 5/2/2014
When I placed my order for a hanging basket, it was suggested that I also order this hook. So glad I did! It makes hanging and removing planter so much easier. I definitely recommend getting this item when you order a hanging basket.
- Joan Curtin, NC
Swivel Hooks 4/11/2014
Well made and strong. I have heavy clay planters hanging from them with no problem. Hooks may be used with either end up. Rotating plants to ensure even growth is made easy with these.
- paul elfenbein, NY
Swivel hooks 2/18/2014
They are great and do not know what I did without them
- Florence, NY
best hooks 1/23/2014
I use these for bird feeders, hanging baskets, so I gave some as a Xmas gift
- linda gregory, TN
Handsome, twirling hook 4/2/2012
I bought 3 last year to see if they really worked. They do, and make grooming and fertilizing easy. I am ordering a dozen more for my outside plants now.
- Graydon Moss, MD
I have not used these yet because it is still to early to put out hanging baskets in Missouri. But they are just what I'm looking for because I put out 12 hanging baskets and they are heavy. This way I can turn them without having to take them off the hook and turn them around so the other side can get the sun.
- Michelle Cammarata, MO
I have had hanging plants for many years and always had to stand on a stool to reach the ceiling to turn the pots. What a hassle. With your Hanging Plant Swivel Hook item #HPSH I can turn the pots without any problems, they are wonderful. This was my second order for the hanging plant swivels. I have added them to all the hanging plants both at the office and at home. Thank You, Liz
- Liz Graham, AZ
The quality for the price is unbelievable. These swivel hooks are heavy duty and can lift over fifty pounds. I have several uses in my garden and my bird sanctuary. I purchased six hooks but need many more because they are so handy and needy. Thank you for sending me the catalog because I didn't know they existed.
- James Hodges, VA
Work great but I found that a little WD-40 sprayed on the swivel part made them even better at spinning with heavy plants.
- Carolyn, AL
Keeps plants growing evenly 12/20/2010
This hook is very sturdy and high quality and does the trick perfectly to keep hanging plants growing evenly. Just a quick turn is all it takes- easy breezy. Now KG, please make a larger one to hang over large branches of my oak tree and hold my big Stag horn fern!
- Deborah, FL
Best Service 12/14/2010
My order was for several products, and arrived missing the hanging plant swivel. I called and a very courteous lady assured me it would be shipped. The swivel arrived within a week, and I know will be wonderful for my hanging basket next year. THANK YOU!!!!!
- Susan Revell, KY