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Hand Rake

Hand Rake
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Very strong, high quality, heat-treated carbon steel tools have hand-welded tangs, secured into comfortable stained wooden handles with brass ferrules. Convenient leather thongs for hanging. Metal blades are powder coated green. Terrific quality at a modest price gives unbeatable value.

Blade length is approximately 15" and Overall length is approximately 19 1/2"

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very impressed 5/14/2022
exactly what I need to rake under shrubs and in tight spaces.well built and sturdy.wish they had a single tine version to get into those really tight spaces (hmmm...maybe I can make one with coat hanger wire and a piece of dowel for the handle...thanks Kinsman for the idea!)
- John Hunt, NV
Just what I was looking for! 4/5/2022
It was so difficult to rake under shrubs and plants with a long-handled rake. When I saw this in your catalog, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I was right!
- Ardeth Rosengarten, WV
Hand rake 4/4/2022
After 30 years I lost my original hand rake in the mulch heap! Your product was exactly like the one that went missing I'm so happy!,
- Elizabeth Gallagher, MA
Hand rake is the best 4/1/2021
I love the small and sturdy hand rake that has lasted me years. For small areas and rock gardens it is flexible and removes debris from hard to reach areas. They seem to last forever and hope you never change the design. Seems that I paid the same price for one 4 yrs. ago and my gardening friends know where to purchase one. Out of all my gardening tools, this is the one I use for Spring cleanups. I own three now for one at each end of the house and gave one to a friend. Surprised they don't sell out each season. Thank you for offering this terrific hand rake.
- Sheila Schrank, MA
Hand rake 3/10/2021
Received my order very quickly. Love this hand take. The times are blunt so they do not damage the leaves on mymplanrs like other rakes do. One of my 3 favorite gardening tools.
- Marva D, NC
IPAINTIT 10/16/2020
Hand Rake 9/8/2020
So glad I bought this. It's great for getting under and around plants and shrubs that you can't get a regular rake into. It even helps to pull out some weeds that are hard to get too. It's my current favorite tool!
- Laura Mosso, NJ
My FAVORITE garden tool of all 6/29/2020
I purchased one of these quite a few years ago and I have loved it. Just recently I put it on my tarp along with leaves, twigs, and other organic matter and tossed it all down into the gully in the backyard. I was so angry at myself--spent a week tearing up piles of leaves, branches and pine needles. I gave up momentarily and decided to see if you still offered it and, lo and behold, you did so I purchased two. BUT, I still went back to that gully determined to find it until I remembered I had a friend with a metal detector who came over and discovered it in one minute. Oh, happy day! I received the two new ones. One went to a friend, but, the other one is mine, just in case.THAT tool is that important to me.
Hand rake 6/9/2020
Excellent for reaching into small spaces & sturdy enough to assist in getting up!!
- Carol Decker, NH
Great Little Rake 6/7/2020
Love this little guy. When on my kneeling bench I can reach into the shrubs and get the debris I want to remove. Also use it to smooth the ruff after planting in the beds. Glad I bought it!
- Jerseysuek, NJ
Hand Rake 5/23/2020
Nice and small but not very flexible.
- Shirley Jean, CA
Petite and Sweet 5/3/2020
Love my new hand rake- easily gets under shrubs to remove winter litter- easy on ground cover
- Judith VanderWerff, DE
Good quality 4/30/2020
Nice little rake. Would love it if it had a bit longer handle.
- Janice Beyer, CA
Nice tool! 4/18/2020
I am glad I bought this. This gets into spots my other small rake couldn't reach.
- Jo Plenger-Schulz, IL
You Need This Tool 4/13/2020
I have never seen this rake before but the minute I saw it in the catalogue I had a eureka moment & have been using ever since I received it. Good quality, not flimsy, & it with the long times it reaches to areas I would otherwise have to move, reposition myself to get to. Needless to say it saves me from possibly getting snake bit by not using my hands to rake leaves & debris where they could be hiding.
- Lisa, OK
Perfect Tool 4/7/2020
I purchased two of these hand rakes to make my life a little bit easier to clean up under by bushes. They became an extension on my hands and make the work effortlessly.
- James M., NY
AABrown 4/4/2020
This will be my 5th hand rake to order. I already have one and bought 3 more for my daughter and two daughters in-law. This one will have the handle(that conveniently has screws that secure it) removed and exchanged for a little longer one. i don't generally like telescoping handles or I would order your Leaf rake. I think my idea will work better. This little hand rake is fantastic.
- Angela Brown, GA
Hand Rake 12/16/2019
This was ordered as a gift, and since we live in N. Idaho and currently have snow and frozen ground, and it hasn't even been opened, I can't really give a review. Sorry. However, do know it is perfect for her flower bed.
- Jo Ann, ID
Kinsman Hand Rake 11/14/2019
I have tried others. This is the best by far. Not light or to heavy, just the right amount of weight for its use. I do recommend.
- Blase Scatola, NY
Kinsman Hand Rake 9/29/2019
This rake is perfect for my garden. I have an established yard so there isn't room in the beds for a large rake. This rake is perfect for cleaning up around plants. I have had one for years but after a major cleanup project, it was unfortunately scopped up with the debris and lost. This time, we ordered two, one for me and one for my granddaughter.
- Tom, OR
First Order from Kinsman 7/5/2018
Received first catalog and placed order for expandable rake and hand weeder...love both of them...great quality and I plan on another order soon.
- judy, OH
Hand rake 6/8/2018
I ordered two of the great rakes! I had and used one for years, my daughter took it when she recently bought a house. She agrees with me that it is a wonderful tool! Small size makes it great for working close to plant roots and stems. It is sturdy but flexible enough to not hurt delicate plantungs.
- Linda, IL
Wish I'd had this years earlier 5/28/2018
Very practical and sturdy tool. So much better than the small plastic rake I've been using. I have many small shrubs that collect leaves. This tool is easy to hold and gets the job done better and faster without damaging the shrubs.
- Debra, CO
small hand rake 4/14/2018
My new hand rake is so perfect. It is probably12-14 inches long and I can certainly use it in tight areas. My neighbor wants one too.....I will lend her my next catalog. A perfect hand tool for me and I will use it alot.
- Carolyn, NC
Best thing since white bread.. 11/20/2017
This is the best thing since white bread. It lets me reach in and around my plants, bushes and trees and pull out leaves that get caught behind and around them. I used to try to pull those leaves out with a small rake, but it would catch on the fences, shrubs and plants. This tool is like an extension of my hand and I can reach with out kneeling and crawling in to get leaves. I just love this little tool!
- Lynn L, MA
Great rake 11/9/2017
Very well made!
- Linda, MD
Ms 6/9/2017
Second one I have ordered. Not so big I cant get under roses. Doesnt get stuck on anything because the tines are light.Pretty.
- Mary Mills, NJ
Kinsman hand rake 6/6/2017
Actually, I don't even know how I gardened without this tool before purchasing it. I just love it.
- BarbaraJ. Beachler, IL
Hand Rake 5/22/2017
I love love love this rake. We have lilac bushes between our property and the neighbors and this allows me to get underneath to clean out the leaves. Very sturdy. Would highly recommend.
- Elizabeth, NH
Kinsman hand rake 5/16/2017
By far one of the neatest tools I have ever used in my beds. I LOVE it.
- BarbaraJ. Beachler, IL
Kinsman Hand Rake 4/25/2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand rake! I have used it to clean out in and around my flower beds and also to mix soil. It is very sturdy and very gentle around the new growth in the spring! Great product!
- Lori Edgcomb, IL
every gardener should have one 4/19/2017
great garden tool. long enough to reach under hard to reach shrubs. every hands on gardner should have one in their tool belt!
- rose, TX
Hand rake 4/12/2017
I had a small hand rake for many years. It finally broke @two years ago and I have never been able to find a new one. This little guy is much stronger and built solidly. Tho it is still a bit muddy here in N.E. ths April, I have started using the rake and am extremely happy with it. Works like a charm
- Kathleen, NH
Necessary Tool 4/10/2017
Highly rated
- Ginger Shafer, TX
Great tool 3/14/2017
Love this hand rake! Removed stuck leaves in bushes quickly. Very well made.
- Roberta Diioia, PA
Love this rake 3/12/2017
this is one of my favorite gardening tools. I bought one several years ago and it accidently ended up in the burn pile. Immediately knew I had to replace it before Spring gardening.
- Kimberly Roepe, MO
Handy, Dandy tool 12/7/2016
This little rake will fit the bill, I think, for reaching under my bushes and shrubs to clean out dead leaves, etc. I look forward to trying it in the spring.
- Margaret, PA
hand rake 6/14/2016
This is actually a replacement, the second one I've bought. They work very well indeed. I think the first one ended up in the green bin, or else a friend snuck off with it.
- V. Fahn, CA
Great hand Rake 6/6/2016
This rake is outstanding at removing leaves and detritus from under my rose bushes. Much easier and more effective than trying to remove them by hand. Amazingly effective at getting leaves out if the base of the bush!
- Susan, CA
Perfect 5/2/2016
I have a garden with many small planting pockets among rocks and this little rake is perfect for cleaning it up. Sturdy and useful.
- Mary Schumacher, CO
Perfect Tool for the Task 4/27/2016
This tool exactly met my needs and expectations! Large rakes are too unwieldy, and small rakes take you too close to thorny bushes; this rake was Just Right!
- Irene, KS
Kinsman hand rake 4/26/2016
I love it! it gets under bushes where I cannot get. My grandkids love it too. They think I bout it for them!!
- Barbara McMahon, IA
Can't be without this hand tool. 3/11/2016
I first bought this for my own use and have used it so much in my gardens, I believe this is my 2nd one. I have now started buying 3-4 each year in the spring and use as a gift for younger family members just starting to garden or housewarming gifts. Everyone has loved them.
- Rita Canton, SD
Right tool, low quality 5/20/2015
I prefer to buy hand tools that last, but I don't think this one will. The item cam with the paint already flaking off and the wooden handle has a cheap dye job. I would prefer a higher price for a higher quality tool.
- Jennifer, OH
Hand rake 5/4/2015
Great little tool for those hard to reach places. Invaluable for my yard work.
- Richard Neitzelt, OH
Handy tool for a variety of uses. 4/9/2015
This is a great tool for cleaning up garden planter beds, and around and underneath shrubs. It is not a precision crafted garden tool, however, as the handle feels loose while working with it, giving it a tentative feel. We have an almost identical hand rake that we purchased at a local nursery, but they do not stock this particular hand rake anymore. It was not only perfect in function, but in form as well. But in all fairness, it did cost us twice as much.
- Steve, WA
Koger 4/2/2015
Love this little handy rake. This is the second one we have ordered. Very sturdy and well made.
- W. Koger, OK
Rock garden 8/19/2014
Just what I needed for my small rock garden--full of cactus & succulents!
- Gloria, AZ
Perfect! 5/8/2014
Absolutely perfect! Not too heavy for delicate jobs, and just enough reach to get at tricky places. Highly recommended for any gardener!
- Anne Hudson, IL
Awesome 3/28/2014
This hand rake does exactly what I intended it to do-pulling dead leaves and debris out from under my azalea bushes, rose bushes and places I just can't reach. Love it so much I got one for my daughter-in-law.
- GardenGirl, SC
Wonderful Hand Rake! 12/2/2013
I really love this well-made little hand rake. It is wonderful for removing leaves from my perennila beds without hurting the plants. I even bought a second rake as a gift for a Master Gardener friend.
- Barbara, PA
Hand rake 5/18/2012
For the money, one of the best and most useful garden tool I own! Great when pruning and clean up.
- Pat, MA
I have used this rake every spring and fall for cleaning out my perennial beds. I had mine run over last year and can't be without one. It is sturdy and a necessity for any gardener.
- Rita Canton, SD
The hand rake is a fabulous tool! I keep it with me while I'm pruning and cleaning up my winter and spring garden. It's perfect for getting under shrubs and around delicate plantings. I've given it multiple times as a gift to fellow gardeners!
- Becky Everett, CA