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Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards
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20 Foot Pack Gutter Guard & Clips $35.95
40 Foot Pack Gutter Guard & Clips $66.95
100 Foot Pack Gutter Guard & Clips $160.00
200 Foot Pack Gutter Guard & Clips $315.50
500 Foot Pack Gutter Guard & Clips $712.50

Detailed Description

Made in USA

Each 4 ft. length of rustproof aluminum alloy is stamped with thousands of 3/16" holes. These admit heavy rains but keep out leaves, twigs, nests and pinestraw. Each length comes with 3 plastic clips which snap guards securely in place onto 4" and 5" aluminum gutters.
Overall width of guards is 5-3/4". Rain dam on front edge restricts overflow. Made from .014 gauge corrosion resistant aluminum.
Barely visible from the ground, Leaves-Away gutter guards require no maintenance-yet save hours of cleaning time each season.
Leaves-Away gutter guards have been in use since 1984 and sold nationally since 1987 to thousands of satisfied users.

Each Pack includes 3 plastic clips per 4 ft length.
20 ft Pack-contains 5 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
40 ft Pack-contains 10 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
100 ft Pack-contains 25 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
200 ft Pack-contains 50 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
500 ft Pack-contains 125 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.

Extra 4 ft lengths and clips are sold separately.

Simple Installation
Shingle Overlap Installation:
Slide guards up under shingles. Pull down guards onto edge of gutter.
Flat Installation: Fold up back edge of gutter guard and lay it flat on top of gutter.

Rigid construction makes Leaves-Away installation simple. The easy to handle 4 ft lengths are shipped flat, so there is no unravelling to deal with, and no pre-measuring. When you reach the end of a run, you simply trim the excess with tinsnips or heavy scissors.

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Quality costs just a little bit more, buy and have no regrets with you 7/11/2020
In 1990 I purchased 200 feet for my newly constructed home. About 2005, when I removed the guards for a day to clean the gutters, there was mostly just granules from the shingles that had been deposited over the decade and a half. In 2009 and 2015, I purchased again to replace small sections that were damaged after trees fell onto the gutters after some nasty windstorms. In 2020 it was time for a new roof. While the gutter guards were still in great shape, the roofers damaged many while tearing off the old roof. Yes, it could have been prevented were I not so lazy. I could have pulled them all off prior to the new roof installation. So, at age 67, I purchased 200 feet more and now my gutters are good for the next 30 years or when the next tree comes down on the house. Are they perfect? No, but try to find another brand that will last 30 years. I am sure it will be difficult. I found them easy to install. 95% of the time all the water goes into the gutters. A few times a year when we get a very, very heavy rainstorm some of the water does overflow as the guards just can't take in the water fast enough. To me, this is a minor issue. Additionally, I still have my original sale flyer from 1990 and it features the same photograph of the person installing the gutter guards as they use today. I trust he gets residuals!
- Tod Aronson, PA
Gutter Guards - Service and Product 1/6/2019
Quality Product, quick service and great price. usually it's: You can only pick 2.. got all 3!! Nice!!
- R.J. Bloom,, NY
Good product 12/18/2018
I would tell others about your Gutter Guard
- John Groff, PA
Great! 9/22/2017
We have used these guards for several years. They work great for leaves and pine needles. They even stayed on through the installation of a new roof. I can't say enough good things about this product.
too thin 12/27/2016
Guards are nicely made, better then most, but are still way too thin gauge to withstand the elements, and they collapse into the gutter. They are too narrow (they don't reach under the shingles enough). They should either be made of thicker aluminum, or stainless steel, and be offered in wider widths.Why is it that the industry in general makes gutter guards so cheap and flimsy, when they are to become a permanent part of a building, and are so hard to access for replacement? These guards are better made then most, but still not good enough! I double them up, but still they are not strong enough. C'mon, Kimsman, aluminum is not that expensive! The next time, I will buy 1/16 thick punched aluminum stock, and cut it to (wider) width myself! The plastic clips are total folly, and fall out (perhaps they would fit into cheap narrow gutters?) I drop deck screws into the holes after fitting them, against the inside edge of the gutter. This keeps the guard from creeping further under the shingle (doesn't fit under enough!) and collapsing into the gutter.I rate 3 because it is better then what industry offers, otherwise I would rate 1.
- Brian Park, VA
Gutter Guards 11/5/2016
Easy to install, no drilling for screws. If shingles are thick or stiff, use a steel roofing/builders square to lift a section, using the short arm as a lever - and insert guard underneath. Cut into two foot sections for even easier install - but you'll need extra clips.
- john, SC
would definitely buy again 8/4/2016
For this price you cannot match this product! It is lightyears ahead of comparable gutter guards. My contractor loved it. I can see that it could be tricky to install on older, bent gutters, but our were newly installed at the same time we installed the guards. The only change we made was not to use the plastic clips. Instead we chose rivets. We also used the gutter guards to cover the venting holes under the soffits. The material cuts easily and the stainless steel staples went through easily as well. No more varmints under the roof.As you can see, we are happy with this product.
- Regine Nickel, NY
Gutter Guards 7/12/2016
I had to return the item because the clips would not fit beneath the lip of my gutter.
- Bryan Curtis, TN
Problems with Snow 2/16/2016
These gutter guards work well, if you have precisely installed them. Where two cross, riveting them together works well. However, in snowy areas, if there is the least bit wrong with the installation, the snow will pull the gutter guard right off the gutter over the winter.
- Bob Parker, NV
Excellent product value when installed 11/15/2015
I have had these gutter guards on one of my homes for several years. They were installed by a professional. They perform as expected keeping leaves and sticks out of the gutters. They look as clean and shiny as the day they were installed. I am now installing a hundred feet of the gutterguards on another home. The instructions are fine except for the instalation of the plastic clips. I found this to be quite difficult. There needs to be a video showing clip installation method. What are the best tools to install the clips. It is impossible to install them by simply pressing them into place by hand Through trial and error I found that a pair of channel locks was the only way to get the clips seated properly.I am sure there is a better method but I have no idea what it is.
- Mike, IL
Great Product! 9/13/2015
First bought these gutter guards in 1989 when we built our log home on six wooded acres. Never once needed to clean the gutters, adjust or replace the guards. Then the roof got old and needed replaced. While the roofers tried to keep from damaging the gutter guards some were bent or damaged. This year I figured with 25+ years of use a total replacement would be in order. The old ones went to the recycle bin and the new ones, which I bought 3 years ago and more this year (I knew I would get around to it some day!) installed easily in a few hours. More than 120 feet were needed on our ranch style cabin. Since the new roof has a 35 to 50 year life expectancy I doubt these new guards will even need my attention. Good quality and better than cheaper ones at the big box stores. I do recommend buying a few extra clips just in case some get lost in the installation process or you decide to add more than the recommended amount. Well worth the cost.
- Tod Aronson, PA
Easy to use once you figure it out 11/9/2014
I've learned a couple of things installing 100 feet of this. First, it isn't obvious how the guard will fit, so make yourself a test piece (about a foot), and use it to figure it out.. Second, the gutter clips are designed to work with perfect gutters--if yours has been bent by ice, for example, you will have to bend it back into shape. Finally, the cut edges are very sharp, so when you cut the material be very very careful of your hands.
- Robert Parker, NV