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Grow Through Legs

Grow Through Legs
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18 Inch Grow Through Legs (3/pack) $6.15
24 Inch Grow Through Legs (3/pack) $8.25
30 Inch Grow Through Legs (3/pack) $10.25
36 Inch Grow Through Legs (3/pack) $14.15

Detailed Description

Grow through parts are made of green, powder coated, heavy gauge wire.
Each 12", 16" and 20" head requires a set of 3 legs of any length, 25" and 30" heads require 2 sets of legs of any length. Heads of any dia. can be used with legs of any length. Be sure to select a set of legs for each head you order.

Recommended Sizes

Dahlia12"-16" heads,18" - 30" legs

Peony16"-20" heads, 18" - 24" legs

Pyrethrum 12"-16" heads, 18" legs

Chrysanthemum 12"-16" heads, 18" - 24" legs

Delphinium 12"-20" heads, 30" - 36" legs

Lupin 12"-16" heads, 18" - 24" legs

Michaelmas Daisy 12"-20" heads, 18" - 30" legs

Poppy12"-16" heads, 18" - 30" legs

Rudbeckia 16" heads, 24" legs

Geranium (Border) 12"-20" heads, 18" - 24" legs

Heads are sold separately. Please see item GTH to select the proper head size.

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I have needed these for years!! 3/7/2021
I have the grow-thru rings and grids and have, over the years, misplaced the legs. Being able to purchase either the legs or the heads as a stand-alone item is perfect, even if a longer leg is needed due to plant growth. Th price is perfect and the quality is great. Can't wait for the snow to melt to get them in my garden!!
- Eva L, NY
Strong support 6/7/2020
These are soild supports made of Indian steel - not a cheap, cut-corners Chinese product. I think they will last and have purchased more.
- Claudine, NY
Grow Through Plant Support Leg (Heads sold separately) 5/5/2020
I'm very happy with my purchase. I bought both a 18 & 36 inch set to go with 2 heads I already had. They are very sturdy and I expect they will last for years.
- Barbara Lee, OH
Easy peasy 5/7/2019
These couldn't have been easier to set up and are doing a great job holding up our Peonies.
- Chris Todd, OR
Love these 4/24/2019
What makes these great is the ability to get different size legs for different heads. I've used similar supports from other companies but mostly only could use for peonies. Even those too short. These you match to fit your need. Inordered a bunch and just ordered a bunch more.
- Marji Demko, DE
Next year will be better 4/20/2019
Ordered too late to be able to use this item this year, as my peonies were already too big and tall to try to force them through your plant holder. Will have it ready to use for next year so I can allow the peonies to grow up through the holes to give support. Have plans that my plants will have great support next year.
- Susan B., AL
Love these legs 4/12/2019
Love these leg supports. They are strong and don't bend when you try to push them into the ground and they come in so many sizes which make them so user friendly.
- susan shay, WA
Grow through tops and supports 4/7/2019
Worked great, very sturdy and easy to use.
- Kathy Hinkle, TN
You diditagain!! 11/1/2018
I love your company. Fabulous product and quick shipping.
- Patricia Jeremiah, ME
Grow Through Support Legs 4/24/2018
I needed to replace the legs that came with the rectangular supports with 36 legs. The 36 legs were much thinner and flimsier that the ones that came with the rectangular support grid. The extra length and thinness made it very easy to bend them.
- Margaret Crellin, KY
DITTO 5/10/2017
I feel the same way about the planter support legs as I do about the heads. They work, they are adjustable and a real support to plants when used with the head
- Judith Reynolds, NC
Thanks for quick easy transaction!
Grow through Plant Support Legs 4/26/2016
Legs are strong and well-made. Will last for years. Easy to attach to Grow Through Heads.
- Terri, NC
Good color, inconsistent manufacturing 4/15/2015
Nice dark green color, but several of the legs I purchased had the loop made too tightly for it to go around the hoop wires. I had to bend them apart which took a fair amount of force and did mar the coating. It is, however, very nice to be able to select the length and they are fairly sturdy.
- Darcy, CO
Plant ring support legs 4/7/2015
I've looked for years to find someone who sells without the rings. I have many rings but lost the legs. These are perfect. Strong and as advertised in the catalogue.
- Carol hays, KY
Plant Supports 6/8/2014
I have used several kinds of Kinsman's plant supports and find them very sturdy and attractive. I posted a picture of one unit I used in my flower garden on the Kinsman Facebook page.
- Sherry Blackard, KS