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Grow Through Heads

Grow Through Heads
Item Number: GTH
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GTH12 - 12 Inch Grow Through Head $6.95
GTH16 - 16 Inch Grow Through Head $9.25
GTH20 - 20 Inch Grow Through Head $13.25
GTH25 - 25 Inch Grow Through Head $18.25
GTH30 - 30 Inch Grow Through Head $25.25

Detailed Description

Grow through parts are made of green, powder coated, heavy gauge wire.
Each 12", 16" and 20" head requires a set of 3 legs of any length, 25" and 30" heads require 2 sets of legs of any length. Heads of any dia. can be used with legs of any length.

Each head requires a set of 3 legs of any length (not included with head). Be sure to select a set of legs for each head you order (see item GTL). The 25" and 30" heads require 2 leg sets.

Recommended Sizes:

Dahlia12"-16" heads,18" - 30" legs

Peony16"-20" heads, 18" - 24" legs

Pyrethrum 12"-16" heads, 18" legs

Chrysanthemum 12"-16" heads, 18" - 24" legs

Delphinium 12"-20" heads, 30" - 36" legs

Lupin 12"-16" heads, 18" - 24" legs

Michaelmas Daisy 12"-20" heads, 18" - 30" legs

Poppy12"-16" heads, 18" - 30" legs

Rudbeckia 16" heads, 24" legs

Geranium (Border) 12"-20" heads, 18" - 24" legs

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Love It!! 3/25/2022
Received both the Grow Thru Heads and Legs . . .a well made product which should be perfect to support my peonies!!
- Denise Isaacs, OR
Perfect for peonies! 12/2/2020
These plant supports are better quality than the one I currently have. Heavy gauge and big enough to handle my mature plants when in bloom. Looking forward to Spring!
- Ribin, TN
legs to plant supports 11/16/2020
I had great difficulty getting some of the legs onto the support. The metal is hard to bend and the loops for attaching were squeezed shut enough that they could not fit. I needed a vise to hold them while I tried to force the wire loop open enough to use. The idea that different height legs can be used is very useful, however.
- Phyllis Boneau, NM
Round, grow-through top and separate support legs 6/15/2020
High quality and easy to assemble. I ordered these in late May and managed to get the plant stems through the top. As the image shows, this is best done earlier in spring when the plant is small!
- Lisa Berger, MO
Plant supports 5/17/2020
I am very pleased with my Grow-Through Head purchase and the Linking Stakes. I like the way they assemble so easily and the Linking Stakes can be tailored to meet your plant's size.
- Bobbie Carmicle, NC
Must have for peonies 5/2/2020
I love these! No more storage of tall awkward frames for my peony plants. These grow through supports are wonderful! They are easy to store and when in use, all you see are my beautiful flowering peony bush.
- Diane Gray, MN
Peony stabilizer 5/1/2020
Perfect! They are easy to put together and i can tell that when the flowers open they will stand up straight and as a result will the beauty of the future plants. Even when the flowers are gone, the forms will keep them upright.
- Brenda Merkle, PA
Perfect for Peonies 4/28/2020
This item is just what I needed. It's perfect for my peonies.
- Michelle Shroff, AR
Support products 4/22/2020
Purchased the heads and the legs to support my peony plants. They seem to be working well plants seem to have good support.
- Linda, NJ
Improve appearance of plants 7/2/2019
A number of my flowering plants grow tall and flop over. I didn't get these supports until the plants were already tall this spring, but I was able to get them in place and they are amazing. Sturdy in rain and wind so far. They are green and fairly unobtrusive themselves, just make the plants look beautiful. It would be nice to know how to get the legs to stay securely attached to the heads, haven't figured that out yet; directions would have been helpful. When not assembled, they take up very little room in a storage area, always a good thing. I will get more next year!
- Margaret Meyer, WA
Just what we were looking for! 4/13/2019
Despite our best efforts we could never find plant supports for our peonies and other flowers locally. We were very pleased when we found these available online and very pleased with the product we received. We ordered the larger size hoops and longer legs and they work perfectly for both our peonies and sunflowers. Now in our rocky soil of the Ozarks, I did need to use a sledge hammer and piece of rebar to establish the holes for the support legs before placing them in the ground. The legs are plenty strong enough to support the guide but not strong enough to be driven into rocky soil. While there are certainly less-expensive homemade solutions available (webwire and rebar), these hoops look very nice in the garden.
- Mike Hignite, MO
Praises! 6/2/2017
These heads and legs are very well made and so easily interchanged or stored. Great product!
- Janis, OH
good support 5/27/2017
This is a really good kind of support for several different plants: peonies, tall sedum , daisy, Siberian iris, mums and more
- Kate Flynn, NY
LOVE THEM 5/10/2017
I love these plant support heads. With the attached legs you can start them low and pull the legs up as the plant grows. Great for foxglove and peonies.
- Judith Reynolds, NC
Good supports 5/7/2017
These are so much better than the thin supports at box stores. They really do the job as intended.
- Helen Slate, CO
A Good Thing 4/22/2017
These grow-through rings are great for supporting plants that would generally flop over. I own several sizes and find them useful for keeping my plants standing tall, particularly after a rain.
- Linda Maslanka, DE
beehugger 3/23/2017
Purchased to support crocosmia plants. Installed easily and will definitely do a good job supporting the leaves and blooms.
- Kim Johnson, NC
Old Fashioned Service! 7/11/2016
My order was a little out of the ordinary and a very kind and thorough lady sent me a personal email to clarify the order. My order was processed and received very expediently.What a pleasure to find an old fashioned business with real concern for the customer and thorough knowledge of their merchandise.Highly recommend them.
- Neva Bookhart, IA
PERFECT 6/6/2016
The support rings were exactly what I needed. Glad I could buy just the rings.
- Lynne, MI
Quick easy transaction....THANKS
good product 5/20/2016
very happy with the quality as it seems sturdy and not flimsy and blends right in with the garden.
- Debbielynn, SD
Helpful 5/5/2016
This type of plant support help keep the plants looking good all summer...
- Kate Flynn, NY
Grow Through Plant Support Heads 4/26/2016
The support heads are strong, well-made and support a wide variety of plant material. The green plastic coating blends perfectly into the foliage.
- Terri, NC
Great Product 11/22/2015
Purchase a similar product a number of years ago and when I saw these available at Kinsman I just had to purchase a few more. Work well with so many types of plants giving them the support they need and also protecting my early spring perennials from being eaten by deer.
- Darla Achezinski, PA
grow throught hoop 4/28/2015
Hard to find size. Very pleased with it.
- Shirley Bryant, IN
Large grow through hoops 4/25/2015
Finally found a hoop large enough to support a full grown peony--unlike the small ones found at the big box stores.
- Shirley Bryant, IN
Perfect Dark Green 4/15/2015
These grow hoops are the kind of green that fades into the background rather than the brighter green I've seen elsewhere.
- Darcy, CO
grow through supports 3/30/2015
i use these for peonies that are really too close to a path. love these-heavy enough to hold the weight
oops 3/28/2015
The grow rings seem sturdy, however, they are useless without legs which I failed to order. Would have been ni ce for legs to pop up as choices when ring is ordered.. Or did I miss that?
- fcol, TX
Protect my tulips from deer 4/6/2014
I use these supports as a protective barrier to keep the deer from eating my tulips buds. I plant the tulips in clusters that can be completely covered by the 24 head. As soon as the snow goes, I push the legs into the ground so the head is about 3 above the ground. After the leaves start to push up, I pull the legs out a few inches--just enough so the deer can't get to the buds through the lattice. Each week I pull the head up a few inches more until the tulips bloom. Afterwards, I move them to the peonies and use it as intended. This is my third year, and I've successfully had tulips bloom each year.
- Deb Fisher, ID