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Green Nesting Ball for Wrens

Green Nesting Ball for Wrens
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Expected on : 12/15/2023

Detailed Description

An ideal home for perky house wrens. Hanging oval ball is about 7 1/4" high x 6" across. It comes in two halves, clamped together with a woven stainless steel wire that also forms a 10" hanger. Wrens like privacy, so hang these among tree branches or a sturdy bush.

Halves come apart easily for an annual cleaning. Painted with eco-friendly green and cream camouflage and made with Schwegler's long lasting material that breathes like wood, but lasts 20 years or more.

1" hole, weighs 3 1/2" lbs.

Cleaning and checking: We recommend that you do not carry out any checks between April and June in order to avoid disturbing the brood. The nest box, which comprises two shells, should therefore ideally be cleaned during the autumn or winter months. To do this, remove the cable from which it is suspended. The upper shell can be easily lifted off the lower one. When cleaning has been completed simply place the two halves together again and secure using the cable.

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Wren spherical house 4/1/2022
Schwegler makes the best birdhouses ever. I have one that is 30 years old and still perfect. The birds love them.
- Gail Gurney, CT
Nesting ball for wrens 3/12/2022
Wow it's just great. I had a family of 3 baby chickadees outside my kitchen window. Looking forward to this summer again. Purchased one for my sister in Connecticut.
- Holly, MA
Seven chickadees! 2/22/2021
I've had one of these nesting balls in a tree for a few years and have had wren or chickadee residents each year. Last year the chickadees got there first...and hatched SEVEN babies! Our three-year-old grandson absolutely loved looking inside at all the little breaks after Nanny carefully removed the top half of the ball! After they fledged, I cleaned it out, and the house wrens took over. Easy to clean, very sturdy...am ordering another one! We have several Schwegler birdhouses from Kinsman, and they all host residents every year. Great product!
- Julie Maher, PA
Perfect Wren house 6/22/2020
I've had 2 wooden wren houses for over 12 years and every year they start to build a nest but never babies. First year I bought this they made their nest and had babies. They are sold out or I would buy more!! I'll keep checking back!
- Deirdre, CA
Great Bird House! 5/2/2019
We've had this house for a number of years now the wrens love it. We have a wooden house and yet they choose this one. Typically, we take the nest down over winter and this spring we put it up in April and we are delighted to host a nesting chickadee!
Organic birdhouse 6/1/2018
Love this bird house. It fits in well with our yard & looks great. So far no takers on it but hope to have a wren settle in soon.
- Suzanne Jeffery, OH
Wren House 4/1/2018
Just got it up so it will take sometime to get wrens but should be easy to clean and i really like it
- Virginia Spangler, IA
Home Sweet Home 5/12/2017
These little wren houses are just adorable. I think I have purchased 8 of them
- Peggy Halloran, MO
G1ZA 4/24/2016
This bird house was too heavy to hang on a tree branch . I gave it to Goodwill as I would have to pay to return it and it wasn't worth paying $20.*** We're very sorry you are disappointed with the Nesting Ball for Wrens. It does only weigh about 3 1/2 lbs. so it shouldn't be too heavy for most branches. ***
- Joy Richardson, CO
home tweet home 7/31/2015
this was a gift for my mother. she loved mine and the birds sure like them. They are very sturdy and cute
- Peggy Halloran, MO
Pappy 4/6/2015
Very nice quality. Have one, just bought two more. Chickadees love it year in and year out. Easy to clean.
- kelly, IN
wrenners 6/19/2014
Love this wren house and so does every bird that fits into the entry hole. I am on my third house, very sturdy cute and compact.
- Peggy Halloran, MO
Gardener 3/21/2014
This about my fifth one of these. They are expensive, but the birds, particularly wrens, really seem to like them. They are easy to hang, and clean and they seem to be fairly safe from predators. They are also lasting longer than my wooden bird houses.
- Charles Gleaves, OH
Green nesting ball 3/19/2014
Very satisfied with quality. It's too early for nesting, so I'm waiting to see if I get any customers in it. Very unique design.
- Jessica Ansley, GA
Nifty! 5/5/2012
Have 3 and am ordering another. Cannot say that I have seen birds in or near them, but each year I have old nests to clean out.
- Mulberry, MI
The nesting ball is hanging in the apple tree, visible from my kitchen. I am waiting to see who takes up occupancy. It blends nicely with the branches of the tree.
- Judy, CA
Love the durable material and shape of this house. Just hope it appeals to the birds as much!(Have only had it for a couple of weeks) Nesting season hasn't begun.
- Dana, KY