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Globe Ice Lantern Deluxe Kit

Globe Ice Lantern Deluxe Kit
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Detailed Description

Shells of ice filled with light, ice lanterns have been created for centuries around the world. Sometimes called "ice candles," these glass-like luminaries reveal the simple wonder of nature.

The Wintercraft System has been perfected through more than 30 years of field-testing. Easy to create, each ice lantern is uniquely beautiful.

Young and old, artist or scientist, you and your neighbors will love Wintercraft Globe Ice Lanterns.

Deluxe Kit makes 12 Globes and includes:

Detailed Instruction Guide
12 Heavyweight Biodegradable Balloons
3 Clean-burning Candles (35mm x 20mm each)
3 Easy-close Clips
2 Small Freezing Bases
1 Large Freezing Base
1 Insulating Disk (for freezer use)

Easy-close Clips, Freezing Bases, and Insulating Disk are REUSABLE.

Globe Ice Lanterns can last up to 10 hours indoors and throughout the winter outdoors, depending on conditions.

Made in the USA and 100% Biodegradable

Note: Wintercraft balloons are very strong. Only under very rare circumstances would one burst when making a globe to fit on the Wintercraft Large Freezing Base. In general, the balloon should be filled until it rests comfortably on the freezing base (it should not wobble or roll off). For a small base a balloon should be filled to about 8-10" in diameter or about 10-14 lbs of water. For a large base a balloon should be filled to about 11-13" in diameter or about 20-40 lbs of water.

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Great gift 1/1/2018
Purchased as gift for friends in Maine who advise they are so cool and they absolutely love them!!!!
- Mary Curren, DE
Very cool!! 3/4/2015
These were so much fun, so easy and so beautiful! I got them toward the end of winter, so I started on a smaller scale this year, but next winter I will have so many more! I put a battery votive on a timer inside so they turned on every night for four hours with a lovely glow on my deck.
- Linda, WI