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Garden Kneeler

Garden Kneeler
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Detailed Description

Please note the manufacturer has changed the color of the kneeler from DARK GREEN to DARK GRAY

This strong, single piece construction, dark gray kneeler/seat is a real winner and holds 200 lbs.!

Use it as a kneeler with grab handles and comfortable built in kneeler pad. Turn it over and use it as a sturdy garden seat. Convenient side pockets hold tools for easy reach.

Made in the UK from recycled materials.

13 1/2" high overall, 26" across, 9 1/2" front to back

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pouch and kneeling bench 4/6/2022
Very pleased with your products! One thing,I think they are pretty high in price. They seem to be good quality.Thank you!
- Helena Boyd, TN
Got this for my 86yr old mother that still loves to garden. 3/16/2022
This is a great product, gave it to my 86yr old mom, the loves using it to sit & garden as well as kneel, she told me it's so great I should order one for myself!
- TJ Boyd, TX
Great design 8/5/2021
I loved the one I bought last spring - right up until my new young shelter dog chewed it. I am back to buy another for me and one for a relative who has trouble getting up. I may give the old one to my dog.
- Patricia Heck, NM
Great product 4/13/2021
I can actually get from the ground, LOVE this garden kneeler
- Lynn Mattei, CT
Garden Kneeler 6/4/2020
This has been the best one I've found. The height is low enough to keep from turning over, yet high enough to be comfortable. Reversing it makes is easy to get down and sturdy enough to help stand back up!
- Ruth Sutton, GA
Quality design and manufacture!The kneeler bench and seat are th 4/13/2020
The kneeler bench are the obvious results of thoughts and tests. The height when inverted is just enough to comfortly rest ones handss on the leg bottoms to easily rise to a standing position. I did fjnd the knee pad a bit thin and was easily improved by cementing a thicker pad to the original supplied pad.Returning the bench to a sitting use is, also, well thought out as rising is also easily accomplished with or without placing ones hands on ghe outer edgss of the seat.For my own convenience, I have added two (2) D-rings with plates to the front or back faces of the bench, just under the seat over-hangs, to facilitate clipping a shoulder strap to the bench to aid in transporting the bench with hands full of tools and/or supplies.I would buy it again and certainly will show it tomy neighboring gardeners.
- Gene Pfeiffer, NY
Not Quite 4/11/2018
I like every feature of this bench except the height. I have had hip surgery and I wish this bench were 1-2 inches higher. I have a difficult time getting down and up.
- Caryl D, SC
garden kneeler 3/26/2018
Love this. When it first arrived I thought the plastic was cheap and wouldn't work for my 300lb weight. I was wrong. Very strong and helps me get up when I have been kneeling in the garden and even doing some household chores.
- Linda Kleinman, FL
She be loving it! 3/19/2018
I bought this for my cousin in FL. She said she was going to get a new one but hadn't gotten around to it. I didn't know that! We have Birthdays in the same month and a day apart. I always like to get her some kind of gardening thing be it plants or some kind of new tool and in this case a new stool. She loves it! So I did good!
- Liz Allen-Hart, CO
Garden Necessity! 3/5/2018
This is a great product. It let's me both sit and kneel in comfort while I'm doing all my gardening!!
- Sherri, LA
Garden Kneeler 3/3/2018
I love it,easy on and off. Yes the kneeling part can use a little more padding, but to me it worth the purchase and great price. I would recommend it.
- Blase Scatola, NY
Awesome 2/19/2018
I am a short person and have several stools to use in the garden. This is perfect for me just wish I had found it sooner!! Have used it both ways!
- Corrine Culbreth, NC
Buddy's Mom 2/9/2018
I bought this for the garden but use it in the house. I am 84 and can get down but I cannot get back up. This does the trick. I also use it for reaching into the bottom of closets and for cleaning that requires me to get down. Buying another to use in the garden
- Eleanor Krol, RI
Garden Kneeler 6/6/2017
I love Kinsman products. This is not one of them. The kneeling pad is very thin. It is not comfortable. The kneeler is somewhat light. Don't buy this look around for one with a thicker knee pad
- Brian Magliocco, DE
Garden kneeler 4/26/2017
Fabulous product with a great price and the perfect height for somebody with bunnies
- Kaye Martell, SC
Love this kneeler! 4/23/2017
I love this! My knees are bad so I can't really kneel but I sit on this as a small bench. It's great! Plus you can toss things in the side compartments that you don't want to misplace or the wind to blow away while you are working.
- Dina Fink, FL
Excellent buy! 4/22/2017
This was just what I needed to help me with my gardening needs. Very reasonably priced. Comfortable seating and when reversed, saves your knees. Not flimsy whatsoever. Handy side caddy for your gardening tools when seated. Made in England, too! Xlnt purchase!
- Tracy L., CA
Eedee 4/11/2017
It think it will work well for me. I like the pockets, as I will use it sitting. the problem is that we still have a lot of snow! so it will be a while before I am able to use it.
- Edith H., NH
good value 4/9/2017
It is a good product for the price.
- James Ernest, FL
Comfort...at last! 4/7/2017
I have tried several products through the years, but you can sit (with tools beside you) or kneel. The best part is having the supports on each side to help you up!
- Sue, AL
Perfect in every way! 3/26/2017
Not too high, not too short. Very sturdy and great pockets for tools. I can even stand on it when I need a boost . Recommend without reservations.
- Judy Murphy, NY
Great product! 3/14/2017
Lightweight, yet sturdy. Unique design with area on each side to hold tools. Great price!
- Roberta Klein, NY