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Flexi Tie

Flexi Tie
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New Size! Remarkable material from England is soft and stretchable UV stabilized plastic, so it is ideal for tying plants. Flexi Tie will stretch or give up to several times its original length, allowing for growth and expansion. Not only is it easy to tie and untie, it is reusable! The material is 2.5mm thick and comes in a 60 meter length (196 feet). Packed in a convenient net bag.

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The absolute best tie product 5/20/2023
I find this flexi tie in England and bring it home whenever I can. Ive never seen it in the US until at Kinsman. I use in on everything from shrubs to roses to any plants needing support. I then always re-use it. Fabulous product !
- Sally, MD
Works great! 3/27/2022
This is the easiest, most pleasant to use plant tie that I have tried, and I've tried a few.
- Pat Jeffries, OR
Amazing! 3/13/2022
Who knew there was such a product such as this to assist with keeping plants upright and attached to their poles. This is a great product - easy to use, easy to store in the attached mesh bag, and works like a charm. I couldn't be more excited for the gardening season to begin!
- Penny Creery, NY
The BEST brand of ties I have ever used thru out the years 11/28/2020
This is my second order. The Flexi Tie performed an excellent job for me. Unlike the other brands of 'ties', this is the BEST 'ties' I have used and I have used and experimented with many others over the years. It doesn't seem to be affected by UV and maintains its flexibility and integrities thru out the year/s. I normally tie things down loosely with room to be untied easily so that I can reuse it again and again. Great product. Thanks. I am sure I'll reorder in the future when needed.
- Pak, CA
Worth it. 8/12/2020
Wasn't sure if the cost of the Flexi Tie would be worth it. However it is so easy to handle to tie up heavy vegetable-laden branches or long-stemmed flowers, much easier to use than twine. I would definitely buy this again.
- Cheryl, OH
So Handy 4/23/2020
Really a fantastic garden tie. It is going to be replace twine and wire for most of my garden tasks. Thought it wouldn't be that special but you really need to try this.
- Mel, TX
Perfect ties for climbers 6/13/2019
A wonderful product that is flexible yet won't harm your plants. Easy to use and if all that's not enough, it's even reusable! As always, the folks at Kinsman give super, professional service.
- Christine F., AA
I have been waiting 4/19/2018
I love this stuff. It lasts forever and will untie to be used again and again. I had some several years ago and IT'S BACK!!!!!! YAY.
- anne brookie, IN
Flexi Tie 8/11/2017
Excellent cord for timing up all sorts of vines to arbors. It has the right amount of strength and stretch, so not to damage plants.
- Don McArthur, NY
Flex Tie 4/5/2017
looks promising
- Don McArthur, NY
Best Thing Ever 5/15/2016
This flexible tubing is wonderful: unobtrusive, reusable, long lasting and stretches with the growth of the plant.
- Claire Schaming, PA
FlexiTie 3/4/2016
By far the most versatile plant tie material I have every used. Easy to work with and very sturdy.
- Casandra Cansler, TN