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Fleece Cover - Large (2/pack)

Fleece Cover - Large (2/pack)
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These jackets with drawstrings are made from soft green, high quality plastic fleece and give instant protection against light frosts and damaging cold winds. Fleece allows light and moisture to filter through without condensation, maintaining healthy growth.
Very useful for protecting tender hanging baskets and containers when they are first brought out in Spring. Also, for extending the life of attractive planters during early frosts in Fall. It's so easy and quick to slip them on at nightfall, then remove them next morning.

The need for frost protection can vary from plant to plant. The hardiness of the variety, the harshness of weather and even where the plant is situated in the garden all need to be considered. A horticultural expert or local garden center will be able to offer specific advice for your plants. Easy Fleece Jackets can be doubled up to provide further protection during winter. Fleece jackets are designed for ease of use but do not guarantee the survival of your plant.

Ideal for larger containers.

71" tall x 47" across.

Two covers in each pack.

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Happy to get these bags. 10/30/2020
So happy these bags are available. Every year I struggle to get my patio mandevilla plants to the garage. Now I can move them to my screened-in patio, cover them up and they'll still get sun through the winter. This is so much more convenient.
- Elizabeth Saeger, GA
Covers are a Good Fit 11/13/2019
We wanted to shield a tree magnolia that is in our front yard due to high winds we get here. The cover fit perfectly, was easy to tie, and easy to secure. It should be reusable as well.
- Anita A., IL
Fig cover 12/6/2017
I purchased the large fleece cover which come two in a package one for me one for my daughter, great product. Have to wrap my fig tree every year in burlap which sometimes blows away. These covers are like bags with drawstrings. Love them.
- Helen Plencner, IN
Awesome! 11/26/2017
These fleece bags are perfect for winterizing our baby fig trees here in NC!
- Jane, NC
Fleece Covers 3/15/2017
I purchased the medium and large fleece cover in Nov. 2015. I didn't use them last winter. I did you them this winter (2016). We removed what was left of them March 1st. There were many rips. My wife threw them away. It was a good idea that just didn't work.
- Greg Wilkins, LA
Large Fleece Covers 12/28/2016
These fleece covers are really nice for covering your plants when the temperatures dip below freezing. However, unless your plants are in somewhat of a protected spot, they won't keep them from freezing, if the temperature remains below freezing for an extended period, unfortunately. What is good about them is that sun, air, and rain get through the fabric, and the drawstring makes them very easy to put on, keep on, and take off. The fabric, because it is breathable is a bit fragile, and will tear, if not handled with some care. The large ones will go around a large container, but they are designed for a tall plant, so there is a lot of fabric leftover if you only bought the large for pot circumference. Overall, I would recommend them, but keep in mind they will not keep plants from prolonged freezing temperatures in an unprotected location. I would rate them a 4.5 for that reason, but that isn't an option.
- Julie, OK
Fleece Bags 12/3/2013
These bags are amazing!! They are the handiest thing since sliced bread, especially in the Deep South where we have extreme changes in temperature. They last for years!!
- jl, AL