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Extra Large Coco-Fiber Block 11 lbs.

Extra Large Coco-Fiber Block 11 lbs.
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Detailed Description

Coir (coconut fiber) is a completely natural byproduct of the huge coconut growing industry of the island of Sri Lanka. Coir is an excellent growing medium for all kinds of containers and baskets. Improves other potting mixes when you blend them together. It retains plenty of moisture, but is very porous which allows for good air circulation and healthy root development of seedlings and cuttings. It is sterilized for freedom from weeds and plant pathogens.

11 LB. SIZE! Compressed 5 to 1

Makes about 20 gallons.

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Coco Fiber Brick 7/10/2020
This was by far the best deal for this amount of product! It was shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. Used originally for repotting Monstera Deliciosa but will likely use for future plant propagation as well. Happy to support a local, Pennsylvanian company by purchasing through Kinsman Garden!
- Jane, PA
Coco Block 3/17/2020
I't hard to review this item as I haven't used it yet. I can say it was a fair price. I do look forward to seeing how it does and if it works well I will buy more. This is why I am giving it four stars for now.
- T. Jedlicka, KS
Large Coir b;ocks 3/26/2019
Exactly as ordered. Nice and clean and makes a lot
- Sherry Keith, IL
Simply The Best! 5/22/2018
After 10 years, I had to replace all of my hay rack liners, soil & content, of course. Adding the coconut brick to the potting soil was so beneficial. Made it go further & added much needed moisture to the mix! Best decision I ever made! Great product!!!
- Eileen Kennard, NJ
coir 3/14/2018
product is very good
Love this! 5/13/2017
We have heavy clay plus some sandy soil & after years of trying to amend with peat moss, coco fiber is the clear ticket. I use it for mulch in the summer, than work it into soil in the fall. Highly recommend!
- Susan, WI
Coir 5/7/2017
Love this stuff...mixed 50/50 with good soil it really makes plants happy.
- Helen Slate, CO
Order 4/9/2017
Great product
- Sandy Bacas, VA
Good stuff! 4/8/2017
Coir is a great basis for making your own potting soil. I mix this with chopped leaves, perlite, very little peat, an organic planting soil, some humus, and sometimes water gel/slow release fert. Once you hydrate it, you can keep it in a container to use as needed. I keep buying it every year.
- a., PA
WOW 3/21/2017
Ordered large as I had several large pots to fill and the amount worked out well. Only con It was so hard to separate the block I had to break it all don at one time. Had I known I would have oped for the three package choice.Very happy with this growing medium.
- Susan, IL
Love This Stuff 7/29/2016
I started using coir fiber last year to amend the compact soil in my garden. It sure did work and I want to be sure I have some on hand.
- Aline, NJ
Qualityoverprice 4/21/2016
Second time buyer! Used 8 gallons this time with great results. Makes pots, hanging and standing, so much lighter!
- Suzanne, MS
Large Coir Block 5/1/2015
Pleasantly surprised
- James M., GA
This is it! 2/25/2015
I have found my life-long planting medium. Fine enough for seed starting and light enough for hanging and large planters. Stored extra 1 on top shelf in mud room! The directions don't say but if you use the whole block you need 10 gallons of water. Make sure the container is water-tight- I found out my wagon liner isn't.
- Suzanne King, MS