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Extra 4 Foot Length Leaves Away

Extra 4 Foot Length Leaves Away
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Extra 4' Length of Gutter Guards
Made in USA

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Gutter Guards a Plus 12/2/2016
The good is that these metal guards will hold up much better than the plastic versions that I had purchased at the hardware the store. Now the question of the season - will the guards remain in place throughout the snow season and the weight of the snow? The clips holding the guards in place seem very weak and too loose on the gutters to hold them firm, even now without snow here yet. We'll see and I'll let you know if they pass the test in the spring!
- Tom Franzmeier, CO
Gutter Guards 10/23/2016
Easy to install, plastic clips need work. hard to figure out then some hold some don't. I don't think they will last. Screwed the guards down with self tapping screws. Leaves are falling but none are in my gutter. Waiting on the first rain to see if the run off exceeds the absorbing capacity.
- Alfred, KY