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EverEdge Tree Rings

EverEdge Tree Rings
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SOLD OUT until Fall 2023 EEAG21 - EE Brown 2 Ft. Diameter $52.95
SOLD OUT until Fall 2023 EEAG31 - EE Brown 3 Ft. Diameter $78.95
SOLD OUT until Fall 2023 EEAG41 - EE Brown 4 Ft. Diameter $92.95
EEAG51 - EE Brown 5 Ft. Diameter $112.95
EEAGS21 - EE Slate 2 Ft. Diameter $52.95
SOLD OUT until Fall 2023 EEAGS31 - EE Slate 3 Ft. Diameter $78.95
EEAGS41 - EE Slate 4 Ft. Diameter $92.95
EEAGS51 - EESlate 5 Ft. Diameter $112.95
EEAGB21 - EE Black 2 Ft. Diameter $52.95
EEAGB31 - EE Black 3 Ft. Diameter $78.95
EEAGB41 - EE Black 4 Ft. Diameter $92.95
SOLD OUT until Fall 2023 EEAGB51 - EE Black 5 Ft. Diameter $112.95

Detailed Description

EVEREDGE Classic Tree Rings come in two, three, four and five pre-curved sections that bolt together to form a perfect circle. It's the same material and design as Classic EverEdge.

Just cut the hole in your grass and tap the Tree Ring into place. Keeps tree trunk safe from mower and nylon cord damage.

Galvanized EverEdge ring stays firmly in place with gripping spikes.

Available in Brown, Slate or Black

2 Foot Diameter 2-piece Tree Ring
3" edging with 3" spikes
6" deep overall 1.6mm thick
weight 4.4 lbs.

3 Foot Diameter 3-piece Tree Ring
3" edging with 3" spikes
6" deep overall 1.6mm thick
weight 6.6 lbs.

4 Foot Diameter 4-piece Tree Ring
3" edging with 3" spikes
6" deep overall 1.6mm thick

5 Foot Diameter 4-piece Tree Ring
3" edging with 3" spikes
6" deep overall 1.6mm thick

NEW! Please note that different diameter tree rings or multiple packages of the same size CANNOT be combined to create a larger diameter!

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Nice product, and good customer service 3/23/2021
The tree rings are good quality, and the customer service is very good. Was missing some hardware (bolts), and customer service responded very quickly, and shipped them out immediately.
- Heather K, CA
It was exactly what I needed 2/7/2021
The ring is quite durable & easy to install. The width is perfect so you get enough material in the ground & still have some to work with. The ground was soft enough that I could tap it in with a rubber mallet. I would definitely recommend this product.
- Dan, AZ
Attractive and functional 11/20/2020
This EverEdge Classic Tree Ring worked out very well, and it was easier to bolt together and place than I was anticipating. I'm very happy with it.
- Frances, NY
Tree rings 10/28/2020
I was not happy the metal seemed cheap and not sturdy,
- Josie, NC
Tree Rings make plantings look Professional 9/24/2020
The hardest part of installing these rings, it to measure your circle first, then dig the edge where you want it to go. Once that is done, the ring parts go together easily, and placing & pounding it in is a snap, especially if you have a helper!
- George A, NY
Perfect! 8/12/2020
I wanted to redo my garden and this time make everything a bit more permanent. I planted a Japanese Maple tree inside the ring and looks great. Very sturdy.
- Erin Lim, CA
Tree Ring 7/21/2020
Love it! So easy to install. Planning on ordering the edging too!
- Betty Jo, LA
Tree Ring 7/21/2020
Love it! So easy to install. Planning on ordering the edging too!
- Betty Jo, LA
Great product 7/12/2020
I bought the ever edge lawn edging a few years ago and am very happy with it. I agree with the commenter who said have an extra pair of hands to help unless your installation is completely straightforward. Anyway I Planted a couple of pear trees in the lawn this spring, initially dug out a circle of sod and placed mulch but it got messy in very short order, mulch sliding into the grass, getting munched in the mower. I remembered these tree rings! They were back ordered so I had to wait. Just got them installed last night and couldn't be more pleased. I love that they bolt together. I would have liked that with the lawn edging too. My one issue with the edging is that when pounding in successive sections, the previous section sometimes pops apart. The tree ring doesn't do that. Bravo!
- Kathie, MI
The best on the market 5/26/2020
I would never bother putting in any other edging but Everedge. I have used it for years, and the performance and appearance is truly superior to anything else I have seen on the market.
Solved my problem! 5/9/2020
I planted a young tree and our lawn service kept knocking the trunk trying to weed wack the grass around it, so I purchased one of these and it's very durable, strong, nicely made and super sharp points. Best price I could find too and it solved the problem!
- Donna, PA
Just What I Wanted 5/2/2020
I am very pleased with the EverEdge Classic Tree Ring. I'm actually using it to define a circular area where I've planted flower bulbs. I bought the 4' one, and it was really easy to assemble and to install. Good product!
- Rebecca Mays, NC
Please fence me in 6/3/2019
I bought a tree ring and edging for the front flowerbed. Sturdy product. I found it best to have a second set of hands especially when I came to bending the contours. I have a path way in the back that has become overcome by some invasive brass button ground cover. I will need to cut them to size, so I am curious as to how that will go.
- William, WA
Great Product 5/22/2018
This is the second time we have ordered the lawn edging system, once for a straight line and once for circles. Both worked perfectly, very good quality.
- Joan, IL
Slow Shipping 9/5/2017
Ordered on 8/14 Delivery is scheduled on 9/12
- Scott Chvatal, KS
Great product 6/11/2017
Easy installation and looks great.
- Maureen, IN
Great product 6/10/2017
The best edging I have ever used. The tree ring works great.
- Charles, OH
everedge 6/7/2017
product is still new to us but installation was easy and looks good
- Kevin, VT
EverEdge Edging 6/2/2017
Great product, well made and easy to assemble
- JR, UT
owner 5/16/2017
Wish had ordered the 4' circle as the 2' is really very small
- K.Cooke, CT
Tree ring 3/20/2017
Excellent solution for neat and tidy tree and lawn
- Theresa Schwarzer, TX
Bad Screws 9/27/2016
I don't typically have time to write reviews, but I feel the need. I have now purchased 8 of these tree rings, and the last few I have received had bad screws or nuts in the hardware packets. As expensive as this product is, would expect better quality hardware to be included. *** We're very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and wish you had contacted Customer Service directly. Our supplier did experience an issue with the screws on a small production run earlier this year but did immediately correct the problem. ***
- Steve, CO
Great product 9/13/2016
Looks great and helps to keep grass neatly away from tree trunks
- Barbara A, TX
What a great company! 9/6/2016
I am glad I found this company they have so many products that you just can't find at your local home improvement store. It is nice to have unique items in your garden. I would reccomend this company to all of my friends.Warren HoltDiamond Bar, Ca.
- Warren Holt, CA
Tree ring 5/17/2016
Quite pleased with the tree ring. It was an easy set up and makes immediate impact in the garden. Pleased with service from Kinsman.
- AJ Ogilvie, DC
The nuts and bolts of it 4/24/2016
Rings are quality - be prepared to buy carriage bolts and nuts.The ones that come with it need tap and die work for the nuts to fit the bolts. Few people have taps and dies around the house.*** We're very sorry you had to purchase nuts and bolts. This is not a typical situation and we wish you would have contacted Customer Service prior to obtaining new hardware. ***
- Philip D, FL
Great edging! 6/24/2015
This product went into the ground very easily, and looks fantastic! I have had multiple comments from neighbors. It is so solid, looks like it will last forever. All of your products are so well made, sturdy, and look great. Thank you for being!
- Fred Westenfeld, VT
5 ft Tree Ring 4/13/2015
Assembly was quick and I use it to keep gravel in a fountain recovery
- Walter Squires, CA
Looks Great 11/19/2014
Easy to use and looks great, gave a nice sharp line between the grass and the bark dust. Definitely recommend this.
- Linda, OR
Perfect!!!! 8/11/2014
Just perfect for a bird bath!!!
- Ei, CT
Tree ring 6/6/2014
Ordered this and had it installed. I love how it defines my tree from the grass and will protect tree from weedeater damage.
- Sherry M, WA
Everedge 5/14/2014
Wonderful product!
- Lorna, CO
Good quality.metal tree rings - instructions could be improved 4/24/2014
The directions were a little sparse and haven't been updated for the 5 foot wide ring - would have appreciated info on the nut size so I could quickly get the correct socket wrench for it.
- Robert Affleck, WA
Excellent Product 3/16/2014
We received the Everedge ring today the the quality and weight of the product was fantastic.
- Lisa Motts, IL
Everedge tree ring 12/4/2013
I haven't installed the tree ring yet as I need to order another one but, I really like EverEdge edging. It looks really great next to our garden where I had installed EverEdge already.
- Lorna Cave, CO