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EverEdge Lawn Edging

EverEdge Lawn Edging
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SOLD OUT until Fall-EVED3 Brown 3 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $79.95
SOLD OUT until Fall - EVED4 Brown 4 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $99.95
EVED5 Brown 5 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $114.95
SOLD OUT until Fall-EVEDB3 Black 3 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $79.95
SOLD OUT until Fall-EVEDB4 Black 4 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $99.95
EVEDB5 Black 5 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $114.95
EVEDS3 Slate 3 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $79.95
EVEDS4 Slate 4 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $99.95
EVEDS5 Slate 5 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $114.95
EVEDCT4 Cor-Ten 4 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $145.95
EVEDCT5 Cor-Ten 5 Inch EverEdge (5 pcs./pack) $165.95

Detailed Description

The essential ingredient to a fine Landscaping Project. For Gardens, Parks, Malls, Showplaces and well tended Gardens.

EverEdge is all-in-one. There are no separate stakes or parts to come loose. Each 39" section locks permanently into the next. Sharp angles, tight curves or circles can be pre-formed by bending over a wooden edge. Once you've made a neat edge (for the last time), place a block of wood on top of EverEdge and hammer into the ground to 1/2" below your cut grass level. Link EverEdge by locking onto the previous piece.

Each pack contains 5 - 1 meter (39") sections (6.7" overall inc. spike). Approximately 1.6 mm thick (or about 1/16th")

Made in England of galvanized steel.

To determine number of packs needed for a specific project, simply divide number of feet needed by 15.42 and this will determine how many pkgs are needed.

Here is the breakdown:
1 pack = 5 metres or about 16.25 feet
Less overlap of about 6% = 4.7 metres or about 15.42 feet
(Take # of feet x .30480 to determine # of meters - 450 x .30480 = 137.16. Rounded up this becomes 137.2) Using 450 feet as example: 450 feet = 137.2 metres (137.2 / 4.7 = 29.18) so in this case 30 packs would be required. (1 foot equals .3048 meters)

One pack of EverEdge will edge about 15 1/2 feet of lawn, path, etc.

EverEdge has a Stardard Wire Gauge of 16

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good product 3/14/2022
Even though these edging are kind of pricey, they are worth the money. They don't oxidate or corrode. They last for a long, long, long time. I specially love the semi circle because it's easy to set around any tree.
Professional look 5/15/2021
My wife and I were constantly fighting the Bermuda grass from invading our garden bed for years. We decided to spend the extra money and purchase the EverEdge heavy duty 5 lawn edging. It has made a SIGNIFICANT difference in keeping a sharp edge to our garden bed and weeding less painful. If you are trying to keep invasive Bermuda at bay, I highly recommend this product. It is worth the extra $ in the time less spent trying to keep a nice edge every spring season.
- Kevin Myers, NC
professional looking garden 4/15/2021
I have slowly been adding this wonderful EverEdge lawn edging for my garden. Wow, I am so impressed by the way it has improved the look of the whole garden! I get comments from the neighbors and see their admiring looks. The reality is that nothing has changed much in my garden - only the edging. It is what young people call kicking it up a notch. The benefit to me, beyond the neighbors' appreciative comments and glances, is that I have been inspired to step up my game and have added plants and been more vigilant about weeding! A great product. I will keep adding bits until the whole garden is neatly edged.
- Sheelagh Manheim, MO
Excellent landscape edging 4/15/2021
Easy to work with and very strong. Set in place and use hammer and block of wood to bang in place. Edge attachments to join pieces together are not the easiest to work with. Other than that it's great.
- Robert Martire, GA
Love the finished look 4/3/2021
We love the Everedge we bought at Kinsman. It gives a clean, finished look to our planting beds.
- Lisa Campbell, PA
Great product! 11/7/2020
I was trying to find edging material for a walkway along the side of my house, and I couldn't find anything I liked at the nurseries around town. It all looked cheap and probably wouldn't last very long. After doing an online search I discovered EverEdge and was instantly intrigued. I decided this was the sort of thing I was looking for. And the bonus factor was that Kinsman offered the product. It was a couple of weeks before my back yard project was ready for installation of the edging, and now that it's in I am so happy with it. I installed it myself and found it very easy to do. It was a little tricky to get the first couple of connectors lined up but I quickly got the hang of it. EverEdge is very heavy and sturdy, as well as handsome. I am 100% satisfied and confident it will last forever - probably longer than the house! In addition, the customer service at Kinsman is fantastic. I had a question about the color of the edging I ordered and received a call back in less than 5 minutes. That's unheard of! Both representatives I talked to were very friendly and helpful.
- Susan Wilson, CA
Everedge the best 10/18/2020
My 3rd order of Everedge. This edging is solid but easy to work with. Goes together easily stays together. Durable and stays looking good!
- David, NC
Just what the lawn dr. ordered! 9/28/2020
Was the perfect solution to add some height to a bed that was overflowing during more intense rain. Now mulch stays in place and water drains off.
- Jim Zambito, DE
Excellent Border Material 9/27/2020
We've bought 9 packs of this border so far, and plan to buy several more as the weather cools and we can work outside more. It is holding up well, and your service and price have been exceptional.
- Deborah George, FL
Really Sturdy Edging 9/27/2020
I purchased the brown 4 EverEdge lawn edging. It is very sturdy and attractive. Easy to install and interlock each section.
- Susan, FL
Perfect Edging 9/17/2020
This is to add on to what we already have. Easy to install. Makes the edge of our landscaping look crisp and well finished. After several years in the ground still looks great!
- Vicki Mazeika, WV
Garden edging 9/16/2020
We like this edging quite a bit. It's the second time we have ordered it for our home. It's easy to work with and install and is rugged and long lasting. It is on the pricey side but worth the extra cost
- David Yager, NH
EverEdge Lawn Edging 9/16/2020
Very happy with the product so far. Looks great.
- Erma Waddell, CA
Best edging 8/21/2020
This edging is fantastic. Very durable and easy to install. Love the way each piece locks with the previous piece. Would highly recommend.
- Sharon Hann, IL
So professional looking 8/3/2020
They are fairly easy to install and SO beautiful when completed. Love this edging!
- CJ, IL
Worth every penny 7/13/2020
I used this to provide the border between a thick St. Augustine lawn and a gravel pathway that I installed along the front of my house. Although it was very difficult to pound the edging into our hard clay soil, once in, I knew it wasn't coming out again, either. We had to leave it a little higher than ground level in order to hold in the gravel, but it has been fine. I've used other forms of edging in my landscaping, but they have been nowhere near as effective. Not a blade of grass has gotten under the Ever-Edge, and it has stayed exactly where I put it. I am very pleased with this product. It was pricey, but worth it.
- Anne, TX
Awesome Product 7/12/2020
My husband purchased tree rings and straight edging. We have always used brick stones in the past and this product was so easy to place the edging. We also loved it came in a variety of colors to match our house colors. The product arrived quickly even during COVID. In fact, we loved it so much we placed a third order to add to another area of our yard. It saves lots of time with trimming too, we just drive the lawnmower right along the edging. We highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed!
- Laura Essington, IL
EverEdge border 7/6/2020
We just finished installing EverEdge landscaping border. Love it! Install was easy, and it looks great!
- Madonna Damour, NY
great stuff 7/2/2020
I bought my everedge back in march and installed it shortly after. It is easy to install and looks awesome. It is pricey but I think it is worth the price.
- zach runia, UT
Quality edging 6/24/2020
This edging looks beautiful around our large tree. The tree is somewhat elevated and our mulch ends up in the grass. We bought the 4 inch and it holds the mulch very well. It is heavy duty and takes some work to round it around the tree. Excellent quality. Would definately buy again.
- Diane, NE
Attractive solution 6/21/2020
My patio needed an edging to hold back mulch around bushes. I liked the metal sturdiness of the EverEdge Lawn edging and the clean, classic look. It was installed easily and shaped with simple bends at the ends of the patio. I also liked the 15 year life expectancy so I don't have to replace it like plastic edging. The choice of different heights was another important feature. I am very pleased with this product.
- Nancy, IL
EverEdge great product 6/17/2020
Just wish we'd gotten higher than the 3.
- linda krewson, NH
Looks great 6/11/2020
The ground beside our front walk was coming over the old edging. Just had this installed yesterday and it looks great. The 5 made it easy to clear the front walk and still be anchored tightly.
- Leah F, MD
repeat excellence 6/10/2020
This is my second EverEdge purchase. Installation in my rocky soil was difficult as expected, but the resulting clean edge and promise of a halt to Bermuda grass invasion made it worth the effort!
- Sandra Snyder, NC
Absolutely the best ! 6/6/2020
I have installed Everedge at my homes in Florida and Pennsylvania. And it is absolutely the best. Because it is straight up and down mowers don't knick or scratch it and it stays looking at great at when first installed. Installation is easy to do if you follow the instructions and I think it goes much faster if 2 folks are involved. I would buy this product again and certainly recommend it to anyone who wants an edging that adds beauty and durability and no maintenance.
- Donna Grove, PA
Fencing 5/26/2020
Great product and I think I fixed my rabbit problem.
Great Product/Easy to install 5/24/2020
Purchased this edging system to place against a sidewalk to keep mulch from spilling over. Installation was easy and it works. It's been a few weeks and the finish has weathered to a very nice bronze looking color. Would definitely recommend this and would buy again.
- Mike S, MO
Keep Control of your Patio 5/20/2020
Works very well, easy to install if you follow their instructions. Looks excellent.
- John Clatworthy, MA
Even better than expected! 5/16/2020
Ordered steel lawn edging after tiring or replacing the less expensive versions we have purchased locally in the past. It was easy to put together and bend. Just the task of adding the simple classic edging has tales my small garden area near the mail box up a big leap! Keeps the mulch from floating off during heavy rains. Very satisfied will purchase items again for sure! Great instructional video link as well.
- Janet, GA
Great product 5/13/2020
I got this edging for a walkway I was putting it. I needed something to hold the path stones in place as it was on a hillside. The edging allowed me to configure it as I needed. Very easy to install and bend to fit the landscape.
- Anne McMahon, CT
Solid edging 5/9/2020
Very well made and sturdy. The ad says it can be curved but it would take some doing. Great as a strait piece.
- Kerry Duncan, OH
Second thoughts 5/7/2020
I am starting a new garden with a historic home of Victorian vintage. The garden I designed is more formally laid out than anything I've done before and part of that is an area of turf to walk through the garden. In the past, I used a deep V shape cut into the turf to distinguish the bed edge and discourage grass from encroaching into the bed. I thought this garden needed something a bit more formal. I love corten steel and thought this would be just the ticket. It pays to do the research before purchasing. I thought this could be aligned and then tapped in to the ground. Not so. First a deep v shape trench has to be cut in and then the steel can be tapped in and the top of the metal edging has to be even with the turf line. Had I known this ahead of time, I would have just done my normal trenching, instead of having to do double the work, plus I have very little confidence this edging is going to make it that deeply into the ground even with vigorous pounding. The areas I am working in are very rocky and under quite a few trees. On top of that, the included instructions were very vague on how to connect each piece; it wasn't until I watched the video on Youtube that it was made clear how that was to work. All that being said, the product itself is definitely sturdy heavy gage material. Just not sure how, or if, I will be able to use it.
- rhea, OH
Works well 5/4/2020
This is a very sturdy metal edging that is best for separating lawn from garden. So long as you don't have a lot of roots or big rocks in your soil, it is easy to install. I was able to install 18 sections/60 linear feet by myself in under two hours. The one tricky part is that as you pound in new sections (and absolutely be sure to use a rubber mallet), sections already in place might rise up a bit, so you have to go back and forth to keep the upper edge level all along the length. I don't yet know how it will look when it has weathered; I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it weathers as advertised and ends up with the color I want.
- Richard Siegel, MA
Everedge lawn edging 4/28/2020
East to install, very sturdy, professional results. Powder coating chips when bending the edging. Beats any rubber, resin or plastic.
- Pam, NY
Tidy edges 4/27/2020
I bought one kit with 5 pieces which is perfect for a strip of sidewalk next to my garage. It installed easily though I had to bend two of the points because the sidewalk had extra dried concrete bulging under the surface along the edge. I'm 75 years old and found it easy to install, I hope the edging lasts because I like the tidy appearance while the edging holds back mulch and grass next to it.
Great stuff! 4/17/2020
This is an excellent, easy to install and great looking product. Beautiful addition to our garden's appearance.
- Chuck Fegley, NJ
Nice product 4/12/2020
Worked really well. Have a nice clean edge now between my garden and my lawn. Ordered the 4 deep product and then wondered if it would penetrate the clay soil and stones I have. But it worked, does look a lot better, and should keep the grass from intruding into my garden.
- Eric T, PA
Second time ordering them. 4/5/2020
Planning to remove a small section of grass and making a flower garden and using them for the border.
- Eloisa Armenta, CA
Installing EverEdge - Best Decision! 3/27/2020
When we had our walkway and patio redone I decided to increase my plantings along the outside of the walkway. I had looked at EverEdge for a couple of years and hesitated because of the price; but decided to put it in when we had this work done. Since our projects never are simple I was concerned this wouldn't go well! However, to our surprise the installation was a breeze! I must say the cost of EverEdge was with every penny! It's been three years since we installed it and my edges are still perfect! The woman who runs the landscaping company that did our walkway and patio. stopped over last year and couldn't believe how great the edges looked! Being in the northeast I was concerned about winter heave as other edging we have used always popped up in the spring. Our EverEdge hasn't moved at all! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! This year I needed to re-edge another area in my garden. I am going to order more EverEdge and redo this area as well! I do have one question. My plan in the fall is to enlarge my planting area along the area where we first used EverEdge. I assume I will be able to move the EverEdge. Yes?
- Kathleen Luria, NY
better design edging 2/9/2020
I bought the 5 inch high edge because we keep our grass high and it was climbing over the 3-in edging. Also the shorter length makes it easier to install and store. The attached stakes are a definite plus. The edging is expensive but will last for decades. My 3-in edging is 25 years old, rusty, still in use.
- Annie Costello, TX
Great - but take your time and do it right 1/20/2020
It worked out great - the 2nd attempt. I cut a thin line as the outline then tried to use a mallet to hammer into place. No matter how soft your ground is - cut a trench a few inches wide and deep. then you can lay it out start hooking them together and get your curves just right while the spikes hold everything into place. Then lightly tap to level and bury the spikes. Backfill. Took an 1 1/2 hours to do it the wrong way (with much frustration) and looked terrible. It took exactly the same amount of time without any frustration doing it the right way and it looks fantastic.
- Roger Grant, OK
Excellent quality 12/31/2019
This is permanent edging, sturdy, easy to install.
- Martha Failing, TX
EverEdge Lawn Edging is great stuff 11/12/2019
This edging is made to last. Easy to install, did our 100' yard in an hour or so.
- Butch, WA
Great products 10/21/2019
These edging items really bring your landscaping into a new catagory. They make your beds and or tree pits crisp and well designed. These also help to retain the garden edges and confines mulch behind it. Love your everedge
- V. Peeples, PA
Excellent! 10/1/2019
I purchased this product years ago and now have a span of time and history while in use. It has provided lawn edging to protect hedges and also provided a frame for pathways. It was installed extremely carefully, following instructions. We have not had a single issue. Hence, the reason for purchasing again.
- Robin Byers, CA
Great product 8/11/2019
Our landscaper has been progressively reducing our lawn area with zealous edging and we were looking for a way to put an end to it. Enter EverEdge Lawn Edging. This was easy to install, and is more aesthetically pleasing. All in all, the perfect solution to our problem. Thank you Kinsman.
- Malathi, GA
Permanent Edging 7/7/2019
Expensive, but this is the last edging you'd ever need to install. The steel is flexible to conform to curves, and the interlocking panels keep sections from lifting or heaving. Everedge makes a sturdy edge for mowing and string trimming.
- Louise Clarke, PA
Steel edging 6/29/2019
This steel edging makes our border look very nice. It's has a subtle effect. My husband dug a shallow trench and used a mallot to tap it in. We have a nice curve around our plants. This product cost more elsewhere online and was not available in our area. We're very pleased with it.
- Ida B, WA
great edging....very sturdy...a little pricey but well worth it...easy 6/15/2019
very sturdy...a little pricey but well worth it...easy to work with and it'll last for a very long time...i highly recommend this stuff.....love it...i'm using it to keep the mulch in my yard from not spilling onto the sidewalk
- john ferguson, VA
EverEdge lost quality 6/15/2019
Over the past years I bought the EverEdge product. I continue doing it to finish the garden project. However, the quality of the product is not the same as it was at first. Now when you bend the metal (as instructed) the paint starts to peel off. That why I cannot give 5 out of 5.
- Steve, MI
I'm sure this works for someone, just not for me. 6/11/2019
This would be beautiful if I could install it. As I worked my way down each length of the edging, the part I had already hammered in popped out. I was trying this on a newly created, newly edged bed after it had rained so the ground was soft, but still could not get this installed as deep as it should have been. It might work better in light, sandy soils where it can be easily pushed in, but didn't work for me. Glad I only bought a minimal amount to try. My intention was to purchase more if it worked to complete all my beds, but that won't be necessary.
- Marcia Neuburger, MD
Lawn edging 5/31/2019
I've used this product before - it works great - can be hammered in to edge garden from the lawn and lawn mower goes right over it.
- Julia Worth, MA
Great edging 5/31/2019
I installed this product around a front flowerbed. I was able to bend a couture to make a nice sweep around a tree and then tie it in to my fence. the clips take a little effort but seem to hold the unit together as one. can't wait to see how it looks relining a back garden path that has been invaded by invasive brass button ground cover.
- William, WA
Ever Edge 5/23/2019
Good product, looks great ,fairly easy to install , quick delivery .Very satisfied highly recommend this product.
- Edward J, NY
New flowerbed using EverEdge edging 5/22/2019
I love this product. It is very simple to use. I used it to create a 33 ft flowerbed by myself. I highly recommend it.
- Robin, TX
Everedge 5/7/2019
The product is nice; however, the Cor-ten color looks like a copper color on the screen; however, it comes gray in color and as soon as it rains itturns rust colored. It doesn't look like copper but looks like rust!
- Cynthia Butch, PA
Brown EverEdge Edging 3/31/2019
I am very pleased with the results of putting this edging down. I only needed my neighbor's help in bending a corner of the edging. I did everything else by myself and I am 76 years old. My husband is an invalid so he could not help me. Thank you for this edging.
- Marjorie Bain, TX
Edging 3/19/2019
Great product Easy to install!
- Diane Stelzner, MD
The good stuff 12/5/2018
This edging is awesome and virtually indestructible. I've had several landscaping projects at my home this year and my recent order was probably about the 5th order I've placed. Turned step-son onto it too. Great product!
- David Armentrout, FL
everedge 11/19/2018
a good product
- John Gilrein, NY
Terrible 11/7/2018
This metal edge is way too thin and bends everytime anything touches it. We wasted over $2200 on this and we will need to replace it. I do not recommended
- Anna, NY
Best Edging 11/4/2018
EverEdge is a fantastic product. I ordered enough for a particular project and was so pleased with the product that I have placed two more orders since for other projects and have recommended it to others who have also purchase the product. Pricey, but worth it considering the quality, appearance, and longevity.
- David Armentrout, FL
Compliment 8/15/2018
I have used metal edging for years for its strength & dependability, kinsman gardens product is awesome and so easy to install . I installed 5 boxes of 5 units 120 linear feet. In less than 90 minutes.
- Jeff Doherty, MA
flower bed edging 8/15/2018
Liked ever edge better when screws connected pieces. The current system is harder to do and doesn't stay connected.
- Barbara, TX
Great Product 7/31/2018
Thank you Kinsman for such quick delivery of this edging. It really creates an attractive clean separation between my yard and mulched flower bed.
- Cathy Moore, VA
Ever Edge Lawn Edging 7/25/2018
This is the best edging ever- expensive but worth it! I edged all of my trees-looks so professional and very easy to mow lawn without sheering off the grass! My goal is to do my whole yar I have ordered this product about 7 times and plan on ordering more till my yard is complete! waiting for free shipping sale makes a difference on this product!
- Ruth Linda, MA
Perfect Edging 7/1/2018
EverEdge is a truly excellent product. Easy to install and lasts for years.
- David, FL
Awesome product 6/27/2018
This edging is more sturdy then I ever dreamed, it was easy to install, I shaped it as I had dreamed I could and it works! So happy I have a product that REALLY is as sold to be! Thank you
- Linda, ND
Nice 6/19/2018
I have installed about half of the everedge border as well as the tree ring. The installation is simple and makes the borders look great.
- Bob Seaver, OH
everedge 6/16/2018
easy to install; looks great
- Susan Scruton, OH
EverEdge Lawn Edging 6/10/2018
Extremely, extremely pleased with quality of EverEdge Lawn Edging that I purchased + the shipping was earlier then what I expected. I would sincerely recommend product.
- Gigi Brown, VA
Wonderful Stuff 6/8/2018
Love the way this looks. Still need more to finish my entire yard. Easy to install and looks great.
- Mary Anne, OH
Very good product. 6/1/2018
Worked out as I expected
- Herbert J, FL
Really nice 5/22/2018
Did exactly what it was supposed to, easy to install, looks great!
- Erica, FL
EverEdge Lawn Edging-best product ever! 5/16/2018
This is the best edging I have ever seen. Very easy to install and it looks beautiful around my trees. I have already ordered it 3 more times-will continue each year til my yard is finished in this edging.
- Ruth-Linda, MA
EverEdge lawn edging 4/27/2018
This edging is amazing
- Linda Peterson, PA
Ever Edge 4/18/2018
The ever edge was easier to install than i thought. It looks great. Kinsman Company was great at shipping the Ever Edge very quickly and keeping me updated on its progress during shipping. The rusted patina is starting already. This is Seattle so thinks move fast in the rain. The look is looking good.
- John Shafchuk, WA
Awesome Product 4/16/2018
The EverEdge product I purchased totally fit the bill. Easy to install, good quality.
- Dee Romito, FL
Home gardener 4/8/2018
Delivered fast and was so easy to install. It was exactly what I wanted
- Dianne, NY
Love it! 4/5/2018
This was easy to install. It bent well at the corners. It keeps the soil from running onto the sidewalk when we water. It is gorgeous. I couldn't be happier.
- Nancy Kimberly, LA
Awesome product 1/12/2018
This product worked great for me. Very durable
- Ed Sisson, OR
EverEdge Lawn Edging 12/7/2017
When I first started looking for edging, I thought this product was a little pricey. But after I got it, I was very happy with the edging. Great product, easy to install. Looks great.
- Sam Parker, TX
Best Decorative Edging 10/30/2017
I am a professional landscape designer, and I have used EverEdge is several projects. It looks great, is easy to install (even in hard soil), and lasts. Highly recommended!
- Angela Price, CA
EverEdge Lawn Edging 10/27/2017
These are easy to install and look great. They are spendy but I am tired of the plastic look borders. I think they will last for a long time and considered this an investment.
- terry, OR
Awesome Product 10/16/2017
We purchased the 4 & 5 size & they connected very easily. The whole installation went soothly & it looks great.
- Jeanne Clark, MO
Edging Out The Competition 9/27/2017
The EverEdge is the best and easiest to install edging product I have found. Much better than what can be found at the big box hardware stores.
- Brooke, DC
Easy Install 9/22/2017
Even in our dried out clay soil this edging goes in easy. I did find that a screw driver was insufficient to bend the connecting piece so I used a hammer and chisel to get it started. Once tucked and the piece bent, the connection between pieces seems strong.
- Shirley Leow, CO
owner 9/18/2017
Early to tell, but I was please with the quality, ease of installation and I am hopeful it will meet the intent I had in mind. But overall I think the product is great.
- deanna fleck, NY
First Time Buyer 7/18/2017
I purchased this product to begin our new landscape. Well built and easy to install. Will purchase again.
- Scott Sleeman, OR
Lawn edging 7/11/2017
Very happy of the quality.
- Dorothy Neckels, WY
EDGING 7/9/2017
- Dee Douglas, IL
Nice sturdy edging 6/30/2017
This edging is well made, easy to install, and should last a very long time.
- Marge Beaver, MI
5 inch edging 6/24/2017
I placed the edging in the garden to hold in stone that kept falling onto the sidewalk because the plastic edging was not holding up. It looks like a professional installed it. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to install. I used a rubber mallet to tap it into the ground. I am thinking of ordering more for my roses.
- Lisa Hurley, CT
I bought the edging. The quality and the product is excellent quality. 6/24/2017
I did order brown and received black but the customer service was excellent. The brown was shipped and the black returned at their expense. I will continue doing business with Kinsman when the need arises.
- Will Blair, OH
Joe 6/23/2017
I purchased a total of 16 packs of the 3 brown EverEdge (80 pieces), and it has been in now for most of a month. It was as advertised, very nice. My lawn edges are very curvy, and I found the edging was easy to shape to suit. I'm 82, and unlike the on-line YouTube installation videos and partly because of my terrain, I was unable to hold down the attached end with my foot or knee while I inserted the other end of each piece as I went along; instead, I secured the joint firmly with a pair of Vise Grip pliers to keep it in place as I used the recommended 2x4 piece and mallet to sink the other end (and sometimes the section's middle!) I used an edger to slot the ground before installing the edging to be careful to be sure there were no stones or irrigation pipes to be hit by the EverEdge edge or its prongs. Remember, too, that if the ground has a changing slope, you will either have to have a bend to allow the edging to flex up or down, or you will have to cut and overlap it. With much of the installation around existing lawn, I guess I spent about six hours on this much edging's installation which I think is very reasonable. Really recommended!
- Joseph Coons, WA
Lawn edging 6/13/2017
excellent material
- Angela M., CT
best edging 5/23/2017
Neat, attractive, easy to use and effective as flower bed edging
- Barbara Clark, TX
EverEdge Lawn Edging 5/21/2017
This stuff is expensive, but worth it. I've used along beds and side walks and its great.
- kim, LA
everedge lawn edging 5/16/2017
this is the 2nd time I have used the lawn edging and like really well!
- K.Cooke, CT
Edging French Drain 5/10/2017
Product is well made. Installation videos very good. As I live in the north (lot of freeze / thaw) I would like to see an option to buy stakes to both hold edging down and support vertically.
- Nigel, WI
Robert 5/10/2017
Well made and looks much better than the plastic edging it replaced. Expensive but worth it if you want a good looking landscape.
- Robert Lindner, WI
Awesome 5/2/2017
Easy install and seemingly very durable
- darah king, PA
I have been an avid gardener for many years and have always dealt with the problem of bordering my many plant beds. Everedge is the most wonderful product ever! It is very sturdy and easy to use and has saved me tons of work. I have used this edging in my entire front and back yards.
- Margueritte mctaggart, FL
excellent product 10/1/2016
Excellent product. I wish there were different lengths available to accommodate smaller yards/projects.
- MJ, CA
Great stuff 9/17/2016
Product is as described. Shipped really quickly too!!
- Dan, OH
n/a 9/13/2016
Good product and easy to wjectork with but way to expensive for large pro
- Franl.comk, MD
Home owner 9/12/2016
Product was fairly easy to install and looks great. Really gives a great look to my garden.
- Fred Botti, SC
Everyone impressed 8/26/2016
Super quality product. I left the open package on the table and my son and husband both commented on how top notch the quality is. My husband sited two other spots in our garden he wants to use them. Haven't installed yet, but I don't foresee any issues. This is what I have been looking for for years. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for!
- Debra O'Connor, IL
GREAT priduct 7/29/2016
Found this online about 10 years ago for problem area in our back yard. Sooo is say to install and still looks great and is like brand new. Recently purchased more for our front yard while re-landscaping. Looks great, simple to install, we got the tallest size to keep stones out of grass. I know it'll be still looking and working great long after I'm gone!
- Sue, NH
Great Product. Worked as expected 7/23/2016
Just installed the EverEdge Lawn Edging in the front yard. Worked great! Easy install. Only took about 20 min. I'll be ordering more soon. Only thing better would be to have a local supplies where I could drive over and pick some up. Keep up the good work.
- Chris, VA
Everedge 7/12/2016
I purchased the everedge from kinsman garden, and I received my package rapidly and the product was the best quality I have ever worked with. Would highly recommend them to anyone
- Glen Smith, NY
steel edging 7/5/2016
I purchased the brown steel edging to separate my driveway from a small strip of garden. The mulch was always washing away before it was installed. It looks great and is performing as expected. Even with a rocky sublayer it was very easy to install.
- Robin, MA
EverEdge 6/2/2016
Using EverEdge has helped me keep my grass trimmed and my gardens from expanding out of control. I buy some each year and have nearly completed edging all my garden beds.
- Barbara Wolinsky, MA
Installer 5/31/2016
Excellent edging. Good quality material. Easy to install after watching a brief installation video. I will purchase more. I MO for the price it's one of the best out on the market.
- John, IL
Work well 5/22/2016
Good quality and very easy to install -- looks great
- Tony, CT
Found Good Company 4/26/2016
I have not yet used the products, but the prices are more reasonable than at other companies.
- Susan, MA
Review 4/20/2016
It forms a strong reliable landscape edge as advertised. Five stars . Aesthetics. One star. The connection points are unsightly. Installation very easy. 5 stars. .
- Ray, IN
Easy to install, looks great! 4/5/2016
I am so impressed with this edging. It really WAS easy to install (and believe me, if something can be screwed up, I'm just the one to do it). It looks great, and it IS easy to bend. I will definitely be getting more!
- Jeannette, OH
Excellent product. 3/22/2016
EverEdge edging is easy to install and looks neat and professional. Previous plastic edging had to be replaced almost yearly...metal edge should last a long time.
- Nancy Geisert, NJ
Edging 11/11/2015
Expensive, but works as advertised, ordering more soon.
- Benson, CA
physican 10/28/2015
I love this border! I have used it in an area that gets lots of wear and tear from winter salt/sand and it has done a great job keeping the grass separate from the 'muck'
- suzanne, ME
Great product 10/25/2015
This is my second time purchasing these edgings.
- Saundra Williams, TN
everedge 10/19/2015
very easy to install, looks a lot nicer than the big box stores steel edging. higher quality than any thing else out there. only draw back is price. its more expensive than anyone else. but I think Ill be glad I got it in 10 or 15years. It will out last others. worth it if you can afford it.
- gary, VA
Edging 10/10/2015
I love it - will be ordering more for my tree bases!!!!!
- Lois C, FL
everedge lawn edging 6/23/2015
The products was sturdy. in fact so sturdy that I was unable to attached together when 1 length went into the ground, the connector for the next one popped. It was impossible to put them in together. I have them in, but they are not attached.
- erni davis, FL
Anyone can do it! 6/11/2015
I like the Everedge Lawn Edging because it makes a beautiful finish to my lawn.The instructions are excellent & I can install it in myself (I'm a female senior gardener). It's more expensive but the product is superior & more reliable than other edging & takes less time to install. I would never use any other edging afar using EverEdge Lawn Edging.
- frances mcmillan, NC
EverEdge 6/9/2015
I bought a few packs of the EverEdge lawn edging to make a small portion of my front yard look neat and orderly. They were so easy to use and work so well, we are now landscaping the entire yard with them.
- James George, IL
Best Garden Edging 5/26/2015
I love to use EverEdge lawn edging because we live in an area where it is hard to keep a clean, sharp grass edge. It helps define the garden beds and keeps some plants from creeping forward into the lawn.
- Barbara Wolinsky, MA
Lawn Edging 5/21/2015
I used EverEdge to complete an existing EverEdge project from previous. It was easy to mate to the existing edging and install without much effort. I recommend this product over any plastic edging.
- Doug Horn, FL
everedge edging 5/17/2015
simple to install, looks terrific
- peter calabrese, NY
Lawn Edging 5/13/2015
I had used the tree rings before so I knew this was a good thing. It is so good that I just reordered for another part of my yard.
- Thomas Maloney, IL
EverEdge 5/12/2015
Great on Kinsman for carrying this product in different colors; no other company does which is so 19th Century! Thanks Kinsman
- Chaz, CO
Everedge 5/12/2015
Easy to install depending on or in your ground. Looks great, much cleaner with tidier edges. This will definitely save hours of work that I once spent maintaining the border!
- Nancy Miller, RI
Sturdy, easy to install 5/11/2015
I found getting the tab pushed through was tough, until I realized I hadn't lined the sections up quite right. After that, it was really easy to install (except for hitting tree roots). The flower bed looks immensely better now and I'm thinking about ordering more. This product is a winner.
- Linda, CO
Professional 4/26/2015
do not waste your time and money on any other edging material. Kinsman is the standard for all you edging requirements.
- Frank Toich, NY
EverEdge Lawn Edging 3/23/2015
I wish it could be cut to fit and a little thicker but it working good.
- Nancy Wieseneck, FL
Everedge, Great Product 11/5/2014
Very good design, powdercoating, excellent, easy to use.
- Scott Tychsen, FL
Everedge garden edging 8/24/2014
This is an outstanding product. It is beautiful, strong and goes together exactly as advertised. We needed to contain some ground cover and it does the job perfectly.
- Kathy W, WA
Great product 7/4/2014
We got this lawn edging since the rubber type looks so cheap. We are very happy with it. It installed very easily and I was able to bend it around the curves our or garden beds with no problem. It looks great.
- jim, NY
Looks Nice - V Good quality 7/3/2014
Installed the 3 inch edging for front lawn. Easy to install, seams lock together well. Made 90 degree angles easily. I liked it so much I'm looking for other places to install it. Quality sharp look.
- Patrick C, WA
EverEdge 6/14/2014
A very fine product indeed, sturdy and just as described. Easy to install and provides a very distinctive edge.
- Anthony Antoniou, NY
everedge 6/6/2014
well designed product, great service
- Valerie, MO
Easy, Flexible Installation 5/24/2014
Don't bother with plastic. We wasted money on that. This product is strong but not bulky, making installation a breeze, even in the Georgia clay.
- Christine, GA
Nice and neat 5/21/2014
I have used the three inch and five inch edging, I have had the five in for a couple of years and they still look brand new brand.Kinsman provides quick no hassle service.
- sharon, IL
Return customer for the same product 5/12/2014
Purchased extra links to add to similar style edging.
- J. Conquest, TN
Great product! 5/6/2014
very substantial product, i anticipate this lasting a lifetime. It took my husband 1 hour to install 80 ft of this edging. I'll be buying more for other flower beds
- rebecca, NJ
great edging 5/4/2014
Edging worked out better than anticipated. Neighbor's dog had dug under the chain link fence and edging was used to close the gap.
- doug, MI
EVEREDGE 4/27/2014
Best product ever!! Almost have complete yard edged and with very little labor and great results!!
- Margueritte mctaggart, FL
Metal edging 3/17/2014
Easy to use even in NC hard clay
- George, NC
EverEdge 12/4/2013
I love this product! It was easy to use and looks great!
- Lorna Cave, CO
Superior Edging 11/17/2013
This is the only edging you will ever need for your garden. The steel is flexible for ease of installation, yet stands up to mowers and string trimmers.
- Louise, PA
Easy 8/17/2013
I needed a border between the asphalt drive and lawn. So I choose the 5 inch. It was easy to put together, and the first day I put it in. Then I waited till it rained and got it in the ground about 2 inches more. It looks great and no more trimming and cleaning up. I would purchase again. It is more secure, and would be easy to shape. Thinking of more for next years projects.
- Dianna, CO
Fine Product 8/16/2013
I've installed approx. 60' of the 3 1/2 version over two yrs and very satisfied. No movement from frost action, etc. It stays put through all seasons. Expensive but saves on maintenance and looks super.
- Bob, CT
Everedge lawn Edging 8/11/2013
I have this on many areas of my yard, for the extra money it is worth it, it looks great, compared to the plastic stuff.
- Judy, NE