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Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Sets

Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Sets
Item Number: KCHRSET-P
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KC16SET 24 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set $33.25
KC17SET 30 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set $54.50
KC18SET 36 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set $78.25
KC19SET 44 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set $115.95
KC20SET 55 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set $169.95

Detailed Description

Made from hand-welded steel and thickly dipped in black plastic for permanent corrosion protection and includes natural coco-fiber liner.

Mounting hardware not included. Suggestions include Cable Tie Kits (UCT4), J Hooks (KCJH - up to 36" or LKCJH for larger hayracks), and Hayrack Brackets (KCRB). You can also use plated or masonry lag bolts which are available at your local hardware store.

 Available in the following sizes:

24" long x 7 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep, with 5/16" diameter bars. Replacement coco fiber liner is CLTC16

30" long x 7 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep, with 5/16" diameter bars. Replacement coco fiber liner is CLTC17

36" long x 9" wide x 9" deep, with 5/16" diameter bars. Replacement coco fiber liner is CLTC18

44" long x 10" wide x 10" deep, with 3/8" diameter bars. Replacement coco fiber liner is CLTC19

55" long x 12" wide x 12" deep, with 3/8" diameter bars. Replacement coco fiber liner is CLTC20

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Stands the test of time 2/17/2023
Ordered 5 of these 44” hayracks over 20 years ago, and they still look great. Leaving these behind for the new homeowner, and ordering some new ones for my smaller empty nest home. These have given me so many years of joy and beauty.
- Sarah Alexander, IN
One Very Satisfied Customer 3/11/2022
This is hay basket #4 from Kinsman that should say something. Even in Montana my hay baskets get year around use. Also I strongly recommend the metal brackets!
- Joseph Hoe, MT
Window boxes 4/15/2021
We are very pleased with the quality of these planters and love the way they look on our home!
- Beryl, ME
Gardener 4/13/2021
Great quality... delivered as promised... packaged well
- Debbie, TX
Floral Hay Racks 4/11/2021
We looked at many available Hay Racks. Most were just poor imitations of the real thing. These would pass muster in my Aunts barn and last a lifetime since they are plastic coated. They may have been a bit more dear than most but they are well worth it. As the old German saying goes The quality will be remembered long after the cost is forgotten.
- Stephen Hammond, PA
Adore these hayracks!! 4/10/2021
I have these hayracks lining the outside of my large front porch. They have made my plain Jane house look like a fairy tale cottage! They are sturdy and lovely and look amazing stuffed to overflowing with bright flowers and trailing plants. These are not the lightweight hayracks you will find at many big box garden center. They are heavy, with thick metal. My oldest ones are 15 years old and look just as good as the ones that I just bought for the new porch. The liners are heavy duty and last for years and years! Not cheap, but worth every penny!
- Barbara, WA
Excellent 36 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set 4/9/2021
Good looking planter, sturdy and easy to mount in my hurricane system. My window looks elegant and happy every single day. Looking forward to buy more products from you.
- Leonor Davidson, FL
Excellent company to work with! 4/2/2021
We just moved from Pennsylvania to Jackson, Wyoming and I left behind most of my wrought iron hayrack planters. I did some research and decided to order from Kinsman. They were wonderful to work with and our 2 hayracks made it to Jackson very quickly. We will definitely be ordering more from them.
- Janice E., WY
55 inch classic hayrack 4/1/2021
We had a beautiful hayrack at our previous residence and could not move due to weight with plants. This hayrack had more depth and width that we were looking for. Have not planted yet as still subject to freezing temps. We screwed a painted 2x4 under our kitchen window to bolt the hayrack to as an additional support for the weight as we had done with previous. It's beautiful and look forward to spring planting!
- Deborah, GA
Wall planter 3/27/2021
The quality of the planter is great. It is made of heavy duty metal that I expect will last many years in a protected outdoor area. I haven't hung it yet since I need assistance with the wall clips. I am hanging it on a stucco wall and definitely don't want to have to drill extra holes. I wish it had come with the option of purchasing hanging hardware.
- Theresa Cherry, TX
Absolutely Charming 3/26/2021
Bought this to attach to a chain link fence and appreciate the suggestion to attach with heavy duty wire.. cost effective thanks!
- Anna Kozlowski, IL
hayrack beautification x 2 3/25/2021
i wanted to block my view of a neighbor's house. purchased 2 hayracks and installed them on a metal fence. will be growing geraniums for height as well as some trailing flowers to make a nice floral wall. it also solves the problem i had of birds sitting on my fence and leaving bird droppings on it. the racks are very well made and the coco liners are thicker than anything I've bought before. More than satisfied with the product so i ordered a third to keep birds at bay in another area, can't wait for the warm weather to come and commence with my plantings!
- pat dziuba, CT
Amazing!! 3/22/2021
I was absolutely shocked when I pulled this out of the box! Through the years I've bought a few hay racks from different big box stores- there is no comparison! This is so sturdy and beautiful I will never go back to the other!!
Love it! 3/18/2021
Easier to install than I expected and looks great. Much nicer than the ones at the big box stores.
- Erin, WI
Beautiful hay baskets 11/27/2020
My wrought iron flower baskets were beyond my expectations. They were well made, strong & sturdy! I immediately decorated them for Xmas with pine cones, boughs and ribbons. Just gorgeous. Can't wait for spring to fill them with flowers!!
- Rebecca Chaney, CO
Hayrack Planter 9/9/2020
Very high quality Heavy duty planter. Much better than we were able to find at big box stores nearby. Highly recommended.
- Dan, TN
Classic Hayrack Planters 7/28/2020
Having purchased several hayrack planters in the past from Kinsman, they were my first choice to place another order for two 36 inch hayracks. These larger hayracks were placed on a backyard fence, immediately filled with plants and they looked fantastic. Several people have complimented me on the racks and asked where I got them - KINSMAN, of course. My first purchases of these planters were made several years ago and they still look great. They are attractive and well made. It is easy to use their website for ordering and information. Shipping is quick and items are securely packed.
- Mary Ann, NJ
Perfect! 6/27/2020
Highly recommend! These are fantastic for giving an immediate upgrade to our row home. Quality is great and shipping was very quick.
- Kelli, PA
Very pleased!! 6/20/2020
We are so very pleased with our wrought iron window baskets with coconut liner. Well made and the perfect size for our potting shed windows. This hard to find size was also priced very reasonable. Great on tine service!! Will be happy to do continued business with Kinsman Company.
- Tami Moore, MD
Beautiful and high quality 6/16/2020
They look beautiful on our balcony, were easy to install and are very well made.
- Carol Petrella, CO
great window box 6/15/2020
I have two others of these and love them. Ordered a new to add to another window.
- Jeffrey T, IA
Great Product 6/8/2020
Really a well made product and easy to install on a deck
- B Bennett, IL
Awesome hay baskets 6/4/2020
I had bought a set of 2 hay baskets from a local nursery at the beginning of the year. They are okay. I ordered 2 hay baskets from Kinsman and OMG they are fantastic!!! Well made and far superior to anything else out there. Very well made. I definitely would recommend these to anyone
- Sheila, LA
Excellent Quality 6/4/2020
Recieved 36 and 44 European Clssic Hayrack Planters and was very pleased. They are very sturdy and heavy duty and look great on my deck rails. Looked at lesser quality products, but happy I chose the Kinsman brand.
- Alan Alexander, PA
Very Satisfied 5/26/2020
My shipment arrived quickly and well packaged. The hayracks are very sturdy and well-made. Installation was easy, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
- Joseph Jan, MN
Great Hayrack Planters 5/25/2020
I bought two of the 24-inch planters last year and ordered three more this year. They are attractive and plants do well. Recommend lining the coco-fiber liners with baby diapers before adding soil to keep soil moist (a tip I got from a local Gardner). My order came promptly, typical of the good customer service Kinsman provides.
- Jeanne Jepson, PA
Quality 5/23/2020
Seems very well made. Though many thought the railing brackets were too narrow for their 6- wide rails, they fit the width of our 4- wide rails, however they were juuusst short of fitting the depth of ours. It was any easy fix using a vise to enlarge the angle of the bottom of the bracket. We used a clamp across the top of the bracket while tightening the screw, and all is very sturdy.
- Catherine Hope, NY
Very Pleased 5/21/2020
I had been shopping for a planter for a bit and ultimately decided to try this one. My husband and I are very pleased with the quality and sturdiness of the planter - so glad we didn't buy something different. It looks like it will last well for years to come.
- Dana, TX
Quality all the way 5/19/2020
I did significant research before purchasing this product. After having installed the product two items impress me about this Hayrack Planter being a quality product. 1) heavy wire coated in plastic - I think this is rust proof. 2) The coconut liner contours the planter - like a glove.
- Weston Rogers, TX
heyracks 4/25/2020
while expensive the 36 inch hayrack planter is well made and of stout welded rod. If the coating on the rod holds up the hayrack will last many rears. The design allows for enough soil for your plants and is attractive in its own right.
- john coil, WA
Planter 4/25/2020
Loved the planter. It came very fast which I was surprised under these circumstances. Keep up the great products and shipping.
- Gail Marinaro, SC
Carol 4/8/2020
I hung my hay rack planters on the gates goin into my backyard...they look WONDERFUL ! Can't wait to be able to shop for annuals to fill them up. Great product and they were easy to hang with the ties I also purchased. You make it easy and you make it pretty. Thank you.
- Carol Saunders, IN
Great quality! 10/28/2019
I love these window boxes!
- Annelie Schreck, NJ
Excellent Craftsman 7/19/2019
These hayracks are well made and durable. The components are strong and resistant to rust. I bought one pair last summer and was so impressed, I bought a second pair.
- Melissa Potamianos, CT
Perfect Touch 7/8/2019
Love the Hayrack-Planter-and-Coco-Fiber-Liner-Set I purchased for my new garden shed. It's the perfect touch under the antique stained glass window. We are extremely happy with the quality and looks.
- Janet Denison, WA
Gorgeous 6/20/2019
This planter is beautiful and looks like it is well-made and will last a long time. After it was set up and planted it looked fantastic. However, it is EXTREMELY heavy, and must be secured to a very sturdy railing or wall. We used zip ties on our railing, but the not-so-sturdy plastic fence in front of the restaurant collapsed. Zip ties were fine, though...
- Nancy, MI
24 5/13/2019
Nice design, has the look I was after. Well constructed, look forward to years of use.
- Walter Johnson, KY
Quality Product & Great Customer Service 4/12/2019
I ordered 2 30 hayracks and was so pleased with the quality. Right our of the box these are sturdy and look and feel well made. The coco liner is thick and looks to be made of strong fibers and hopefully will last multiple seasons. I was at Home Depot and compared the quality of their hayracks, there is no comparison. You get what you pay for and these are worth it. I was very pleased with the customer service as well. I live in Alaska so we had to work out the shipping and Diane was willing to work with my preferred carrier to get the product to me. Thank you! I cannot wait for May to plant these up.
- Sara Haley, AK
Haystack planter 4/3/2019
It is just so well made and a real addition to the garden.
- Pat Gros, LA
Holds a lot of plants! 3/17/2019
Lovely planters that have good depth and plantings look well Mine are in railing near deck and have them filled with plants that attract birds. May need to get more!
- Patricia Barrett, WA
Quality 6/29/2018
These look gorgeous. Sturdy, pretty, will last forever. Love them!
- Laura Boissonnault, NJ
Great Window Box 6/23/2018
Very well constructed and big enough to actually plant flowers and plants in! Looks and works great.
- Michele Buck, TN
Deborah 6/6/2018
I put two of the hay rack flower boxes on our garden shed land it really dresses up the shed with a cute factor love it!
- Deborah, NY
Best quality window box ever! 4/3/2018
I have owned 4 copper window boxes for over 15 years and they are as lovely as when I purchased them. This window box is fantastic. Great quality and looks amazing on our loft deck with two small 30 ones on either side. I did call and ask about the large J hooks for it and ordered 4 as advised since it is on the 2nd story of our cabin. Thanks for the great customer service!
- Shelly, VA
Great Quality Hayrack planter 4/3/2018
I purchased 2 of these to go on either side of a 55 one on the rail of my loft at our cabin. They are excellent quality and look amazing!
- Shelly, VA
Hayrack Planter 3/25/2018
This a well-made product that will last a very long time. Quality craftmanship! Highly recommend.
- Helen Thomas, OH
liner for hayrack 3/25/2018
Another fine product from Kinsman!
- Helen Thomas, OH
Great product 6/24/2017
I have used the hay rack baskets for 20+ years. They last and last.
- Betty, TX
Excellent quality 4/30/2017
The build and quality of the hayrack planters is superior to anything I have used in the past, truly built to last for many years.
- Nick, CA
Haystack planter 4/29/2017
I ordered three of these for my railing and they exceeded my expectation!! Very well made and will probably outlast me! I plan to use them year around and either have plants and/or seasonal decorations! Dressed up that area which has needed something for a long time. Thank you!
- Patricia, FL
Birthday present 4/11/2017
I bought this for my daughter as a gift and had it sent to her house. She absolutely loved it. Well made and very attractive on her house
- Libby Bailey, IL
36 4/4/2017
Very well made. Can't wait to fill it with flowers.
- Fearon Stiver, PA
Nice product 3/30/2017
Good quality with extra depth for healthier plants.
- Deborah K, TN
Love it 2/1/2017
Arrived very quickly. Very sturdy. Plan to purchase others.
- Deb, TN
Hayracks 11/29/2016
These are substantial, and make a statement. I originally ordered only 2, but I liked them so much, I ordered 4, and may get another one. They are sturdy and beautiful. I have them filled all year long, and they set our house apart. I LOVE these. If we ever move, I am taking them with us!
- Angie, AL
Hayrack Planter 10/12/2016
More than I expected. It is ready for spring planting.
- Lindle Grigsby, TX
Flower Boxes 9/19/2016
My flower boxes arrived sooner than expected. The quality of the product is excellent! I would highly recommend this product and this company.
- Leslie Klinehamer, PA
Hay Rack Planter 8/10/2016
I purchased the longer planter and a hanging basket of the same style some 15 years ago and they are still like new! When the time came to purchase two more I was thrilled to find that they were still available! So much nicer than what is available in local retail stores! And fast delivery!
- Gail Ryan, CT
Nancy K. 6/3/2016
I absolutely love these hay racks. They look lovely under my windows and they hold quite a few plants with room to grow.
- Nancy Kucera, MA
An old gardener 5/25/2016
Works fine. Suggest the inclusion of a paper template to better mark the location of holding screws.
- David J, VA
Hayrack 5/5/2016
I have wanted one of these forever! Finally ordered one a few weeks ago and was very pleased with the quality of the product. Now I'm waiting for some warm weather to plant it up.
- Gail Nightingale, IL
Hay Rack Planter 4/30/2016
I am impressed with you product. The vinyl coated metal came much thicker (better quality) than I expected. It is a heavier grade than that of the 24 I purchased from another company. I bought them for a bay window and they showcase beautifully, complementing one another. Your coconut liner was a better fit than that of the 24 ones I bought elsewhere. Overall I can see you place quality high on your list of importance when selling to the consumer!
- Cheryl, FL
Perfect 2/22/2016
Ordered the 4ft hayrack & was extremely pleased. It was solidly built & arrived promptly. I was impressed by the selection of sizes - from average to gigantic!
- Paula L, CA
hayrack 12/6/2015
I've been wanting a hayrack for years and finally I ordered one for the garden shed we just completed. It's filled with evergreen boughs and berries and wrapped with a red plaid ribbon for Christmas. Love it. Looks like it will outlast me. I'm very pleased. It makes the shed look so cute that the neighbors though we'd built a guest house.
- Debbie Cornelius, CA
Hayrack Planter 6/9/2015
Super planter! Great liner! Exactly as represented..
- Wendy Rentschler, GA
owner of Pairetsink.com 5/30/2015
very reasonably priced with powder coating for rust prevention. Good sturdy basket
- tom, VA
Thrilled with the product! 5/15/2015
I purchased the hayrack to put on a fence. I had purchased one at a big box store previously and it was flimsy and started falling apart the second year. I was so impressed with how solid and well-made the one from Kinsman is. Will definitely recommend to friends.
- Robert, IL
I love flowers 5/7/2015
The window box looks very nice
- Eileen Dziak, OH
Hayrack window box 4/4/2015
These exceeded my expectations in both quality and style.
- Crystal Harris, NY
Great planters 3/30/2015
I returned these in exchange for the 30 as I miscalculated. Customer service was extremely helpful. I just hung 4 of the 30 yesterday and planted pansies in them. Lovely first sign of spring. Highly recommend the planters. Much heftier and at a good price compared to local garden centers.
- Karen Storck, CO
Love 44 3/24/2015
Love them. Relatively easy to install. Looking forward to planting this spring
- Barbara Edens, KY
Hayracks & Liners 3/1/2015
I have using them and also ordering them for other people. I love them
- Yvonne M, WI
Architectural Interest 10/11/2014
We have an old farm house in the mountains of Maine. These hay racks add a beautiful archetectual interest to the house during the warm months. The J hook attachment allows them to be removed during the winter and solves the problem of being destroyed by snow slides from the roof. I bought them five years ago and they are still in perfect condition. We have received many compliments .
- Megan Cunningham, MA
hayrack planters 7/22/2014
I was VERY pleased with the quality and the quick delivery time. I have wanted these window planters for a long Time, they look great - can't wait for seasonal opportunities. Thanks kinsman !
- vicky, PA
Beautiful Planter 6/24/2014
This is a sturdy, well made planter that looks beautiful under my kitchen window. Highly recommend.
- Deb, MD
Awesome! 5/30/2014
I've been wanting one of these troughs for so long. I'm glad I finally did and I am very pleased with the workmanship. I plan on ordering more.
- Judy, PA
euro hayrack planters 5/16/2014
beautiful under windows, well constructed, worth every penny. Love them.
- oxanne Poveromo, CT
Superior hayrack 4/19/2014
This is my second order. The first was a hayrack and trellis set I bought about 15 years ago from Kinsman. It is still in terrific shape.
- Patty, PA
waiting for spring ? 11/23/2013
LOVE my window box planter. I was waiting for spring, but then decided it was plenty big enough to do a Christmas 'fairy garden' in, and its beautiful !!!!!
- Wendy DeVier, KY
The BEST 8/17/2013
Sturdy, well-made, looks great; quality can't be beat!
- Kathleen Freeman, MO
Classic Hayracks 8/12/2013
Shipped on time and excellent quality, highly recommended.
- Donald Bass, LA