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English Postbox Poly Resin Birdhouse *SOLD OUT FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2023*

English Postbox Poly Resin Birdhouse *SOLD OUT FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2023*
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Detailed Description

Frost resistant poly resin birdhouses add a touch of whimsy to your garden and provide homes for nesting birds.

1 1/8" holes attract wrens and chickadees. Sliding clean out door in the back allows you to clean out the house at the end of the nesting season. Key-hole hanger in back.

English Postbox Birdhouse
Just like English red postboxes, this birdhouse carries the Royal Cipher of Queen Elizabeth II.
9 1/2" high x 5 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" deep

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Great quality and perfect size 9/16/2022
Had been eyeing this item for years. With the Queen's recent passing decided to purchase. So glad I did. Well constructed. Color is spot on. Love my new, garden bird box!
- Mpls, MN
A really nice bird box. 4/13/2022
This is a really nice bird box, well made and produced. It looks great on a stake we've placed in our yard. It remains to be seen if and when we attract residents! It's particularly apt as I was born English and it's good to have a red British letter box outside.
- Martin Owen, FL
lovely addition to our backyard 4/15/2021
As a committed Anglophile, i love to decorate with all things British, and this is a lovely and welcome addition to our backyard.
- Pat McGuckin, IL
lovely addition to our backyard 4/15/2021
As a committed Anglophile, i love to decorate with all things British, and this is a lovely and welcome addition to our backyard.
- Pat McGuckin, IL
lovely addition to our backyard 4/15/2021
As a committed Anglophile, i love to decorate with all things British, and this is a lovely and welcome addition to our backyard.
- Pat McGuckin, IL
Fabulous & Fun Birdhouse for Anglophiles! 4/14/2021
A wonderful reminder of my time in England. Light & easy to hang with one screw. Has a door to easily clean. Lovely detail. Already a conversation piece in my garden!
- Joanne Ivie, NJ
Super bird box 4/12/2021
Love this English postbox design. Even if the birds don't use it, I will get joy just looking at it to remind meof my many visits to England
- Donna, CA
Charming 4/11/2021
This birdhouse is absolutely charming. Well made and ready for a residents! Bought one for my mother too.
- Christine W, OH
gift 4/11/2021
I personally have not seen it , as it was a gift for my daughter. She has noted that she likes it very much and that it is well made
- Richard Frances, FL
Excellent birdhouse 4/11/2021
I am very impressed with the looks and quality of this product.
- Darrell Frasier, NY
Charming Birdhouse! 4/7/2021
This birdhouse is charming and well made. I am so happy with this purchase!
- Mary Schoen, VA
A little bit of England in my English garden 3/29/2021
I love the way it looks. So easy to put up, it is hanging on my rose arbor. I'm keeping an eye on it hoping that a bird will build a next there.
- Clara, DE
A L'le Bit of Luck for All You Fans of 3/1/2021
Had to have it in our Secret Garden. Bright spot of color in an Emerald Isle, so to speak. So substantial and well-made. Years of pleasant viewing. So clever!
- Philip Noguere, OR
Adorable 6/2/2020
Nicely sized sturdy, and detailed. Perfect accessory for my patio.
- Barbara Steudle, MI
Beyond cute 6/2/2020
Absolutely adorable addition to my garden. Very well made. Can't wait to see who moves in!
- Sharon, IL
Adorable and very well made! 6/1/2020
What an adorable birdhouse! Very well made, too! It even has a removable opening in the back so you can clean it. When placing back, there's a magnetic closure that secures it in place. Heavy duty and with adorable details. I'm going to put a coat of varnish on it before I hang it just in case the color fades due to the elements. Looking forward to seeing birds come to it. Very happy with my purchase!
- Annie, LA
Can't wait! 5/27/2020
I love red, and I love the British Post birdhouse! I can't wait to see it in my garden
- Jan, MN
birdhouse 4/22/2020
Hello. This is a Christmas present for friends in Montana so they won't get it for a few months. The birdhouse looks great.
- Mara, GA
New home 4/10/2020
Received this bird house and put up immediately and within 3 days a bird was building a nest in it.
- Laney Jason, NC
Fun 4/10/2020
Very clever and a good addition to my garden,
- Peter, WA
Keep Calm 2/26/2020
I bought this for a friend that recently moved. She thought it was a super addition for her new garden. Keep Calm and Garden On!
- Kathy, IN
English Post Box Bird House 10/27/2019
This is such a terrific and very different bird house. Just the right size and brightly colored to attract next Spring's garden visitors.
- Barbara Brown, WV
English Postbox Birdhouse 9/10/2019
I am absolutely thrilled with the birdhouse and looks lovely on the tree in our front garden! I am hoping once the birds discover it that they will make good use of it!!
- Janice Romans, SC
Cute bird house 5/27/2019
This was a birthday gift and the recipient was delighted with it.
- Lynn R., VA
Adorable & Practical Bird Accomodation 5/16/2019
As a first-class anglophile, I love the royal cipher on this birdhouse. It is sturdy but light weight. It's been in place for a little while now and while I can't assure that there are any avian residents at present, it has garnered their attention.
- Timothy Nellis, MN
English Birdhouse 3/16/2019
Looks very fetching on the tree. Easy to install but too early to attract occupants.
- Frederick Chapman, GA
A total tweet! 5/22/2018
I purchased two Royal Mail bird houses - one to replace mine that had lost its brilliant colour after many years outside serving our feathered friends - and one for my dear friend who is British - and as her birthday celebration was the weekend of the royal wedding - it seemed pertinent to gift this lovely birdhouse in recognition. So well constructed and vibrant and a small reminder of home. Well worth the money and shipped in a timely manner too.
- Melanie, VA
So cute! 4/9/2018
Mailbox house is up and awaiting arrivals! It is very cute, well-made and appealing to all anglophiles!
- Peg, VA
Very cute and exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately it became very faded after one season. Would work better as an indoor decorative item.
- B. Coombs, WA
The CUTEST! 3/23/2018
The British Postbox bird house is AWESOME! Solid construction, packaged beautifully and can't wait to see what birdies make it home. Thanks!
- Deb, VA
English postbox birdhouse 3/12/2018
Very happy.Look good in my Oak tree.
- James Stanton, IN
For the birds 7/15/2017
Love my red UK postal birdhouse. Before I could hang it on the back fence, my grandson discovered it and liked being able to slide the door in the back open & shut.
- Barbara, IL
Daisy 7/11/2017
So glad I got this post box, just the right size and red.
- Ann Murray, CA
I really love this bird house, it is very well made and the most adorable bird house I have seen in a long, long time. I plan to hang it on the front of my home and hope a bird family moves in shortly!
More than Expected 4/16/2017
Substantial product. Not flimsy in the least. It was a great present for our British friends.
- Mary, MI
English Postbox Birdhouse 4/12/2017
I love it, it looks very nice on my fence, now I'm just waiting for a bird, but if one doesn't come it still look wonderful.
- Marla L, CA
Cutest Birdhouse Ever 4/12/2017
I have been looking at this birdhouse for a good year and decided to go with it with a special offer. When it arrived, I was glad that I ordered it. It looks exactly like the picture quality made and I like the convenient way of cleaning it out with rear sliding door. The only thing I would note it is a heavier birdhouse, so if you are intending to attach it on a siding hook on a vinyl home, please be aware of the weight (4.1 lbs.). Aside from that I fully love it!
Quality 4/7/2017
This is a high quality birdhouse! No cheap fiberboard. So happy to be able to give it to our British friends who are now in the US.
- Mary Aldrich, MI
Classy 12/20/2016
Seems well made and looks great. Time will tell how well it holds up in New England weather
- Biggles, MA
Best birdhouse ever 10/27/2016
This is the third one I'vepurchased! One as a gift and two for my yard.Very nice looking and easy to clean out at the end of the season.
- Linda Smith, MD
Love It, BUT... 6/13/2016
I love this little red English birdhouse, it's so cute! I'm very disappointed though... I hung it in one of my trees 3 years ago, but not a single bird has gone in it yet!
- Suzanne Prael, NJ
birdhouse 6/10/2016
cute but overpriced
- Joyce Boos, ME
English Mail Box Birdhouse 5/3/2016
Simply adorable. Can't wait for either my first mail delivery on some occupants
- Janette Kitt, NJ
birdhouse 4/3/2016
beautiful well constructed
- Barbara Duncan, NC
Anglophile delight! 4/1/2016
I've looked at this in the catalog for months and months and finally purchased it. I will place it in a sheltered area and I know my birds will move in ASAP. Made well.
- JudeAG, MA
Darling Birdhouse or Home Decoration 3/24/2016
Gave this as a gift to an Anglophile friend of mine - she was absolutely delighted and has it displayed among her English treasures! Durable material, well-crafted and made in the UK.
- Tammy Waldrop, TX
GardenGal 3/10/2016
This is one of the cutest bird houses I've ever seen. It's right out my kitchen window, reminds me England, and I smile every time I see it in the morning.
- Susan, AZ
Just Darling 11/17/2015
I saw the bird house in an English magazine to which I subscribe and remembered that I saw it featured in your catalog. When it arrived it was as adorable. I have it hung outside my bedroom door and enjoy it everyday and am looking forward to a bird family enjoying as much as I do!
- Caryl Ponti, SC
Darling Birdhouse 11/6/2015
I had seen this birdhouse in an English magazine that I subscribe to and thought it was so cute. I remembered that you carried them and ordered one. It is just so cute on our grey fence. Am looking forward to having tenants!
- Caryl Ponti, SC
English Post Box 6/9/2015
Looks great hanging on back garden fence!
- Char Ogdahl, MN
Wonderful 4/12/2015
This birdhouse exceeded my expectations. Beautifull. Infact it is sitting on my bookshelf instead of going outside. I am English by birth so it is even more special.
- Helen Dillon, CA
Birdhouse review 4/5/2015
I recently purchased the English mailbox birdhouse. I have a collection of birdhouses and this was a wonderful addition... well made and colorful. I love it.
- Dannie McLaughlin, CA
Beautiful 3/27/2015
Love this English mail box bird house!
- Suzanne Barrett, CA
bird house 3/4/2015
adorable, well made
- Jayne Brabrooke, PA
cool mama 4/8/2014
Love it. Added to my collection.
- Mary Agnes, WI
English letter box bird house 4/4/2014
This is the most darling bird house I have ever seen. I put it up on my beech tree and it looks lovely, with ivy growing on both sides of the bird house.
- Nancy Eddy, OH
English Mailbox Birdhouse 3/16/2014
Nice quality...hope the birds think so too!!
- Joan, PA
Cute and useful 5/28/2013
We bought this box just because it brought back happy memories of a trip to England. Never thought a bird would use it. But first a Prothonatary Warbler tried to nest, then a house wren took it over. Too bad we hung it in the patio. Now we can't use it till the babies are fledged.
- Barbara Burgett, OH
I have a friend whose daughter met, married,bought a house and had a baby with an Enlishman(although of Irish heritage).This is their wedding, housewarming ,baby-having present.I told them I believed it was for wrens but probably one of those English sparrows will move in.
- Jeanne, OH
Very cute! I deliver mail, so I have a collection of mailbox birdhouses!
- Jacquelyn M, NJ