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Easy Fit Coco Fiber Liner

Item Number: MLTC-P
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 Number of Reviews: 58
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MLTC4 12 Inch Premolded Basket Liner $7.25
MLTC6 14 Inch Premolded Basket Liner $9.25
MLTC7 17 Inch Premolded Basket Liner $14.25
MLTC9 20 Inch Premolded Basket Liner $17.95
MLTC8 24 Inch Premolded Basket Liner $21.95

Detailed Description

These premolded drop-in liners are custom made for an easy fit into our Old Fashioned, Spanish, and Monarch hanging baskets. Also recommended for our Hanging Sphere. They're quick to install and nicer to look at.

Liners fit our planters:

12" diameter x 8" deep

14" diameter x 9" deep

17" diameter x 10" deep

20" diameter x 12" deep

24" diameter x 14" deep

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molded coco liners 5/5/2022
I have always thought these were the best basket liners of any I have ever purchased. I still think the liners are great but now they are shipped folded in half or quarters and they are much more difficult to work with. Filling with soil and filling with plants is cumbersome as they won't stay open to fill. And now they have these fold lines that bug me. Besides being constructed will they were a joy to use as you just popped them in the basket and filled at ease. I wrote to the company to ask if this was just a mistake in my shipping of them but was informed this is the way they will be coming because of high shipping prices. I have a retail business and I understand the need to budget the shipping costs as much as possible. and I do appreciate that. But I'm still disappointed. The company did respond to my letter in a timely fashion. I was told to fill one with soil then take pictures and send them to them so they could determine what to do. I will do that but a picture will not show my aggravation at their use. And I'm not sure product testing is my job. So I am at a dilemma of how to rate the product now. Good product gets 5 stars. Bad execution (in my opinion) gets 1 star.
- Betsy Merklein, VA
Very easy to install 3/21/2021
Good fit and very timely delivery
- William Spangler, IN
The Best 2/26/2021
Kinsman has The Best coco liners! They last far longer thsn any others I've tried.
- calf, TX
basket liners 2/26/2021
always use Kinsman coco liners, love this company and their products
- Sue Meeker, IA
Morgen 10/31/2020
I'm retired and now have a small back yard. I have baskets all along my back fence. Because I live in a mild climate I can grow plants all year. The liners are so much better than retail stores. Last longer.
- Margaret Heath, CA
These are the best coco liners 6/15/2020
These coco liners are well worth the money. They stand out all season and look stunning throughout my yard. I even use these in my vegetable garden. I have tall cast iron holders that I use for summer squashes.
- R.L. Rober, MA
Best Ever 5/23/2020
These liners are tons better than anything sold at the big box garden center. The plants that I transferred into these liners perked up within days due to the deeper soil and better moisture retention. Great product and value.
- Margaret, TX
Coco planter liners 5/18/2020
- Sandra Fosse, MN
Coco basket liners 5/16/2020
Great quality. They hold up well but are thin enough to hold a lot of dirt!
- Cindy Yost, KS
Great product! 5/14/2020
I have started ordering extras from Kinsman! Hard to find items, such as this 17 inch liner, are fairly price, readily available and quickly shipped! Saves me driving all over Hampton Roads trying to find liners.
- Susan Miller, VA
The Best 5/13/2020
Kinsman has The Best basket liners! I've tried others in a pinch and regretted it.
- calf, TX
High Quality 5/13/2020
This premolded liner fit perfectly and was lower cost than the local greenhouse version and had much higher quality.
- Bill, OK
12 5/9/2020
This product is well made and sturdy. It is a little thinner than what it looks like in the picture, but it is of excellent quality and should be reusable to next year.
- Susan Beiner, CO
basket liners 4/25/2020
My only problem with the basket liners is that they are made specifically for your baskets which I didn't understand when I ordered them. Rather than go through the hassle of sending them back, I cut them down to fit my regular 14 basket. I loved the texture and they seem to be able to last a long time.
- Helen DeButy, AL
Pre molded coco fiber liner 4/11/2020
I was very well satisfied. The person who took my order was polite and a pleasure to deal with.
- Gloria Pineiro, NJ
Carol 3/19/2020
I've been gardening a long time and your pre-molded basket liners are the best ! They fit perfectly and make it so much easier to plant the basket and, makes them look nicer than any other liners I have ever used. From a person who is very particular about her garden, thank you.
- Carol Saunders, IN
Coco liner 3/8/2020
These preformed liners are great. I've gotten at least 2 seasons from them. Convenient delivery and great price. Saves a trip to the local garden center!
- Debbie, MD
Green 6/20/2019
Best quality
- Paulette KLARIN, IL
GREAT Coco Liners 4/27/2019
This really is a 20 extra deep liner. For the past several years what I've bought at Lowe's or on line has been several inches too shallow for my hanging baskets. These fit great height wise with a little to spare. Good price point and fast shipping. Will buy from this merchant again.
- Gayle Gross, TX
Premolded Coco Liners 4/19/2019
Great liners. I use them in my hanging baskets on my front porch. I wasn't disappointed. They hold the soil well.
- Jeri Hill, MA
excellent quality, correct sizing 5/29/2018
usually the coir mats at the garden stores won't last and they are shorter and won't fit the baskets..so I tried the kinsman ones and they are perfect, thick and the right size, my plants are very happy in them this year!
- Ellen Bingham, PA
Lovin' my new hanging baskets 5/28/2018
I love the 2 new baskets I ordered especially the coco liners that came with them. The liners are so much heavier than ones you buy at the store. I will be shopping here for Christmas!
- Becky, IN
Coco Fiber Liner 5/20/2018
Great product! Well made and long-lasting
- Tonie Miller, CO
Liners 4/26/2018
I am very pleased with the liners I ordered. They fit well into my hanging baskets!
- Julaine, KS
Excellent as Always! 4/17/2018
The ordering process was quick and easy.
- Diane Kincaid, OH
No Equal 4/10/2018
I have purchased the 14 Premolded Coco Fiber Liners for many years. I have not found a better product anywhere. They are thick and so well made that I sometimes have been able to use them for two seasons. I usually don't due to the possibility of transferring any diseases that may have affected the prior seasons planting. I highly recommend this product.
- Jerry Kovac, NJ
Perfect In Every Way 3/20/2018
I have been using these liners for close to 10 years. They fit perfectly into the matching wrought iron basket which I also purchased from Kinsman. The depth is perfect, The thickness is perfect not flimsy, and their longevity is perfect.
- Jerry Kovac, NJ
Review 3/14/2018
I reorder new liners every year for my Kinsman planters. I have had them for several years now and they have held up very well. I will purchase more planters/liners in the future.
- Catherine, PA
Long lasting 2/22/2018
I bought my first liner last year I could have used the liner again this year but changed basket size...so I order more for my new baskets...
- Carmen Rhome, TX
Happy gardener 10/30/2017
I received the coco liners this past week and Am very happy with them. They are the best quality I have ever seen. I re-poted my hanging fuchsia to winter in the liner and was very mpressed with the quality. I believe it will hold up very well. The 14 was true to size.
- Linda, IA
Molded basket liners 9/26/2017
Very satisfied. Exactly what I was looking for.
- Allen Warner, KS
Basket Liner 5/27/2017
Very satisfied with item. Quick and easy transaction.
- Patricia Carrick, MD
Hanging Basket 4/10/2017
We have multiple hanging baskets mostly from big box stores. This is by far the best and worth the extra money.
- Deborah Williams, FL
Great coco liners! 3/29/2017
Every spring I order my coco liners from Kinsman Co. In my opinion they are the very best and hold up throughout the entire summer & fall. I will always use only the best...Kinsman Co coco liners!
- Trisha, TN
Like this item 3/18/2017
Nice fit and it holds together well.
- Christine Smith, TX
COCO Liners 10/21/2016
These coco liners for your wire baskets are of very high quality, I will be ordering more of them in the future to replace some that are really looking bad and not holding the dirt in for y plants.These are A+
- Gayle, TX
Easy to use 10/7/2016
Was very easy to place in the hanging basket frame since it was pre-molded. Review not complete as I am now waiting to see how well it holds up during successive growing seasons.
- Jenny, MO
excellent 5/31/2016
As always I'm very pleased with the Kinsman Company not only for wide variety of choices for my garden but for the timely fashion in which I received my order. Thanks!
- trisha butrum, TN
Buy every year 5/20/2016
I bought the basket three years or more ago. So I buy the liner each year. Nice and deep for root development, good quality and reasonably priced
- Nancy G, VA
trish 4/15/2016
Great coco liners! Good quality and fast shipping! Will order from Kinsman Gardens again!
- trisha butrum, TN
Great basket liners 4/11/2016
These basket liners are worth every penny! I recently had to purchase a liner from our local big lumber garden store, and there was no comparison; I had to to add scrap lining to keep the soil in.
- Graydon H, MD
Excellent 4/6/2016
I purchased the wrong size so I called customer service. They were pleasant and made my exchange a quick and easy process. Got the correct ones and I love them. They are smooth and I think my flowers look beautiful in them.
- Jan, NC
Perfect! 4/2/2016
The porch ferns LOVE these. They keep the roots damp and allow continued growth of roots.
- Phyllis, OH
planter liner 10/27/2015
excellent, as always
- Mary Biege, WI
Landscape Designer 10/27/2015
The 24 Liners are used in all of our Town baskets on the bridges. Fabulous quality and appearance.I line them with landscape fabricand moisture mats to keep them in good shape. I would highly recommend this product!!
- Lisa Parker, MA
Perfect! 7/3/2015
Had been looking for a replacement liner for a large kettle planter but without luck. It sat unused for 2 years until I saw this one. It fits perfectly, and is quite sturdy. The price was great, too. I'm so happy!
- L Russo, SC
17 6/8/2015
Perfect size for my 16 basket. Sticks up about 1/2 above the basket rim so there's no run-off when I water. Please send another catalog for my friend. Thank you
- Celia Patton, MN
Perfect 5/10/2015
This was just what I was looking for. I have a tiered basket that needed a new coco liner and I could n't find one the right size at big box stores. This one is the perfect fit, and is of much higher quality than the one at the local retailers. They shipped quickly and I couldn't be happier.
- Jennifer, MI
Convient Liner 5/10/2015
I've used one of the liners to date. It is thinner than the ones I have used in the past so we'll have to see how it endures the seasons.
- Marty, TX
Better 5/5/2015
Your 17 basket liners are much better than the ones I bought last year.
- Patty Russell, IA
Perfect fit 4/24/2015
The 12 pre-formed basket liners are so easy to use and fit perfectly. I like that they extend slightly above the rim of the basket, making an attractive planter.
- Lee, NJ
basket liners 3/5/2015
never been disappointed with their products.Helpful staff too
- Jean, NC
Quality 3/1/2015
This is a very nice quality liner. The best i have ever used. Couple $$ more but well worth it!
- Roger, AZ
Premolded Basket Liners 5/19/2014
Just pop them in your baskets. They are not flimsy. They have a good volume to them.
- Jerry McGee, TX
Basket Liner 4/15/2014
Thick and sturdy basket liner. Will last a long time.
- Carleen Chance, IA
basket liners 4/9/2014
Very satisfied with liners. They look great performed the task.
- Kenneth Charles, GA
Very Happy! 4/3/2014
Better quality then I could get locally. I needed a replacement liner that was at least 9 deep and 14 wide. The liners I could find locally were only 7 deep leaving a gap at the top. These are perfect! The construction of them is very nice, more uniform and compact (not the loose weave of the cheaper big box store versions).
- Duff, TX
Good hanging basket liners 3/20/2014
After several years of use with the previous basket liners, I decided to replace them with the same liners from Kinsman. They are well-made and last many years.
- Dan Kuhn, IN